Hotel Front Desk Manager

Hotel Front Desk Manager DISC Chart

Job Summary

A hotel front desk manager or front office manager acts as the face of the establishment and is responsible for ensuring exceptional guest services from the moment someone walks through the door. Excellent communication skills are required to hire, train, and supervise hotel front desk staff, interact with guests during check-in and throughout their stay. Additional tasks include mitigating hotel guest complaints, compiling occupancy reports and financial information. This is a supervisory role overseeing front desk operations, typically in a full-time capacity, and reports to the general manager.

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Personality types of a Hotel Front Desk Manager

Each letter of DISC represents polar personality types with correlating behaviors and characteristics. Learn more about their strengths and weaknesses, how they communicate, and more

high D - Problem Solver

Likes to have control or authority

high I - Influencer

Likes to interact with people

low S - Voyager

Likes a flexible work environment

high C - Rule Follower

Likes following rules

Behavioral Qualities for a Hotel Front Desk Manager

Behavioral qualities make people naturally act in a certain way. Utilize people's natural behaviors and strengths at work.
  • Commanding. A presence of control and authority.
  • Inspiring. Creates optimism in others.
  • Proactive. Driven towards action, not reaction.
  • Cautious. Careful and deliberate in action.

Motivators for a Hotel Front Desk Manager

Motivators are values that drive people. To retain passionate employees, place people in a role that utilizes their values
  • Economic: A utilitarian drive for results and maximal returns. To tend to the economic drive, present reward-based opportunities with competition involved.
  • Political: A drive for authority, to take command. To tend to the political drive, put them in positions where they can take the lead.
  • Regulatory: A drive to maintain order and the status quo. To tend to the regulatory drive, give them rules and procedures to follow.

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