Wizehire News Coverage for Q3 2022

From strategies for engaging new hires to concerns about the impact of recessions, read on for takeaways from our CEO and co-founder, Sid Upadhyay.

In the ever-changing landscape of the job market, staying informed and adaptive is key for both job seekers and employers. Our Q3 2022 roundup features Wizehire’s recent coverage across various publications, highlighting industry trends and insights. Let’s take a look at some of the key topics:

  • Engaging New Hires with Preboarding: Make new hires feel valued and connected before they even start their first day.
  • Red Flags for Job Seekers: Learn how to spot potential employer red flags during the interview process.
  • Competing for Talent in a Tight Market: The competition for talent is fierce—here’s why small businesses have an advantage over corporations.
  • Building a Sustainable Workforce: Learn a three-pronged approach to address talent shortages in the insurance industry.

CNBC: Should You Still Change Jobs If You’re Worried About a Recession?

Despite growing recession fears, the job market continues to remain strong, with more job openings than unemployed workers. This is good news for job seekers, who can leverage the high demand for talent to negotiate for higher salaries. Wizehire CEO Sid Upadhyay weighs in on the current job market trends, recommending that job seekers consider their financial situation and assess their risk tolerance before changing jobs. Get the full story on CNBC

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Worklife: How to Engage New Hires Once the Offer Letter Is Signed

In today’s competitive job market, the period between offer acceptance and official onboarding is gaining more attention as a key time for employers to engage and connect with new hires. This “preboarding” phase aims to build excitement, lay the foundation for team relationships, and continue branding the company as an employer of choice. Sid Upadhyay, CEO of Wizehire, emphasizes to Worklife the importance of this phase in building a strong employer-employee relationship and creating a sense of belonging and anticipation, ensuring new hires feel valued and connected before they even start their first day. 

Looking for tips to ensure a seamless onboarding experience for your employees? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Employee Onboarding to build an onboarding process that equips new hires with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in their roles from day one. 

Employee Benefit News: How Job Candidates Can Spot Employer Red Flags Before Accepting an Offer

The Great Resignation has led to a significant number of workers changing jobs, with 40% of those who recently moved on already looking for another position. Sid Upadhyay, CEO and co-founder of Wizehire, shares with Employee Benefit News the importance of vetting potential employers to ensure a good fit.

“Much like employers doing a reference check, don’t hesitate to check the employer and understand what their company is like.”

– Sid Upadhyay, Wizehire CEO & Co-founder

Upadhyay advises candidates to check employer reviews, research the organization’s growth and DEI efforts, and ask insightful questions about its plans for potential economic downturns. Transparency from the employer, both in interviews and public data, is essential to help job seekers do their due diligence and evaluate potential employers.

KFBK Morning News Talks: Companies Rescinding Job Offers

Many of the world’s biggest tech companies, including Tesla, Microsoft, Meta, and Apple have slowed down hiring, and others like Twitter, real-estate brokerage Redfin, and cryptocurrency company Coinbase have rescinded job offers in recent weeks. Sid Upadhyay, CEO of Wizehire, sits down with KFBK Morning News Talk to share advice to candidates impacted by the latest job cuts in high-growth tech, real estate, and mortgage companies. 

Spiceworks: Work From Anywhere or Getting a Promotion — What Techies Want?

In a shift driven by remote work preferences, tech workers value flexibility and growth opportunities over traditional incentives like promotions. Wizhire CEO Sid Upadhyay shares his perspective with Spiceworks on the changing work landscape, recommending companies move beyond location-based work models and focus on creating a culture that fosters career development and strong leadership to guide employees’ professional journeys. 

Insurance News Net: The 3 Steps to Build a Sustainable Workforce for the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is currently facing a talent crisis. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports that 50% of the current insurance workforce will retire within the next 15 years, resulting in a retirement cliff with more than 400,000 open positions, with less than 25% of those working in the industry under the age of 35.

“Cast a wide net in your candidate search by looking for transferable skills from other industries.”

– Sid Upadhyay, Wizehire CEO & Co-founder

To address the talent shortage and stay competitive, Sid Upadhyay, CEO of Wizehire, recommends a three-pronged approach: automation, education, and talent diversification. Read Sid’s guest post in Insurance News Net to learn how to build a sustainable workforce and prepare for the future of hiring. 

Newsy, The Why: An Interview with Sid Upadhyay

In a recent interview with The Why, Sid Upadhyay, CEO and co-founder of Wizehire, discussed the current hiring and layoff trends in the workforce. While large companies in sectors like tech are laying off due to shifting economic models, small and mid-sized businesses are still struggling to fill open positions. This creates an opportunity for adaptable job seekers to transition into new industries, as small businesses are more willing to train candidates with transferable skills. Listen to the full interview here

Motor: The Future of Hiring for the Automotive Industry

The auto industry is facing a tech and service advisor shortage due to high demand for used car repairs and electric vehicle maintenance. Our CEO, Sid Upadhyay, emphasizes that dealerships can address the talent shortage by evaluating their hiring practices, offering apprenticeship programs and mentorship opportunities, and highlighting digital advancements in the auto industry to attract younger workers. Read Sid’s guest post in Motor for more insights to secure the skilled workforce to drive your automotive business forward. 

How Small Businesses Can Compete for Talent in a Tight Market

The latest U.S. job market report shows a record-low unemployment rate of 3.5%. However, small businesses are struggling to fill open positions, with 50% of business owners unable to find qualified candidates despite offering higher salaries.

Millennial and Gen Z job seekers are looking for opportunities with a strong emphasis on flexibility, culture, mission alignment, and career path mentorship.”

– Sid Upadhyay, Wizehire CEO & Co-founder

Our CEO, Sid Upadhyay, shares strategies with Small Business Currents for SMBs to refresh their small business hiring strategies, redefine company culture, and leverage HR technology to appeal to Millennial and Gen Z job seekers who value purpose and mentorship. 

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