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Hotel Sales Coordinator

Hotel Sales Coordinator DISC Chart

Job Summary

The hotel sales coordinator assists and supports the hotel with administrative tasks, and helps to bring in new customers. They serve as a direct link between the various hotel departments and the sales team. Responsibilities include increasing customer loyalty through the creation of special offers, promoting the hotel at trade shows, networking with travel agencies and local vendors, and promptly responding to client inquiries. This position commonly requires business acumen and a sales mindset with excellent communication, interpersonal, and networking skills.

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Personality types of a Hotel Sales Coordinator

Each letter of DISC represents polar personality types with correlating behaviors and characteristics. Learn more about their strengths and weaknesses, how they communicate, and more

high D - Problem Solver

Likes to take action

high I - Influencer

Likes to interact with people

low S - Voyager

Likes trying new things

high C - Rule Follower

Likes to follow procedures

Behavioral Qualities for a Hotel Sales Coordinator

Behavioral qualities make people naturally act in a certain way. Utilize people's natural behaviors and strengths at work.
  • Bottom-line oriented. Pragmatic, results-oriented.
  • Social/Outgoing. Extroverted and people oriented.
  • Active. Movement/Action oriented.
  • Accurate. Insisting on quality and correctness.

Motivators for a Hotel Sales Coordinator

Motivators are values that drive people. To retain passionate employees, place people in a role that utilizes their values
  • Economic: A utilitarian drive for results and maximal returns. To tend to the economic drive, give them recognition for exceeding sales goals and meeting team goals or objectives.
  • Political: A drive for authority, to take command. To tend to the political drive, allow them to lead a team of other sales associates and assist in closing sales.
  • Regulatory: A drive to maintain order and the status quo. To tend to the regulatory drive, create a work environment with some structure but allow them to create their own procedures.

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