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Positioning your real estate company to hire in a tough climate

Wizehire sits down with real estate experts to discuss how to attract and hire top quality industry talent in a tough job market.

In this webinar, Wizehire sits down with Anne Saeugling-Coke, owner at Terra Firma Realty, and Tammie Slay, Workman Success Systems Master Coach and broker/owner at Hip Realty Group, to discuss how to attract and hire top quality real estate talent in a tough job market.

Watch the webinar or listen to the audio version below.

Topics covered

  • Two quick and simple ways to get more job applicants
  • Why you should consider hiring both licensed and and unlicensed talent
  • How DISC+ personality assessments can help you uncover great candidates
  • How to make your business stand out to a potential hire in an interview 
  • Why you should always be hiring, especially in a tough market

Hiring advice

  • Use multiple sources to build a strong candidate pipeline. Attract more candidates by (1) posting on multiple job boards, (2) encouraging employees to share open roles on their social media accounts, and (3) networking with your clients.
  • Set the right expectations in your job ad. A job description with clear responsibilities will set the right expectations and attract talent that will be more likely to stay with your team long term.

Key takeaways

  • Be upfront about what you can offer top candidates. Great real estate agents know they’re in high demand from multiple brokerages. That’s why it’s important to be clear about commission splits, benefits, leadership development opportunities, and anything else your company offers.
  • Consider talent from various backgrounds. You’ll widen your talent pool and speed up your hiring process, especially in a tough job market. A person with the right skills from a different industry can make an excellent hire in the long term.
  • Don’t let a single factor drive your hiring process. Your job candidates’ job experience, qualifications, DISC+ personality assessments, and interview should each play a role in your hiring decision.

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