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Determining Your Value to Potential Candidates

In this webinar, WizeHire’s Head of Partnerships Aidan Weinrib is joined by Tom Ferry coaches Alicia Soekawa and Yvonne Arnold to discuss how to hire for your values and the positive impact that has on your business. 

Topics covered

  • Tips for understanding your business’s unique value offerings
  • How to attract candidates via job boards and your local referral network
  • Ways to determine compensation and whether or not you should list it
  • Interviewing with DISC+ personality assessments to identify great culture fits
  • Understanding how well you’ll work with future hires with your DISC+ assessment

Hiring advice

  • What’s your why? Your mission statement aligns people with your vision and values and helps you answer the question: ‘Why should I work with you?’ Don’t know what your core values are? Poll your clients!
  • Make your ad easy to find. Job boards operate like Google; the most searched keywords show up most often. Do some research on what job titles applicants are searching for in your area so your ads show up for the right candidates.
  • Have a clear route to direct candidates. Once your ad is easy to find and includes your unique value, you’ll need a place to direct candidates. WizeHire provides job links you can share, and has a feature to embed your active job ads on your website.

Key takeaways

  • Setting salary expectations in your job ad can get you more candidates. Think of recruiting like prospecting. Adding compensation to your job ad helps you book more “appointments” (interviews) with candidates.
  • The best source of candidates are referrals. Ask existing team members, family, and friends to send out your job ads to their network. You can even post your job ads in neighborhood networks like NextDoor and local Facebook groups.
  • DISC+ insights help you better understand your candidates. If your applicants have filled out a DISC+ personality assessment as part of their application, you can target key strengths and weaknesses in their interview using case studies or role-play scenarios to understand how they may respond on-the-job and work with existing team members.

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