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InCite Performance Group

Souderton, PA, United States of America
  • Business Plan Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Strategy
  • Team Building
  • Team Training
  • Insurance
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  • United States
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About InCite Performance Group

InCite Performance Group works “on” the insurance agency business, so you can be better at working “in” it!

InCite Performance Group has 8 Highly Experienced Advisors who know how to sell insurance, effectively run an insurance agency, and guide a business into innovation and disruption. It’s not that an Advisor is smarter or better but they are focused full time on one thing… identifying, testing, and improving best in class solutions to agency problems in real time.

We have worked with InCite Performance Group for many years and have always found tremendous value in our relationship with their firm. Recently I asked their team to deliver a multi-session training course on “Large Account Sales” and it was extremely informative for my team. They clearly have expertise in producer coaching and this session elevated our sales IQ even further to tackle complex opportunities. I recommend them highly.
Brandon Mueller, President @ Seubert


What is InCite Performance Group doing to solve industry issues?