Real Estate Transaction Coordinator
Venture Real Estate Group LLC
Monroe, OH US
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Venture Real Estate Group LLC

Our Real Estate Business is growing so fast we can hardly keep up. We have an immediate opening for a Transaction Coordinator with some executive assistant duties to assist real estate executives. You'll work in a fast-paced real estate office assisting our team of top flight Buyers Agents while managing contracts to closing, and working in tandem with the Office Manager and CFO. We offer an exciting atmosphere in a people-oriented business.

We have a superb reputation and positive brand recognition. So, if you are committed to excellence, a team player and willing to ask for help when needed - this is the right position for you. You must also be highly self-motivated and have a sense of humor. You should be super smart, an organizer, a fast learner, a positive person, and a great communicator able to find creative solutions while being polite, polished, professional and discreet.

PLEASE do NOT apply unless you are qualified and “revved up” for this opportunity. 

We will be conducting interviews immediately and hiring will begin right away. 

Core Value Fit

  • Strive to Be the Best: We believe in operational excellence. We believe in hard work and putting in the extra effort to achieve extraordinary things!
  • Team-driven: We believe in TEAM first. Without a happy team and an open and honest culture, we will never serve our clients to the highest degree possible. Friends, family, TEAM.
  • Achieve Today: We believe life is short. Which means we need to excel, thrive, and kick butt TODAY. Not some imaginary day in the future called "Tomorrow."
  • Total Integrity: We believe in honesty to all persons; our clients, our vendors, our employees, and everyone we come in contact with. When we make a mistake, we accept responsibility and fix it!
  • Community Outreach: We absolutely LOVE to help others and see them achieve their dreams and live their passions.
  • Accountability: We want every single employee in our office to actively do what we preach to our clients every single day. We build a culture where everyone is working hard every day to build their retirement. We can all relate to our clients' goals 100% because we're actively practicing what we preach!
  • Self-Improvement: We know that knowledge and learning never stops and never reaches a point of contentment. We're never satisfied and always want to do better, and we know that reading, learning, and listening is the way to keep growing. We always welcome feedback from our clients, even the bad stuff! It's both humbling and amazing to embrace that as good as we are, and as hard as we try....we can always do better.
  • Make Work Fun: We work hard, but we want everyone to enjoy what they do. Fun creates a work environment where people want to be, and when we have fun, we can better serve our clients.

We are ONLY looking for those who are seeking long-term careers. If you're looking for a job, this is not it. We only want to work with people that are amazing people with a huge heart and a love for others. We CARE that you retire early, live abundantly, make a ton of money, help others, and want to be part of a fun team. Some days it's stressful and horrible, we won't lie.....but it's usually amazing and fun!

You will need to be available after-hours on occasion to handle some of your duties. If you can’t make it to an 8:00p.m. signing, then this job is NOT for you! 

TC is 20 hours a week, so the rest is all other admin duties, driving, delivering, signing stuff, placing signs, pics, and 10 more roles mixed in!

Look you're gonna have a ton of paperwork. VERY important paperwork. Ya know...MILLIONS in contracts to get to title companies, attorneys, clients, vendors, etc. Nonstop. All Day. There are about 11.3 billion appointments to juggle, papers to push, people to call, clients to cajole and coax, and people to appease.

It s fast-paced and fun in our office, but a bit insane, too! Like, weekly meetings are intense. The boss is probably crazy, and a bit of a perfectionist for sure....because offering our clients or our team B- results simply won't ever be good enough. So yeah, are you an A Player? We want only the BEST people here who want a career with huge potential and opportunity. We need ONE amazing person who can WOW us and fit into our family/team environment fast. Our business is exploding and even when the next market downturn comes (and it's coming SOON) we do even better when it goes down. What's that mean?   JOB SECURITY. 

I'm sure you're wondering about the training program!? Hopefully, you come and train us! Nah, on a serious note, you will learn by DOING. We have a few manuals, a few procedures, but your entire job is to make YOUR department 100000% better. We'll show you what we're doing, but it's your direct job and task to make your department better, make our systems better, and make our team more profitable by having you here.  

  • Contact appropriate agent to obtain missing documents needed on file
  • Responsible for verifying all properties have been entered into the closing system
  • Request disclosures be returned in a timely manner from the buyer's agent
  • Administrative duties as required by manager, on behalf of the agent, client and/or broker
  • Confirm that all documentation has the appropriate signature and dates
  • Maintains and follow up with all escrow related paperwork
  • Manages all aspects of real estate transactions process from processing sales in our database to auditing and maintain the related transactions file
  • Verify all disclosures have been sent within the required amount of time
  • Acquire seller approval for all offers and counters made by the buyer
  • Work closely with escrow and the selling agent to retrieve any and all documents needed to close the files


  • Gathering, compiling, and inputting correct and current information for property closings
  • Completing property closings in coordination with all parties involved
  • Reviewing HUD before closing and fixing any issues in preparation for closing
  • Arranging evictions with attorneys as necessary, filing associated paperwork and posting notices
  • Filing affidavits, memorandums, land contracts, etc as necessary


  • Arranging cleaning and lawn maintenance/snow removal of properties in preparation for sales
  • Starting and stopping utilities at properties as necessary
  • Securing insurance on properties as necessary
  • Maintaining current information and files within the system on all properties
  • Ensuring that appropriate and timely procedures have been followed for all properties, such as inspections, re-keys, trashouts, lawn cuts, and sales cleans.


  • Placing a sign in the yard once a property has been listed for sale
  • Arranging Photography of properties for real estate listings


  • Filing lien releases as necessary
  • Maintaining fleet of company vehicles

Here's the thing....EVERY role inside of our office is "sales" in some way. From the janitor to the property manager, it's ALL sales. When you need to get a lawn done tonight, and the guy tells you have to SELL him on why he wants to get it done tonight for us and get all of our future long-term consistent work! You won't truly be selling, but you must be GOOD at negotiating as it comes into every single aspect of what we do.

  • Is an active and focused listener
  • Has experience in Real Estate, Transaction Coordination, Titles or Mortgages
  • Error-free in ability to multi-task
  • Must possess excellent written and oral grammar abilities
  • Has strong rapport with those he/she interacts with
  • Respond well to stress and keep calm in all situations
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Highly efficient with Google Docs and all Microsoft Office applications.
  • Familiar with CRM systems, phones, apps, text, and high volume of phone calls.
  • A 'Data Scientist" and list builder, systems organizer, and a general computer wizard.
  • People skills: Great communicator and understand basic legalese,
  • Management: The ideal candidate will have 3 yrs+ experience in contracts, titles, and real estate. Any additional experience in other related fields is a huge plus.
  • Preferred: In order for you to use the tools and skills taught to you it is preferred you have specific experience in the following areas: Real estate and title transactions, keyboarding, spreadsheets, coordinating between office and title company/attorneys/realtors/clients.
  • Salary:This position offers a starting salary of $33,000-$41,000 per year depending on experience, skills, etc. We offer frequent bonuses for performance as well as many other perks! Speak multiple languages? Have a construction management degree? Or a BBA? Let us know anything that else that makes you the Superstar that we need!
$33,000 - $41,000 annually
About Venture Real Estate Group LLC

We are an investment company that buys and sells 200 homes per year, and we'll be expanding in 2019 while most other companies are slowing down due to a poor economy! We only buy quality homes. We expect high quality labor every single time. The only difference in a $150,000 home and a $350,000 home to us is the QUALITY of the material used. Otherwise, the labor quality is expected to be 100% the same. 

Our office is small and informal. We're a team of 17 and growing daily! We wear whatever we want, whenever we want. Sometimes, we will dress up a bit for a client, but that's a very rare thing. Anytime you meet a client you will be professionally dressed. We take pride in our unique culture!

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