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Miami, FL US
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Seeking counsel, genuinely interested in corporate, securities, and start-up law.

Eager to work on a team of experienced ex BigLaw attorneys who are trailblazing what it means to be a modern innovative law firm.

Position Summary: Who we want.    
We seek someone excited to step in and serve as Counsel to innovative small businesses, who get energized working to protect individuals as they build their vision of success, and feels comfortable with managing a workload that will include corporate work, with an emphasis on start-up law, venture capital, and transactions.

Being a phenomenal lawyer is our bare minimum. There are plenty of those. We want more. On top of that, we seek an assertive, energetic go-getter, who is self-directed and highly accountable and who is not defeated, jaded, or a curmudgeon.

We are open to both full-time or part-time candidates looking for work-life balance by transitioning to a part-time arrangement by choice. At CORPlaw, we respect team members who choose a part-time schedule for their personal reasons. Part-time or full-time, you will be a full-fledged part of our team. On our team, part-timers are not written off or discarded like they are at most BigLaw firms. Part-timers seeking work-life balancer are welcome and would be included treated as valued members of our team. As an innovative law firm, we support your choice to work the way you want!

Negotiable salary, commensurate with experience, prorated based on work time, plus additional incentives, benefits, remote or in-person option per team-member preference and satisfaction of performance objectives, and more. Opportunity to increase earnings through various incentive options available for our top performers.


  • Some travel may be requested.
  • Availability and willingness to work during standard work hours at least 20-hours per week.
  • Available to remotely attend mandatory team meetings Wednesdays 11:30 am to 1:30 pm (remote available, in-person preferred).
  • Extreme comfort with learning and using multiple technologies and software, with an ability to expertly troubleshoot software problems independently, and a self-declared natural to using different software. Fair warning, if you aren't at an above-average tech proficiency, you won't be setup to succeed on our team.


The following are non-negotiable minimum qualifications for the position:

  • 2 to 5 years experience (if you need full training wheels negotiating deals, advising a start-up on raising capital from beginning to end, or have trouble drafting complex agreements without guidance, then you lack the experience required for this role. If you don't yet have at least one full year of in-depth hands-on experience at a law firm, do not apply for this position. We recommend you consider our Law Clerk Position with our Legal Clerkship Program as an opportunity to earn some law firm experience. However, we will not consider junior counsel who just graduated law school, is waiting on bar results, or who has never worked full-time (clerkships do not count) at a law firm.).
  • Experience must include having independently led at least 2 independent instances of each of the following; company formation and structuring; Founder stock issuances and related issues (83(b) elections, vesting schedules, etc.); Capital raising via convertible instruments (Safes, convertible promissory notes) and preferred equity (Series Seed, NVCA Series A; Development of ESOP and option agreements for employees and advisors; Founder/service provider exits and stock buyback transactions; Capitalization table (cap table) modeling and management; Investment Fund and SPV structuring and formation. You'll be expected to discuss each of these in-depth in your interview.
  • Some experience with M&A via stock and asset purchase and sale transactions would be a plus.
  • A detail-oriented, phenomenal writer, problem-solver, and critical thinker who is excited by the intellectual challenge of learning new things.
  • Business acumen and general experience (and continued interest) working at the intersection of business and law (e.g., drafting simple contracts and agreements).

Our ideal candidate is excited to get in on the ground floor of a team that's re-writing the narrative on what a modern law firm can and should be, with a mind towards securing rapidly incoming incentive and growth opportunities (including the managing attorney role we know we will soon need to supervise our growing legal team).

Our ideal candidate hates being told by the Old Guard, "we do it this way because we've always done it this way" and is holding out hope that one day they'll find that magical fairy tale home where quality brilliant lawyers exist without also being extreme douche bags.

Note, we have a strict No A$$ hole Policy that applies to all our staff, our attorneys, and, yes, clients--who we rank, and, yes, we break up with clients if they mistreat our team--too.

Not a good fit. This position is not going to be a good fit for,

  • A lawyer who is proud of their role as a Capital T Turd. You know this guy or gal. They make every human around them miserable, take gross pride in spouting out all the ways something "can't" or "won't" work, bludgeon unsuspecting humans with unnecessary pretentiousness, and enjoy snuffing out the light of positive visionary people that make the mistake of breathing in their vicinity as a result of their extreme misery and obvious self-loathing.
  • Even if they don't rise to the level of a Capital T, someone content to play squarely in the box, tethering their self-worth to the name and ranking of their law firm, or who doesn't genuinely want to work with innovative small businesses, likely won't be a good fit with our team of trailblazing rebels who are all about fighting for the "little" guy (in business that is) and bulldozing traditional models of lawyering.
  • An extremely passive personality or a one-trick specialist (unwilling to tackle new and exciting problems) with no interest in diversifying their skill set by the challenge of more holistic advising that comes with the role of General Counsel, also is unlikely to be a good fit with our team.
  • And we clearly need someone with a sense of humor because, yeah, we say things like, Capital T Turd and if that just isn't a hilarious knee-slapper for you, then you (probably are a Capital T or) simply aren't the right kind of cool to sit at our table (physically or digitally).

$90,000+ at plan
About CORPlaw

Our company at CORPlaw represents really cool companies (think crypto millionaires, high-growth tech start-ups, esports, influencers, etc.) as their full-service, litigation, and transactional, outside General Counsel. This isn't "door law". We don't touch family law, PI, criminal, etc., but we do offer a wide range of services to holistically advise clients as their fractional GCs (think employment, IP, contracts, raising capital, management of business disputes, and all areas where business and law collide).

Our tech-forward firm has a physical office space in WeWork Brickell City Center and operates a hybrid in-person and remote team environment. Some of our staff are fully remote and some take advantage of or otherwise simply prefer working from an in-person space. We accommodate both options much to the appreciation of our modern team and clients. We embraced remote before a pandemic required it.

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