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Job Posting 101: How To Find Top Talent

Job posting 101, by Wizehire. These resources are designed to help real estate professionals make smarter hires and keep them engaged.
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Job posting has changed. Gone are the old days of posting any old job notice and droves of applicants start pouring in. Just as you have to work to differentiate yourself, connect and appeal to potential home buyers/sellers, you must now fight to attract potential new real estate talent in much the same way. With the proliferation of online job boards, social media and competition, you have to fight to stand apart and win applicants over. Just conduct a quick search on any of the main job boards (e.g., Indeed.com, the largest) and you will see just what you’re up against. One of the most effective ways to perfect the art of job posting is to refine the quality of your job description. Wizehire has conducted research and interviewed some of the best in this endeavor, and here’s what we’ve learned: • Always be recruiting … everywhere – There is no single place where job posting will yield large volumes of applicants… quickly. Instead you must always be building a pool slowly and steadily. Always be accepting applications, and do so in multiple channels. • Answer the WIIFM question first – They’re asking “What’s in it for Me.” Tell them. The opening of your job description should be a brief paragraph that speaks conversationally about why they would want to join your team and why you are better than your competition. • Appeal to the appropriate personalityAgents, at heart, are really sales people, so use key words that resonate with their inner sales professional (e.g., passionate about selling, significant earning potential, we love selling, etc.) Support staff, on the other hand, love to support, contribute, be a team player, so tailor your wording to appeal to their unique desires. The Wizehire templates have been carefully crafted to appeal to the very specific personality types of the roles for you. • Be brief, but specific – Since job seekers are no different than anyone else reading online, they skim not read, use bullet lists to convey the key job responsibilities and expectations. • Sell your brand – Remember, this is marketing pure and simple. Write a compelling marketing message that highlights the significance and benefit of your team or brand. Why are you so great, how are you unique, what makes you better? • Discuss compensation – An old school approach was to not mention anything specific about compensation. Today, applicants are asked specifically how much they want to make. In fact, they filter ads based upon that criteria. Leaving this area blank doesn’t bode well for your advertisement. • Highlight support – Do you provide leads, training, mentoring or anything else that will help support them in their objectives? If you do – be sure to highlight that in your description.
Let’s get hiring!
Using these best practices, we’ve built sample job descriptions for you. Simply copy and paste the content relevant to your needs. Watch for the fields that require agency-specific information; these can be easily customized. Use and share these job posting resources so you can make better hires and keep your team happier… longer!


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