Wizehire News Coverage for Q2 2022

Whether you’re an SMB owner navigating a tight labor market or an HR professional seeking to stay ahead of the curve, read on for key takeaways from our CEO and Co-founder, Sid Upadhyay. 

Wizehire has been busy making headlines. From securing Series B funding to offering expert advice on navigating the ever-changing job market, our Q2 2022 news coverage features Wizehire’s recent coverage across various publications, highlighting industry trends and offering insights for businesses of all sizes.

We’ll explore topics like:

  • Rescinded job offers: Upadhyay discusses the recent trend of companies rescinding job offers and offers guidance for those affected.
  • The future of work: We delve into a four-day workweek’s potential benefits and challenges.
  • Attracting top talent: Discover strategies for attracting Millennials and Gen Z in the insurance industry. 
  • Hospitality hiring crisis: Learn how the hospitality industry can address staffing shortages through innovative recruiting strategies and rethinking compensation and benefits.

Press Release: Wizehire lands $30M funding round led by Tiger Global

“The pandemic was an incredibly tough time for Main Street, and we were right there with them. We plan to build a marketplace for small businesses to have access to the resources they need to succeed.”

– Sid Upadhyay, Wizehire CEO & Co-founder

Read more about our Series B funding in our press release, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Tech Crunch, Benzinga, Innovation Map, People Matters, Recruiting Daily, and HCM Technology Report

CNBC: Why People’s Job Offers Are Getting Rescinded Days Before They Start

The latest Labor Department data indicates that the U.S. labor market remains tight, giving workers significant leverage. However, recent economic concerns have led many large employers to scale back hiring and conduct layoffs, while some have rescinded job offers.

Sid Upadhyay, co-founder and CEO of Wizehire, shares his perspective on the latest job cuts in the tech industry and why a rescinded job offer reflects a business figuring out its balance sheet, not the job-seeker’s skills or abilities.

Get the full story on CNBC

CNBC: What To Do If Your Job Offer Gets Rescinded

In an unusual trend, some companies are rescinding job offers already extended to candidates due to economic anxieties. Wizehire’s CEO, Sid Upadhyay, shares advice for those impacted by this practice, including potentially reviving interest with previous employers and asking about a business’s health in interviews. 

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HRD America: Four-day Workweek Pros and Cons

The four-day workweek is a trend that is gaining traction. While Assembly Bill 2932, a proposed California bill that would have mandated a 32-hour workweek for large companies, did not pass, the legislation highlights the growing interest in the four-day workweek and a shift in how work gets done.

Wizehire’s CEO and co-founder, Sid Upadhyay, sat down with HRD American to discuss the benefits and challenges HR leaders face if they transition to a four-day workweek.

Listen to the full interview here

HRD Asia: Four-Day Work Week Debate Heats Up

“The toughest part of this whole conversation, is how do we make it more approachable for not just the largest companies, but all companies out there?”

– Sid Upadhyay, Wizehire CEO & Co-founder

Read more insights at HRD Asia

Insurance News Net: Insurance Execs and Others Weigh In On the Industry’s Critical Talent Gap

Many insurance professionals are leaving the workforce due to financial opportunities, better benefits, professional development, and a desire for a more flexible work environment. To reach untapped talent, employers can engage Millennials and Gen Z workers, who currently make up less than 25% of the industry’s workforce.

Our CEO, Sid Upadhyay, shares tips with Insurance News Net to attract emerging talent with mentorship, strong values, and flexible work arrangements.

Hospitality Technology: It’s Time for a New Hospitality Hiring Approach

The demand for hospitality workers is rising faster than hotels can hire. Despite an increase in average hourly earnings, the hospitality industry still faces high quit rates and low pay compared to other sectors.

Wizehire’s CEO, Sid Upadhyay, writes in Hospitality Technology why re-evaluating compensation and benefits packages, leveraging technology, and redefining your hiring criteria can help your business be better equipped to find talent that delivers 5-star guest experiences. 

“The hospitality job market has changed. It’s time our hiring criteria and approach did too.” 

– Sid Upadhyay, Wizehire CEO & Co-founder

Hospitality Technology: How to Recruit, Hire, and Train Better with Tech 

The hospitality industry faces a significant staffing shortage due to the pandemic and the Great Resignation. Many hospitality businesses have considered revamping their recruiting strategies, offering better benefits, and investing in employee training to compete for talent. Wizehire’s CEO and co-founder, Sid Upadhyay, weighs in on the current state of hiring in hospitality.

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