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Recruitment Software: Start Hiring Today with Wizehire

Simplify your hiring process, attract top-tier talent, and boost business growth with Wizehire’s cutting-edge recruitment software.

Having trouble filling roles with the right candidates? You’re not alone. 

According to a recent survey by employment agency Manpower Group, 77% of employers report having difficulty filling open positions. What’s causing the global gap? The survey found that talent shortages are the highest they’ve been since 2006, as we’re seeing that skills needs are changing faster than ever. 

Meanwhile, recruiting remains a top priority for human resource leaders, according to consulting firm Gartner. However, 36% say they don’t have the resources to recruit high-quality candidates. 

Hiring in 2023 may be challenging, but recruitment software like Wizehire can make it easy to find the right fit for your open positions. Over 18,000 small businesses trust Wizehire to simplify talent acquisition. And through Wizehire’s unique features, they receive 1.5 times more applicants than when they try to hire without our recruitment software. 

How can Wizehire help you? Let’s get into how investing in our software means investing in the creation of a more efficient hiring process that can save you time and resources.

Essential Features of Wizehire’s Recruitment Software

Job Templates That Get You the Attention You Want

When you share a job posting through Wizehire, you can build your own template to use across your company’s profile. But you can also opt to use one of our prewritten job templates to help you get started. Not only do these templates take some of the work off your already-busy plate, but they’re also reviewed by subject matter experts and designed to help you attract more high-quality candidates. Job posts reviewed by our expert hiring coaches receive an average of 43% more applicants 30% sooner than if they’d attempted to hire on their own.

Intuitive Applicant Dashboard

Not all recruitment software is created equal. With some types of software, it’s hard to keep track of your hiring process. A messy applicant dashboard can cause you to miss out on top-tier talent. 

With our dashboard, you keep all your applicants in one place. Just simply drag and drop their card to the next stage when you’re ready to move them through to interviewing or hiring. Our dashboard is also customizable, allowing you to add additional stages. If your hiring process has extra steps, like a knowledge assessment, you can add those stages to your dashboard.

In-Depth Recruitment Analytics

Want to learn more about your candidate? Wizehire goes further than other recruitment software to paint a full picture of your applicant through our detailed recruitment analytics and ensure you hire the best fit. Click their card in your applicant dashboard for an in-depth look at who they are, according to their resume and beyond. 

While you can see their resume here, as well as their answers to screening questions, you also get guidance from Wizehire about how good of a fit the candidate is. We’ll provide you with an overview of their personality and values alongside charts and infographics to demonstrate why they received the scores they did.

Interview Scheduling Made Easy

Once you’ve found a candidate you want to move to the interviewing stage, you don’t need to take the conversation off Wizehire. You can schedule interviews right through your applicant dashboard. Choose between a phone, video, or in-person interview. 

From there, you can edit our interview email template and send it out. You can also link your calendar so your candidate can choose a time to meet that works for both of you. Our applicant dashboard makes setting up interviews a breeze. It’s no wonder why over 330,000 interviews have been scheduled through Wizehire.

The Competitive Advantages of Using Wizehire’s Recruitment Software

Knowledgable Job Coaches

When you work with Wizehire, you’re not only getting access to recruitment software that can make your hiring process more efficient. Unlike other recruitment tools that leave you to hire on your own, Wizehire gives you access to our expert job coaches, who can help guide you to finding the right candidate. 

From ensuring you’re posting jobs that attract top talent to answering questions about hiring in your industry, our job coaches are on hand to help you create an efficient hiring process. Our coaches have reviewed more than 129,000 job posts to ensure they get results. With their help and expertise, 91% of jobs posted through Wizehire receive applicants in 48 hours. 

Easy-to-Share Job Postings

While you’re focusing on talent acquisition for your growing company, there are better ways to spend your valuable time than by copying and pasting the same job post across every hiring website. When you create a job posting through Wizehire, you can automatically share it on over 60 job boards, including Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and more.

Personality Screening for the Right Fit

Resume screening is just one part of the puzzle of finding someone who is a good fit for the role you’re looking to fill. You also want to find someone who matches your company’s culture and values. We help you discover them by sending your most promising applicants a personality assessment framed around the DISC+ theory alongside your additional screening questions. 

How important is a culture fit? According to one study, 84% of recruiters say a good culture fit is the most crucial factor when hiring. Nine out of 10 say they’ve passed on applicants that weren’t aligned with the company culture. Unlike other recruitment software that focuses more on experience and less on culture, Wizehire aims to show you a more complete image of your applicant to ensure they mesh with your company’s values and mission.

Interview Assistance

When you’ve found someone you believe is a good match, you’re ready to move onto the interviewing stage. Wizehire can help you find strong potential candidates, but we can also help you vet them. Before you begin your interview, check out the candidate’s Interview tab. There you’ll find lists of questions designed to dig deeper and uncover if the applicant is the best fit. From initial phone screen questions to role-play for skills testing, these suggestions can help you ensure every minute of your interview is spent effectively.

Wizehire: Pioneering Efficient Recruitment With Advanced Software

The rapid development of new technology has changed and continues to change what skills are valuable, causing skill gaps to develop and making it harder to find suitable candidates for these new roles. In response to these talent shortages and skill gaps, Wizehire’s recruitment software can match you with the best candidates, helping you adapt to the rapidly changing needs of the modern hiring landscape.

With Wizehire’s recruitment software and our knowledgeable hiring coaches to guide you, you’ll find high-quality candidates who are just right, from their work experience to their personality fit. Watch a demo of Wizehire’s software to see how it can help your company grow.


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