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Safeguarding Your Business & Preventing Job Fraud

Protecting your brand, securing your company’s data, and ensuring a safe jobseeker experience 

Today, I want to start an open discussion about job scams, the steps we take everyday to prevent them, and most importantly, how we’re expanding our efforts to protect your company’s brand and build a safer job-seeking experience.

Since Day 1 at Wizehire, we’ve focused on helping small businesses find and hire great talent, which has meant building a trusted platform for jobseekers to connect with small businesses that they simply wouldn’t have found online otherwise. 

Ensuring our platform earns your trust is our top priority and a never-ending process — as preventing online job scams is a constant cat-and-mouse game. Like much of our industry, we’ve historically shied away from discussing this work in the open in order to safeguard our team’s procedures and best practices from the eyes of fraudsters. 

The current situation

I’ve been having more conversations with customers, partners, and jobseekers about the alarming rise of job scams across the internet. Since 2020 and the rise in remote work, online job scams have more than doubled as fraudsters prey on eager jobseekers looking for a flexible career. In recent months, this trend has accelerated. 

Google searches for help with job scams have skyrocketed as major companies such as Coinbase, Gitlab, and Google have been impersonated online by fraudsters.

We’ve seen scammers use sophisticated tactics that are harder and harder for businesses and jobseekers to detect without the right tools. A few examples include: impersonating real businesses by using similar email domains of real companies, and even impersonating employees of a company while running fake interviews. These are just some of the extreme lengths that scammers are willing to go to take advantage of both employers and jobseekers. 

Steps we take every day to prevent fraud

At Wizehire, every week our Trust and Safety team identifies and prevents hundreds of such scams, involving everything from fraudulent job postings to account takeover attempts. Our team of coaches and fraud specialists reviews every job ad and screens every employer who joins our platform to ensure that they are who they claim to be.

As your trusted partner, we take every available measure to protect your business. In the rare situation when we identify fictitious jobs, our team takes proactive steps to remove these job postings, ensures the safety of our customers, and notifies impacted employers and jobseekers by guiding them through these harrowing moments. We see this as our responsibility.

Enhancing our security measures

I’m proud to share just some of the many ongoing security upgrades to the Wizehire platform to ensure that we are always protecting your brand and securing your company’s critical data.

  • 2-step Authentication: Over the last few weeks, we have rolled out an intelligent and, ideally, frictionless two-factor authentication system to secure your account against phishing attempts. You can learn more about this update here.
  • Sift Account Defense: We have been partnering with Sift, the leading security platform that stops sophisticated scam attempts. This partnership further enhances our ongoing internal anti-fraud measures.

These are just some of the recent upgrades to our platform to protect your brand and secure your company’s data. I’m pleased to report that these measures and our history of prioritizing security upgrades has ensured that Wizehire has never been breached or compromised.

Building a safe jobseeker experience 

At the opposite end of the screen are jobseekers vying for roles they believe to be authentic. If you believe you’ve ever been impacted, see our Resources Page

I’d also recommend using our recently launched Job Site where you can search for new opportunities from legitimate employers with salary transparency. These businesses are verified through ‘Know Your Business’ checks.

Our commitment 

Our commitment to you, whether you’re a customer, a jobseeker, or future partner, is to continue to build a platform that raises the bar. We believe this work is critical to your success and ensures that your brand, as a small business, can compete for talent like a Fortune 500 enterprise — leveling the playing field. 

Thank you for choosing Wizehire and trusting us as your advisor and partner. We see this work as our responsibility to you for the many years to come.

– Sid

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