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New Hire Email Account Created Template

Setting up a new hire email account is generally a quick win in the first steps of onboarding a new hire. It’s a great way you can easily communicate company information and onboarding paperwork prior to a new hire’s start date by setting up their email account. Forbes wrote an article called “Onboarding Checklist (2023): 12 Key Steps To Follow.” It gives a detailed breakdown of how to help your new hire navigate the onboarding process. Allowing your new hire to feel at home and settle in quickly. Today we’ll provide you a simple template to save you time. Use this template to communicate those details.   Subject line: New [company name] Email Account: [New Hire Name]   Body of email:   Hi [New Hire Name],   In anticipation of your start date at [Company Name], I set up the following email account:   Email: [email address] Password: [password] You can login to [email login URL] to access your email. I’ve also attached the [Company Name] logo to use on your email signature if you wish. Here is how to reach me [your contact details]. Feel free to contact me with any questions. I look forward to working with you!   [Your Name]  

Download your new email account template below today

New Hire Email Account Created Template in MS Word. Post a Job Ad Talk to a Hiring Strategist


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