Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Broker DISC Chart

Job Summary

A mortgage broker is a licensed mortgage professional who works on behalf of potential borrowers to find the ideal lender and mortgage loan product for prospective home buyers, or homeowners that are interested in refinancing. They meet with clients and gather all the necessary documentation to create and submit the loan application, research mortgages and interest rates of various lenders, and act as a resource and middleman for the applicant throughout the mortgage process. Many mortgage brokers work independently by creating a vast referral network in the real estate and lending industries, while others may work at an established mortgage brokerage firm, a financial institution, credit union, or lending institution.

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Personality types of a Mortgage Broker

Each letter of DISC represents polar personality types with correlating behaviors and characteristics. Learn more about their strengths and weaknesses, how they communicate, and more

low D - Planner

Like to take time making decisions

high I - Influencer

Likes to interact with people

high S - Stabilizer

Likes consistency

high C - Rule Follower

Likes to follow procedures

Behavioral Qualities for a Mortgage Broker

Behavioral qualities make people naturally act in a certain way. Utilize people's natural behaviors and strengths at work.
  • Careful. Cautious and concerned with accuracy.
  • Poised. Composed and self-assured.
  • Accommodating. Making room for others.
  • Organized. Structured and methodical.

Motivators for a Mortgage Broker

Motivators are values that drive people. To retain passionate employees, place people in a role that utilizes their values
  • Economic: A utilitarian drive for results and maximal returns. To tend to the economic drive, provide opportunities for them to present results to the team.
  • Individualistic: A drive to be independent, unique and free. To tend to the individualistic drive, allow them to work independently and be flexible.
  • Altruistic: A caring drive to benefit and support others. To tend to the altruistic drive, give ample time for them to talk to clients and best understand how to help them.

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