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Why Do My New Hires Quit So Soon?

You researched the best ad content. Invested in the top job boards. Poured over hundreds of resumes. Interviewed dozens of candidates. Finally hired someone and they quit after a month. Why does this keep happening?
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Real Estate industry coach and expert, Lars Hedenborg, suggests it’s not them… it’s you. A subtle shift in thinking could be all that’s standing in the way of your next great hire becoming a dedicated, long-term employee. That and asking more targeted questions during your interview process. One way to explore the potential you see from a candidate’s resume is to ask open-ended, focused interview questions and take their DISC into consideration. Their answers to your deep questioning and a DISC profile can help you determine patterns, not have to rely on potential and hire employees more apt to stay. Finding the new hires you need is easier than you think.
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