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Company Culture

Recruiting, hiring, and building effective real estate teams

WizeHire co-founder Jay Niblick and Jeff Cohn from Elite Real Estate Systems discuss how the different personalities of real estate team members impact a team’s growth.

Topics covered

  • The mindset real estate team leaders must have if they want to be successful
  • 4 DISC personality profiles of real estate professionals
  • Top 3 strategies for building a highly successful real estate team
  • 5 hiring mistakes real estate team leaders typically make
  • How to better predict if a job candidate will succeed in the role

Hiring advice

  • Discover your job candidates’ natural strengths. Learn what each candidate’s natural strengths are throughout the interview process to better understand if they’re a good match for the role.

Key takeaways

  • There are two types of team leaders. Some team leaders see themselves as the “chief rainmaker” or top salesperson at their office. However, the most successful team leaders see themselves as the CEO of their own company and adopt this mindset to scale their real estate business.
  • Use a balanced hiring process. Deciding who to hire should never be based on only one factor like an applicant’s resume. Get a clearer picture of each candidate by looking at multiple factors including screening questions and a personality assessment to make a well-informed hire.

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