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Escrow Officer

Escrow Officer DISC Chart

Job Summary

An escrow officer acts as an intermediary and neutral third party in real estate transactions between buyers and sellers. They are experts in complex real estate transactions and work closely with lenders, real estate agents, escrow assistants, lender institutions, and brokers. An escrow officer ensures the mortgage transaction is carried out correctly and holds a fiduciary responsibility to both parties of an escrow agreement. They are also responsible for monitoring the status of the escrow process, obtaining legal documents and title insurance, and seeing that escrow instructions are followed and lender requirements are met until closing documents are created in time for disbursing. Escrow officers are generally employees for a real estate broker, independent escrow company, or title company.

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Personality types of a Escrow Officer

Behavioral qualities make people naturally act in a certain way. Utilize people's natural behaviors and strengths at work.

low D - Planner

Like to take time making decisions

low I - Supporter

Likes to work alone

high S - Stabilizer

Likes to have structure

high C - Rule Follower

Likes to follow procedures

Behavioral Qualities for a Escrow Officer

Motivators are values that drive people. To retain passionate employees, place people in a role that utilizes their values
  • Measured. Restrained and controlled.
  • Attentive. Caring for details and demands.
  • Reserved. Careful in expression and opinion.
  • Systematic. Creates/follows structured processes.

Motivators for a Escrow Officer

Motivators are values that drive people. To retain passionate employees, place people in a role that utilizes their values
  • Altruistic: A caring drive to benefit and support others. To tend to the altruistic drive, give them opportunities to support others.
  • Regulatory: A drive to maintain order and the status quo. To tend to the regulatory drive, create clearly defined tasks, deadlines, and deliverables.
  • Theoretical: A drive to learn and gain new knowledge. To tend to the theoretical drive, cultivate their thirst for knowledge and present opportunities to learn new things.

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