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Activate Group

Miami, FL, United States of America
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About Activate Group

At Activate Group our passion is helping business leaders discover the untapped potential of their team and the undiscovered profit opportunities that allow for faster growth and freedom in the company.  We empower and engage your employees while arming your management team with the tools and processes that help drive proven results. Many of our clients have tripled both their employee engagement and their cash flow in fewer than three years…and we get results in as little as 90 days.

Activate Group coaches have decades of experience in the C-suite, and each coach has been a decision maker for a company with revenues in excess of $100 million annually. There is one thing that each of our coaches knows – you need to have the discipline to take risks. If your management and executive team are not aligned in their goals, and if your company culture is underdeveloped and unsupportive of change, this can create enormous friction.