Dealership Service Porter

Dealership Service Porter DISC Chart

Job Summary

Dealership service porters or auto porters are primarily responsible for moving and parking vehicles in the automotive dealership parking lot to accommodate the needs of mechanics, sales representatives, car buyers, and other visitors. They may conduct light vehicle maintenance, such as checking oil or topping off fluids, interior cleaning, exterior washing, and organizational tasks like placing stickers or tags on cars. Dealership service porters drive new cars to customers and ensure vehicles are in tip-top shape for handing off the keys. Other routine responsibilities include keeping tabs on cars’ locations on the lot and ensuring spaces are neat and clean by picking up litter or shoveling snow. Auto or dealership service porter jobs are typically entry-level, include on-the-job training, and often have part-time and full-time shifts. Auto porters work at car dealerships and spend a lot of time outside.

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Personality types of a Dealership Service Porter

Each letter of DISC represents polar personality types with correlating behaviors and characteristics. Learn more about their strengths and weaknesses, how they communicate, and more

low D - Planner

Likes to plan before taking action

high I - Influencer

Likes to interact with people

high S - Stabilizer

Likes consistency

low C - Innovator

Likes to be easygoing

Behavioral Qualities for a Dealership Service Porter

Behavioral qualities make people naturally act in a certain way. Utilize people's natural behaviors and strengths at work.
  • Considerate. Emotionally aware of others.
  • Poised. Composed and self-assured.
  • Restrained. Controlled and conservative.
  • Adaptive. Not rigid, able to adjust.

Motivators for a Dealership Service Porter

Motivators are values that drive people. To retain passionate employees, place people in a role that utilizes their values
  • Aesthetic: A drive for harmony, balance, and peace. To tend to the aesthetic drive, assign tasks that utilize their ability to keep things in an orderly manner.
  • Altruistic: A caring drive to benefit and support others. To tend to the altruistic drive, allow them to interact with customers and ensure they're facilitating a welcome environment.
  • Regulatory: A drive to maintain order and the status quo. To tend to the regulatory drive, provide plenty of structure with regard to their duties.

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