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Level Up Your Staffing Agency’s Recruitment Strategy with Wizehire ATS

One of the highest priorities for any staffing agency or recruiter is finding the best person for the job. With all the time and effort that goes into writing a job description, posting to job boards, and dealing with the potential influx of resumes, you want to ensure that you stand out above the competition to attract and retain the best candidates.

Using an applicant tracking system (ATS) goes a long way in securing the best candidates and simplifies the hiring process by saving recruiters significant time and money. Because of the time and money-saving potential, 98.8% of Fortune 500 companies and 35% of small businesses use ATS to screen candidates.

The Time and Money-Saving Potential of ATS in Staffing Agency Operations

With all the thought that goes into writing the perfect job description, you need to be confident that the best candidates are seeing it. Using an ATS to create your ad makes uploading and sharing to multiple job boards easy. 

Wizehire’s easy-to-use ATS system walks you through the process from beginning to end by helping you create your posting within minutes. Our templates are reviewed by subject matter experts, enabling you to write your ad quickly.

When creating your online application, you can include questions about licenses, training, and experience, with answers appearing in the candidates’ profiles. With so many job boards, posting your job to as many as possible can be time-consuming. Wizehire saves you time by allowing you to share your posting with over 100 job boards with a single click. This integration can save staffing agencies significant money on advertising costs.

The data tools in an ATS candidate management program make all applicants’ information simple to access by putting it in a central location to help lessen recruiters’ workload. 

In addition to applicant data, an ATS can include background check disclosure forms within the system, saving them the trouble of going back and forth between the platform and the background screening company. 

Hiring the right candidate is not only time-consuming, it can be expensive. Depending on the company, hiring costs can be anywhere from $2,000 to as high as $20,000 per employee

Wizehire’s Features Promote Better Candidate Screening

After a job posting is published, recruiters often receive hundreds of resumes daily. Using an ATS allows you to compile all applications into a single database where recruiters can filter them based on skills and qualifications to narrow down the best candidates.

The resume parsing capabilities installed in staffing agency software allow recruiters to extract data from the many applications received to save countless hours of reading resumes so they can focus on those that best fit the job requirements.

Staffing agencies will have an edge over the competition with Wizehire’s advanced ATS solution that takes candidate selection to a new level. In addition to having the right qualifications, it’s also important to choose candidates that are a good fit. With Wizehire’s advanced ATS solution, you can screen for the right applicant with our built-in DISC+ personality assessment used by organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, nonprofits, and small businesses worldwide. 

By clicking on a candidate’s name, you can view their resume, personality test results, screening questions, and interview status all in one place.

Advanced ATS Solutions Create a Better Candidate Experience

Staffing agency software helps to simplify the hiring process, not just for staffing agencies but for applicants. The ability to fill out an application and upload their resume in a central database allows your candidates to view the progress of their application.

Accessing this information saves much frustration in the job application process. By simply logging in, the job seeker can better understand where they stand in the recruitment process. An ATS also allows recruiters to better communicate with them by automating messages informing them of their application status.

Wizehire ATS Solution Streamlines Your Hiring Process 

The centralized candidate data within an ATS allows staffing agencies to take a more collaborative approach to hiring by allowing team members and hiring managers to share information and exchange feedback.

Once you have narrowed your list of potential candidates, an ATS simplifies the interviewing process. It makes it easier to schedule interviews by allowing you to generate a simple email invitation and plan your interview schedule by connecting your calendar. You can better keep track of your interview schedule and easily rank candidates. With Wizehire ATS, you also have access to step-by-step interview guides.

An ATS takes the guesswork out of hiring by allowing you to see the candidates’ interview results and other screening information, helping you move forward in the hiring process more confidently. 

In addition to our easy-to-use interface, Wizehire also gives you the support you need with the help of our hiring coaches. Are you ready to take your recruitment strategy to the next level? Learn how Wizehire ATS can help.

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