Company culture

How to foster a culture of inclusion and innovation on your team

Safeguarding Your Business & Preventing Job Fraud

Protecting your brand, securing your company’s data, and ensuring a safe jobseeker experience  Today, I want to start an open discussion about job scams, the steps we take everyday to prevent them, and most importantly, how we’re expanding our efforts to protect your company’s brand and build a safer job-seeking experience. Since Day 1 a

Discover the Power of Your HVAC Business’s Culture to Attract and Retain Top Talent

The HVAC industry is experiencing rapid growth, with an increasing demand for skilled professionals. As small businesses vie for top talent against larger competitors offering higher salaries, exploring alternative strategies for attracting and retaining the best employees is crucial. 

Short-Staffed Hotels Offer Career Growth to Hire Workers – the Wall Street Journal

Our CEO, Sid Upadhyay, and our clients at Nath Inc. discuss how short-staffed hotels are changing their hiring practices by focusing on career development for employees, offering front-desk associates and housekeepers a clear path for advancement in the hospitality industry. Read the full story in the Wall Street Journal.

The Hiring Platform You Need – Torsion Talk Podcast (S8: E14)

Our CEO, Sid Upadhyay, discusses challenges in the current labor market, and how Wizehire’s solution can help small business owners streamline the hiring process and build better teams with confidence. Listen now on Torsion Talk Podcast.

Nothing Quiet on the Talent Front in 2023 – HR Dive

“Employees will have questions about the health of the business…it’s important to invite them to share their concerns and use it as an opportunity to be transparent to foster a sense of trust, address challenges, and brainstorm solutions.”

The 3 Steps to Build a Sustainable Workforce for the Insurance Industry – Insurance News Net

“To attract younger talent, the industry must change the way it operates in three key areas to reverse these trends and build a sustainable workforce for the future. These areas are automation, education and diversification.”

Is There Too Much Leeway in New York City’s ‘Good Faith’ Pay Transparency Law? – Worklife

“It’s one more hat for a small business owner to wear…Now we need to think about compensation banding, levels, promotions and how to do that more equitably. It’s good and a new skill that small businesses will have to build.”

Storytelling About WizeHire With Sid Upadhyay – Use Case Podcast

“By giving small businesses these advantages, they can compete for talent that has always been there, but was inaccessible in many ways.”

Small Biz Economy ‘Recovering’ & Hiring Still an Issue, WizeHire Shares Retention, Recruitment Tips – Repairer Driven News

“...Employers are thinking outside of the box when they don’t have the financial means, such as wage transparency, more flexible hours, and earned wage access.”

Why is Gen-Z Romanticizing the Return to Office? – Essence

“They’re a generation that speak out and really revel in finding authentic connection with people in real life.” Our VP of Marketing, Carmen Bryant, discusses why Gen-Z candidates are pivoting from the virtual bubble of remote work to experience traditional office culture. Read the full story on Essence.

WizeHire Raises $30M Series B Led by Tiger Global to Help Small Businesses Win Talent and Grow

At WizeHire, our mission is to help every small business write their own success story.  However, in today’s economy, small businesses are struggling more than ever to hire top talent and keep up with larger, Fortune 500 competitors.  Even as the broader U.S. job market has rebounded, small businesses are still struggling to hire. Recruiting [&

Using your DISC profile to tap into your genius

Jeff Cohn from Elite Real Estate Systems and WizeHire Co-founder Jay Niblick discuss DISC personality assessments, the ways people are wired to behave, and how the human psyche impacts employee performance.

Recruiting, hiring, and building effective real estate teams

WizeHire co-founder Jay Niblick and Jeff Cohn from Elite Real Estate Systems discuss how the different personalities of real estate team members impact a team's growth.

Proven recruiting strategies for real estate teams

WizeHire shares proven recruiting strategies with Tom Ferry real estate coach, Doug Hannan.

Positioning your real estate company to hire in a tough climate

WizeHire sits down with real estate experts to discuss how to attract and hire top quality industry talent in a tough job market.

WizeHire named one of Inc’s 2021 Best Workplaces

WizeHire was selected from thousands of employers as a business that exceptionally supported employees during a turbulent year.

WizeHire Announces Initiative to Help Small Businesses Access Thousands of Refundable Tax Credit Dollars When they Hire

WizeHire is helping small businesses rebound by making it fast and easy to claim thousands of dollars in refundable tax credits when they hire.

WizeHire Closes $7.5M Series A Round Led by Amplo and Mercury to Transform How Small Businesses Hire

WizeHire has raised our first round of financing, a 7.5M Series A to help make hiring easier and more personalized for small businesses.

Introducing Free Employment Tax Credit Screening! 🎉

Earlier this week, we launched Free Continued Dashboard Access to all customers with a paused subscription.

WizeHire Makes 2020 Inc 5000 List

WizeHire ranks 756 on the 2020 Inc. 5000 list with 3 year growth rate of 628.2%.

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