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Doncaster Law, PLLC
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Doncaster Law, PLLC

The firm needs a great trial lawyer to help us win. This position requires confidence, independent action, initiative, a sense of urgency, and the ability to make decisions and take responsibility for them. A well-suited candidate can react and adjust quickly to the ebbs and flows of trial practice and come up with practical ideas for dealing with them. The style is purposeful, directed at getting things done. There is a great deal of challenges and pressure, and people and problems must be handled with confidence and determination. This job requires self-assurance and competitive drive. There is a strong demand for high-quality, organized, and repeatable results. The responsibilities are broad in scope, encompassing a wide variety of activities requiring rapid shifts in priorities. This is primarily a task-focused job, requiring a somewhat authoritative, directive leadership style that encourages results-driven, task-oriented collaboration.

In this firm, you can earn a solid six-figure income without grinding big firm hours. We have substantial quarterly bonuses available to every employee who’s meeting KPIs. And we’ll be able to offer you insurance, paid time off, and other benefits. 

Most importantly, you’ll be on a career path that lets you fight fraud with all the skill and creativity you can muster. You’ll never need to pull your punches. And you’ll get to win a lot. To get this opportunity, please follow these instructions. APPLICATIONS THAT DO NOT FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. Prepare a cover letter with no more than two paragraphs and a single closing sentence. In the first paragraph explain what you believe are the 3 most important qualities that must be possessed by an attorney working on fraud cases. In the second paragraph tell me why you applied to this particular ad. As a closing sentence please write, “I have read the instructions contained in the job posting and have followed the instructions.” Email your resume and cover letter in PDF format to admin @

 The subject line of the email should be #winningtrials


  • Ability to work at a faster-than-average pace, learn quickly, and master-detail well enough to see both the forest and the trees in your cases.
  • You combine strategic, big-picture thinking with a focus on the tactical aspects of the work.
  • You’re the quality of a person who seeks and accepts the decision, authority, & responsibility in your cases.
  • You effectively weigh risk against the benefit; a calculated, independent decision-maker.
  • You’ll enjoy the opportunity to delegate to high-caliber paralegals or a junior associate for routine drafting.
  • You should be capable of delegating some authority, with close follow-up and control.


You also understand how to think through a case from inception to end. You should understand how early writing affects depositions and trials. You should feel comfortable taking a case from pre-suit investigation to complaint to depositions, through the trial setting conference. You should be prepared to participate actively in civil jury trials as either first or second chair. Regardless of which chair you sit in, you should be prepared to handle significant witnesses and arguments to the judge or jury. You should also understand motions in limine and be prepared to assist with them and trial preparation.  

About Doncaster Law, PLLC

All firms talk about culture, we have one:

We’re an antifraud firm because we value truth. We believe truth exists, and it matters. Ayn Rand once said: “We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” In this law firm, we bring that truth toe-to-toe with fraudsters. If we had a formal firm creed, it would probably read something like this:

We believe that truth exists and truth matters.

Truth is not subjective. There is no such thing as my truth, your truth, his truth, or her truth. There is the only truth.

Perverting the truth is morally atrocious. People who do this deserve consequences, and we deliver them.

Vindicating the truth is more important than social approbation. We aren’t country club lawyers. We won’t wash over the truth just because someone doesn’t like it.

We reject the concept of a grey area between true and false. 

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