Personal Trainer
Job Description

Personal Trainer Job Description

Personal Trainer Job Overview

Personal trainers work with individual gym or fitness studio clients to design customized training and workout plans. They assess the fitness level of each client by evaluating their abilities, physical condition, and overall health to verify that all fitness regimens are appropriate. Additional responsibilities may include cleaning the gym equipment, maintaining the facility's safety protocols, and being available to members seeking advice on lifestyle modifications. Excellent customer service skills and the ability to use social media and networking to promote services and gain new clients are essential for this role.

Personal Trainer Job Template

Personal Trainer Job Summary

Our fitness studio is rapidly expanding, and we need a personal trainer to assist our clients in reaching their fitness objectives. You’ll be working with clients to assess their fitness levels, develop customized training routines, and ensure they’re using equipment safely. This position requires excellent customer service skills as well as a passion for fitness and assisting others with their health and wellness. Please apply now if you have experience working in the fitness industry as an instructor or personal trainer and you are ready for an exciting new position!


Ashburn, VA

Personal Trainer Responsibilities

  • Ensure all workout programs are appropriate for each client by doing individualized fitness evaluations
  • Customize training routines to assist clients in achieving their fitness goals while staying within their current physical capabilities
  • Reduce the risk of injury by teaching clients good techniques for all activities, particularly those involving more advanced equipment
  • Revise fitness plans based on clients’ progress toward set goals
  • Maintain all gym standards and safety requirements to ensure that clients are safe and comfortable while working out

Personal Trainer Qualifications

  • Educational requirements include a high school diploma or equivalent GED certification
  • Must possess a current certification as a fitness instructor or personal trainer
  • Proven customer service experience with a strong guest-focused mentality
  • Outstanding time management and organizational skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills for working with clients and other team members

Personal Trainer Compensation

$22.48 /hour (National Average)


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