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How to Write Job Titles that Attract Top Talent

The fastest way to attract top talent is by writing job titles that job seekers are looking for.

You’ll quickly discover how to create an effective job ad that draws the right people.

So you can save time speaking with qualified applicants that know exactly what positions are available at your company.

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Great employees are key to growing a successful business. But how do you attract the top talent you really need on your team? 

After helping thousands of business owners find the highest quality candidates, we’ve learned that getting those all-star applicants starts with the job title you use in your ad. 

Here are the job title best practices we’ve learned along the way to rank higher on top job boards and get better candidates:

Use a commonly-searched job title

A great job title is simple and clear, but most importantly, it’s something that job seekers are searching for. 

For example, a title like “Administrative Assistant” has a higher search volume than “Director of First Impressions”.

When your title is clear to job seekers, it’s easier for them to figure out if they’re qualified and whether or not they should apply.

wizehire says use a common job title

Don’t use clickbaity buzzwords

Our partners like Indeed and ZipRecruiter have specific posting standards and guidelines that help create a better experience for the job seeker and make sure your ad gets in front of the right candidates. 

To create an accurate and effective job title, these guidelines recommend leaving out “clickbait” words like “Ninja”, “Guru”, or “Champion”.

Like any search engine, if you do not follow these standards, your jobs may be categorized as low quality and fewer job seekers will see your ads.

If you want more ways to express your company culture, add photos and videos of staff to your careers page with descriptions of what it’s like to work there instead.

wizehire says don't use these words in your job title

Stick to one job title

Your job ad should have one clear title

For example, if your job title has slashes, it can confuse job seekers. They might think, “Is this a real job?” or “Is this one job or two?” “Am I applying to be an administrative assistant or a marketing coordinator?”

A single title that is commonly searched will attract more candidates with the right experience.

If you’re not sure who to hire first, our hiring coaches can help. You tell them your specific business needs and they can guide you in the right direction for the next role you need on your team.

wizehire says stick to one job title

Hire top talent with the right job title

You can research what job titles are being used in your market with tools like Indeed Resume Search. 

But that can be stressful, time-consuming, and take you away from running your business. Let us help you choose one that will get you the best results.


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