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WizeHire Raises $30M Series B Led by Tiger Global to Help Small Businesses Win Talent and Grow

At WizeHire, our mission is to help every small business write their own success story. 

However, in today’s economy, small businesses are struggling more than ever to hire top talent and keep up with larger, Fortune 500 competitors. 

Even as the broader U.S. job market has rebounded, small businesses are still struggling to hire. Recruiting and retaining employees remains their top challenge and 90% of small businesses that are hiring are finding it difficult to find qualified candidates for open positions. 

We’re focusing all of our efforts into giving small businesses the resources they need to compete with big corporations. That’s why I’m proud to announce that WizeHire has raised a $30M Series B, led by our friends at Tiger Global with support from Amplo and Mercury to expand our mission and to serve our clients as the trusted advisor they need to grow their business and win in this economy.  

Building the personalized hiring experience

In 2014, we launched our first product — really a spreadsheet. We manually helped small business owners make their toughest decision — who to hire. Today, with over 15,000 customers and over 100 employees, we’ve changed what hiring looks like for small businesses. We’ve built a personalized hiring platform that brings you the same resources and advantages that previously, only hiring managers at big companies had.

Eight years into our journey, we are just getting started. We’ve defined what it means to make hiring personal and along the way, have earned your trust as an advisor and partner in growing your business.

Since raising our Series A, we’ve:

  • Created customized hiring experiences tailored for franchise businesses and coaching programs.
  • Developed in-depth hiring insights by industry to help you narrow down candidates faster.
  • Integrated with tech partners to expand into tax, payroll, and insurance advice.
  • Launched a mobile app for iOS and Android to provide candidate management and hiring advice and support on the go.

Our business is rooted in serving you — our small business customers — and continuing to earn your trust. 

At the height of COVID-19, we helped our clients navigate uncertainty. We partnered with lenders to help you easily apply for forgivable Payment Protection Program (PPP) loans at a time when most banks were turning people away.

Because of these experiences, today we are confident in our commitment to serve you in more ways — as a trusted advisor in your growth. 

Backing Main Street with a better way to grow your business

When I moved to the US my family ran an Econo Lodge on Main Street in a town of just 1,000 people. In those days, small businesses could better compete with corporate America. But those days are in the past, and since then, all the gains in this economy have gone to big companies.

When it comes to hiring and growth, it’s undeniable the cards are stacked against small businesses — we aim to change that. This is a problem that excites us and motivates us. 

Over the past eight years, we’ve helped thousands of small businesses that have been left behind. Every hire helps a person looking for a job, benefits a company that is building a better team, and impacts a community that needs these small businesses to thrive.

We are leveraging this Series B round of financing to expand our platform to:

  • Help you make better quality hires through industry partnerships that connect you with more skilled candidates.
  • Make it easier to schedule interviews, stay in touch, and extend offers through texting. 
  • Reduce compliance risk by offering legally-approved offer letters and recommended background checks. 
  • Support your world-class employee experience with better onboarding built for your industry.
  • Find, vet, and integrate with solutions that make your business run smoother — from automating payroll to streamlining taxes.

While it will always be Day 1 at WizeHire, we’re here today because of our amazing team. Thank you for all your passion, hard work, and commitment to our customers. I’m excited every day we get to work together towards our mission. (For anyone who wants to learn more and join us on our journey, we’re hiring!)

Finally, thanks to you — our customers — for choosing WizeHire, inspiring us, and trusting us as your advisor and partner. We’re so excited to support you for the many years to come.

We’re always rooting for your small business!

– Sid

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