We value humans.

Our unique hiring principles help you choose a candidate beyond just their skill set level to find the right fit based on their “human factor”. Our values not only help you hire, but they also help our team create fulfilling careers and happy lives.

Research has demonstrated that character can be organized into three dimensions: interpersonal (heart), intellectual (mind), and intrapersonal (will).

Strengths of heart

How we relate to other people in positive ways


Great ideas come from everywhere

Fact: nurturing a work environment where everyone’s ideas are welcome is healthy and smart. We proactively practice an open-minded approach to new ideas, no matter how big or small. It’s the easiest, most meaningful way to cultivate an inviting workplace.


Understanding others is key

Behind every candidate, co-worker, and customer is a person who is worthy of empathy. WizeHire, as a fellow employer and a recruiting service, helps you understand each personality type you encounter in the workplace to foster a harmonious work environment.

Servant Leadership

Inspire confidence in others

We believe the best leaders mentor, empower, and lift up their team. Top talent is attracted to bosses who help them grow and succeed, and that’s how we lead and develop people at our organization.

Strengths of mind

Help you wonder, reason, and create


We embrace change

The world is evolving every day, but we’re not afraid of change. We are in constant pursuit of new ways to optimize and energize our organization, and share the best practices we learn with our customers.


We encourage you to be yourself

People do their best work when they feel like their most authentic selves. Leaning into your personal strengths not only makes you happier, but also makes you more successful.

Fun Attitude

Enjoy life to the fullest

We don’t take ourselves too seriously; we infuse fun into everything we do to make work a place we want to be every day. We harness that same positive energy to help our customers hire like a pro.

Strengths of will

Help you achieve your goals

High Standards

Quality takes time

Excellence sometimes seems like the result of natural talent. But no matter how gifted we are, there are no shortcuts to produce quality work. High standards require hard work. We expect the best from ourselves, because there’s no better feeling than being proud of our work.


We take initiative

Proactive people don’t wait on the world to change. They take matters into their own hands to make things better for themselves and the people around them.


Determination accomplishes goals

Realizing your vision sometimes means tolerating setbacks, dealing with delays, and managing unexpected challenges that come your way. Excellence is derived from an iterative process - it’s more about getting things done than getting everything done perfectly.