WizeHire + Workman Success Systems

Grow your business with the right people

Workman Success has teamed up with WizeHire to give you exclusive access to the only solution built to help busy legal teams find and hire the best talent in their market.

WizeHire is the simple, effective solution for building better teams

Customizable job templates and screening questions exclusively for Workman Success to attract top talent

Hiring Coaches optimize your ad, post it to 100+ job boards, and regularly monitor for maximum performance

Automated personality (DISC) assessments in-depth application questions and help you identify top talent quickly

User-friendly software has everything you need to streamline your hiring process, all in one place

Exclusive WizeHire Discount

Special Offer

Monthly Plan

$179 per month

(normally $199 per month)

  • Recommended if you hire during certain times of the year
  • Recommended if you need flexible spending options
  • Recommended if you want to pause anytime

Annual Plan

$165 per month

($1980 pre-paid annually)

  • Recommended if you hire all year around
  • Recommended if you’re looking for great savings
  • Recommended if you want to hire anytime

Workman Success Systems - Approved Exclusive Templates

When you sign up for WizeHire, you get FREE access to Workman Success Systems’s exclusive job templates. These templates are uniquely designed to work with WizeHire’s recruiting system, so you attract the most qualified candidates in your market.

  • Expertly reviewed by Workman Success Systems to attract high-quality talent
  • Optimized by hiring coaches for top performance on job boards
  • Integrated seamlessly with WizeHire’s recruiting system

Get FREE exclusive access and start hiring today.

"We recommend all of our clients check out Wizehire when they are getting serious about adding on to their real estate team. The ease of use for the users, the included DISC assessment for the applicants, and pre-built templates make hiring simple."

Verl Workman

CEO, Founder - Workman Success Systems

How WizeHire Works for You

Introducing busy real estate professionals like you to a better way to hire.

Exclusive Templates

Attract top talent with custom, expert-reviewed job ads written for your industry

WizeHire and Workman Success have created a customized hiring program for you based on years of industry experience and the latest recruitment best practices. Your exclusive templates are optimized to attract the highest quality candidates and designed so you can post them in 3 minutes or less. You’re also welcome to customize our industry-proven, expert-reviewed public templates or write your own.

On-demand expert support

Outperform your competition on job boards with support from WizeHire hiring coaches

Hiring coaches not only quality check your ad, they can also recommend screening questions and a competitive salary range for the position you’re looking to fill, so your job ad stands out to the right people. After optimizing over 80,000 job ads, they know what works to outperform the competition.

Once your ad is good to go, hit publish, and send it to 100+ top job boards with one click including Indeed, Zip Recruiter, Monster, LinkedIn, and more.

Detailed Candidate Reports

Identify top talent faster with candidates ranked for you

Know you’re making the right hire with the information you need to know about your applicants from WizeHire’s industry-proven DISC personality assessment. Candidates are scored by how well their personality and values align with the ideal fit for the role and ranked in your job dashboard.

Workman Success has created custom screening questions that help you sort candidates by the skills and qualifications you need on your team like a real estate license, experience, and more so you narrow down your applicants even faster.

Easy Applicant Tracking

Use WizeHire’s simple tracking system to manage your entire hiring process

Keeping track of your candidates from application to offer has never been easier. Everything you need to manage, message, and move candidates through each stage of the hiring process is all in one place. You can also customize the stages to match your own unique recruiting process.

If you want to know more about your top applicants, just log into your account, go to your job dashboard, and click on a candidate. You’ll find each applicant’s resume, messages, answers to screening questions, and personality profile organized for you.