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Announcing Continued Access to Your WizeHire Dashboard

WizeHire’s COVID-19 Response 

Our commitment at WizeHire is to always support entrepreneurs, like you. Whether we’re helping you plan for uncertainty tomorrow or advising you on hiring & growth down the road—we’re always on your side. We know running a business takes grit and determination. But the challenges from the past month due to the coronavirus are far more than any small business could have prepared for. You’ve likely faced some of the most difficult decisions: whether to stay open; whether to lay off members of your team. These are hard enough decisions in a normal environment, let alone a global pandemic. With that in mind, we want to give you access to tools to support you during this time. 

Announcing Free Continued Dashboard Access 

Earlier this week, we launched Free Continued Dashboard Access to all customers with a paused subscription. In the past, when you deactivated your account after you made a hire, you would lose access to our suite of tools and critically, all of your past candidates. Now, more than ever, we believe small businesses, like you, need a way to reach past job seekers to restart your operations quickly when the economy recovers. I believe in the power of small businesses to impact our communities and change people’s lives, and providing you this free, continued service is one small way we can contribute.  We’re rooting for you! – Sid What’s included in Free Dashboard Access for Paused Subscriptions? Now, when your subscription is paused, you will continue to have access to:
  • Your main dashboard, and access to all past jobs
  • Past applicants’ information, including their DISC Profiles.
  • The ability to email candidates, track interviews and take notes
When you’re ready to hire again, you can start your subscription with one click which will allow you to post new jobs, edit old jobs, begin receiving new candidates and work directly with our hiring coaches. What else is planned for Paused Subscriptions? In the coming weeks, we will launch more free features to provide you and your team even more value during this time of uncertainty, as you plan your next move forward. At the top of the list is access to our internal monthly market reports, which will share insights from our coaches on what’s going on in your local economy and what we anticipate for the jobs you typically hire for. These reports explore trends related to your competition and highlight how many candidates are looking for jobs at companies like yours.

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