Real Estate Transaction Coordinator
Ohio Cash Buyers LLC
Springboro, OH US
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Ohio Cash Buyers LLC

Our Real Estate Investment Business is growing so fast we can hardly keep up! We're looking for a truly amazing and highly-skilled Transaction Coordinator Admin to join our Real Estate Investment team here in Springboro. Please read this ad thoroughly as I want it to resonate with you deeply to where you KNOW you've found the right company for you, or to know this definitely isn't for you!

We have an amazing team of 13 people here and we're growing rapidly to expand into 4 new markets. We've hired 2 new people in the past week and we're hiring 3-4 more team members to handle that growth, and that's where you come in. Your role is a very important role and is vital to our success.

The TC Role is a critical upper management-level role on our team and you will be the person solely responsible for getting every deal we do from start to finish through all of the hurdles to a successful closing! There's a ton to do and so many moving pieces...this is a role ONLY for those who are extremely organized, detailed, a bit obsessive and perfectionistic, rarely ever miss work, have the stability and consistency to execute 40 different things daily, and thrive in making things happen to serve our team and our clients to the very best of your ability.

This is a tough role to train, so we need someone with similar experience. IE: Mortgage Loan Assistant or processor, title company experience, paralegal experience at a Real Estate attorney's office, transaction processor for a very high volume Realtor, etc. We may be willing to train the right candidate, but it would require the perfect fit and a major aptitude for learning fast.

So what do we really do and what will you be a part of? Our company buys 20-25 properties every month and we expect to be at 40+ by the end of the year with our expansion. That means our job is really customer service to the highest level. We work with dozens of clients every month and ensuring we create win/win scenarios for them to LOVE our team and our service, while also creating a win for our team, is what it's all about. You will work with an entire host of people. Homeowners, Title Companies, Lenders, Realtors, Vendors, Supply stores, Insurance agents, Utility companies, Handymen and Constructions trades, Leasing and Property Management, Attorneys, and many more.

Put very simply, real estate is chaotic and crazy sometimes! No two days are the same and you absolutely must thrive in chaos and be able to organize and stay on track. No two properties are ever the same. You thrive and do well here by supporting our team as the head of operations and transactions, and in return, you are heavily rewarded for performance. Our team and clients will quickly make you their MVP because you make their lives better in every way by doing great at your job.

We need versatile people who can learn almost anything quickly. There will certainly come a time where we have someone out due to sickness or we promote them to another role and we will need you to fill in their role which will involve learning something you haven't done before very quickly. Not only is this important in the ever-changing real estate climate, but it is vital in our office.

We are very much a sales office, so your title will be Transaction Coordinator, but in many ways, a TC is really "sales and operations support." The sales team is the lifeblood of the organization, and if they aren't busy making sales 100% of the time, we aren't going to be successful. They rely on you to handle the "operations" side of the business and to make them look good by fulfilling all of the promises we make to our clients, every time. As you can see from our online feedback, our clients LOVE us when we do a great job and often leave glowing 5-Star reviews, and, condensed into a nutshell, that is our ENTIRE job. Those 30 small words in a review speak volumes about how we perform as a company, and SO much of that responsibility is on you.

As soon as the sales team gets a contract signed the rest of the transaction management falls 100% on your role. From the initial intros to creating new files in our CRM, etc....all the way through to the utilities, insurance, closings, HUD review, client handholding, procuring 5-star reviews and feedback, working with the Leasing department, and 50 other things....that's all under your purview! We need someone that LOVES taking charge, negotiating, finding creative ways to fix big problems, and finding ways to get stuff done. You have to truly LOVE it and THRIVE in challenges. There will absolutely be a time every single month when something happens that looks like it will derail and cancel a deal and it's your job to find creative ways to keep it together and get it through to closing. There will be times you need to be a kind listening ear to a client, and other times you'll have to be tougher and more demanding to get stuff done.

We need stable, intelligent, quality people full of integrity. We seek someone who will make sound decisions based on the needs and care of the business. Someone who wants to make things right the first time. How you do anything is how you do everything. We do not believe in cutting corners to save a buck here. Our reputation comes first and we have a stellar reputation as one of the top investors in the entire state because of our 18-year track record of always doing the right thing.

This is truly a small family and friends type of office. I'm the CEO, but my 2 best friends Heather and Tony work here. My brother Dan works here. My mom stops by often with cookies and she's our team mascot. My good buddy of 4 years Jason is in our sales department. Heather's good friend Bailey works here. Tony brought his friend Dave on to the rehab department....see what I mean?

We need someone that LOVES it, lives it, breathes it. There are certainly after-hours calls, emergencies, last-minute drives to make to file paperwork in a courthouse, meet a seller randomly once a month on a weekend, etc. If you don't have rigid life and time requirements, please, do apply.

We do our very best with a work/life family balance, but we work when clients need us, and with all that we have to do to get a property successfully closed on time, that often means 6:38 PM on a Tuesday, or a 1 pm phone call on a Saturday. There have even been times that the only way to get a deal done was to drive 2hrs to Indianapolis and have a seller sign documents in person....and we still have to get it done. These are rare, but my point is...this is not just a 9-6p role. This may be the most important part of this entire ad, so be sure you understand it well before you continue.

When we say culture is HUGE here, we mean it. And culture comes from hiring the right people you LOVE to work with! Not from some fake team-building exercise. We believe in hard work, going the extra mile, consistency, achieving results today, caring for our coworkers, and being the best we can be with constant improvement and learning. If it's not fun and if we're not performing at the top 1% of our peers, we have NO interest. This means we're all here for the same get results, be the best at what we do, and absolutely CRUSH our market and grow like crazy! You will have all of the resources, support, and help you could ever want.

What do we offer?

  • 401K with a match after 1 year
  • Tons of bonuses, raises and reviews, and other rewards and thank you's in various forms
  • Paid sick days
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid holidays
  • Birthday parties, team lunches, and a ton of fun!
  • A "happening soon" beach house we're adding as an AirBNB in FL that you can visit on your paid vacation for free!
  • Many other perks in the works here :)

The total pay package for the role is $75,000 - $85,000++ DOE and Performance. How this breaks down is simple. You'll have a base salary of $50,000 - $55,000. From there, the remainder will be bonuses for each closed transaction and for making the difficult deals happen by finding those creative win/win scenarios. We’ll share all of the different opportunities for bonuses and advancement in person or via phone.

  • Arrange for and attend events regarding the closing process, including moving schedules
  • Acquire seller approval for offers and counteroffers from buyers to complete the process in a timely manner
  • Ensure inspections are scheduled and assist with negotiating and completing any necessary repairs
  • Enter client information into the client database system and submit appropriate documentation to the office broker for file compliance and keep track of transaction activity
  • Aid real estate agents, clientele, and other stakeholders with paperwork and ensure the completion of all escrow documents, such as appraisals, titles, and mortgage loans

  • Contact the appropriate party to obtain missing documents, signatures, authorizations, POAs, etc.
  • Verify all properties/transactions are entered into the CRM, set up all files in Basecamp, Dropbox, Google Drive, Calendars, Appts, and more.
  • Host Tuesday team meetings where we go over every single deal we have incoming AB, pending, BC, rehab, etc, and provide status updates on all files to the entire team.
  • WOW, our clients communicate throughout the process in an upbeat energetic customer service way that garners 5-star glowing reviews.
  • Other administrative duties as required to work with the team, our attorneys on tough files, and a dozen more things.
  • Confirm all documentation has the appropriate signature and dates, that HUDs and closing statements are 100% perfect and match the PA, etc.
  • Maintain and follow up with all escrow-related documentation, start and stop all insurances and utilities.
  • Manage all aspects of our real estate transaction process from processing sales in our database to auditing and maintaining the related transaction files
  • Work closely with the title company and (occasionally) our in-house Realtors to retrieve any and all documents needed to close the file.

  • Experience in the real estate industry, transaction management or coordination, titles, and/or mortgages preferred
  • High school diploma or GED required, preferably some college experience
  • Motivated to serve people and provide excellent customer service
  • Must have excellent organizational skills and communication skills
$75,000 - $85,000 yearly
About Ohio Cash Buyers LLC

Ohio Cash Buyers LLC is the leading distressed Homebuyer in all of Ohio. We work with an amazing team in the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus markets, and we're currently expanding our home buying efforts into 4 new markets.

Our office is a small friends and family environment of 13 people. My best friend Tony works here, my best friend Heather is my PA, my good friend Ben is our in-house legal counsel, my SIL works here in PM, my wife is our AR/AP, and my brother Dan is one of our top sales reps, etc. The ones that aren't already friends and family...we adopt! It's just like that here. Life is too short to hate what you do or hate who you do it with!

We've been in business for 18 years now and it's our goal to buy 250+ homes every single year. We're the winner of the 2020 BBB Torch Award and have endless amounts of client reviews and testimonials who all sing our praises.

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