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Real estate is changing the way they hire

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, real estate teams across the country were forced to change their hiring practices in order to continue growing their businesses. Because we’re obsessed with helping real estate leaders succeed, we decided the best way to understand their secrets to success was to ask them ourselves.

Here’s what we found

New hiring trends that’ll help you grow your real estate team in 2022

Exclusive insights and data on recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and retaining talent

Expert recommendations you can follow when you’re ready to make your next hire

Who took the survey

Our findings combine data from over 500 real estate leaders, jobs posted with WizeHire, and interviews with industry experts. We’ve uncovered exactly what these teams are doing that’s working and how you can apply their best practices to your own business to replicate their success.

Key takeaways

Here’s what we found


Discover where to find top talent for your team, how to get more applicants, and what incentives to offer jobseekers, and more.


Learn about all the steps involved in the interview process, the best ways to test and evaluate a candidate’s skills, and how to identify top talent.


Find out how to make better hiring decisions, negotiate commission splits with potential candidates, and the right way to onboard new employees.


Explore effective strategies that’ll help you grow your team, develop loyal employees, and retain the talent you hire.

Real estate teams are changing how they hire

Growing your real estate team starts with the right team. Get everything you need to hire the best real estate talent at a fraction of the price.