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  • Sep 17, 2019
  • Chad Masso

Filter your candidates by qualifications.

Organizing your applicants just got easier! Many of our users let us know that filtering unqualified applicants was too time-consuming, so we’ve built a solution. Now when you create your job ad, you have the chance to add qualifiers that will help you screen candidates to find that right fit.

For each job, we created recommended qualifiers to suggest the best qualifications to ask potential candidates like licenses, experience, etc. If you don’t see a qualifier recommended, then you can always request a custom screening question from our hiring coaches. 

Once you have picked your qualifiers and your job is submitted, then you can filteryour applicants based on their answers in the job dashboard on the left-hand side by clicking the qualifications you prefer. 

*All qualifiers can be filtered except custom screening questions.

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