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Psychiatrist job summary

We have an amazing opportunity for a professional who is passionate about client care to join our team as our next psychiatrist. Successful candidates will analyze and evaluate patient data, diagnose the nature or extent of mental issues, and create a treatment plan based on the patient’s needs. You will also utilize psychotherapeutic methods and medicine, keep track of the patient’s response to the medication, and make adjustments as needed. Our ideal candidate will have completed a medical residency program, hold an MD or DO degree from an accredited medical school, and be certified to practice medicine according to state requirements. If this sounds like an incredible opportunity, please apply today!


Ashburn, VA
Psychiatrist responsibilities
  • Interview patient, family members, and others to evaluate a patient’s mental health
  • Create a treatment plan based on the patient's requirements and the severity of their emotional, social, cognitive, developmental, or behavioral condition
  • Utilize psychotherapeutic methods and medicine, keep track of the patient's response to the medication, and make adjustments as needed
  • Consult the patient's primary care physician, nurses, or other health care professionals to ensure that all health information is taken into consideration
  • Document and maintain all patient records including types of medications used, treatments, and other relative information
  • Remain up-to-date on professional skills by reading journals, attend training seminars, and stay involved in networks
Psychiatrist qualifications
  • Must have an MD or DO degree from an accredited United States medical school
  • Licensure to practice medicine in the state where you reside
  • This position requires certification from the American Board of Medical Specialists (ABMS)
  • Must have a strong grasp on various types of psychotherapeutic methods
  • Superior interpersonal, and communication abilities, including the ability to explain medical concepts and situations to those who aren't medical professionals
  • Excellent observational abilities are required to effectively assess the mood and symptoms of patients
Psychiatrist compensation

$269,524 (National Average)


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