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The Stonebraker Group

Dear Real Estate Agent who wants to earn $100,000 a year:

I know you’ve been listening to podcasts and going to training events to better yourself so you can earn more money. I understand how many shiny objects there are to build your real estate business and it can get very, very overwhelming.

It’s a fact that 87% of Real Estate Agents FAIL within the first 2 years because they run out of money with inconsistent income, have a shortage of leads, and don’t have the training systems and support they need to succeed.

If you're a frustrated Real Estate Agent, you likely don't know what to do to take your career to the next level and maybe experiencing these issues:

  • No proven system or structure to plug into
  • No culture to be around
  • No accountability or access to the right training/coaching
  • Continually looking for the next "shiny" magic pill to solve all of your business problems
  • Feeling exhausted and tired of being on call 24/7
  • Not knowing where or when your next check will come from

Does this sound familiar at all? If you don’t get a consistent pipeline of seller and buyer clients, the money runs out and causes a whole bunch of problems (trust me I have been there).

You don’t want that to happen.

My story... Hello! My name is Isabelle Stonebraker, owner of the Stonebraker Group and I've been in real estate for 6 years, selling hundreds of homes. In fact, last year we sold 100 homes. I’ve built a real estate business that provides a consistent and reliable income. My team ranks in the top 1% in Arizona out of all Realtors and real estate teams. We get results for our team members. I’m looking for a Sales Agent trainee who wants to work with me to learn all the systems and tools I use, so you can build a consistent and reliable income in real estate also. You would work directly with me on my team.

Here is exactly why you will benefit from joining my team:

We have training/coaching, systems, and leads for you to earn a minimum of $80,000 a year working regular hours in a position you look forward to every day.

Main benefits summarized:

  • You get to work within one of the top real estate CRMs to help you manage your book of business ($21,000 yearly value).
  • You get a minimum of 30 leads a month ($30,000 yearly value).
  • You get access to all our systems which includes access to all of our copyright content for email and text message drip campaigns to keep your leads engaged ($25,000 yearly value).
  • You get access to marketing systems already in place and built out for you for multiple different scenarios to have collateral you can deliver to past and and potential clients ($15,000 yearly value).
  • You get access to me as the Team Lead for any questions/training/advice as well as Broker support for any legal questions. In addition, a structured coaching meeting weekly ($52,000 yearly value).
  • You get ISA support to warm up your leads ($30,000 min yearly value).

This means… You’ll have the best software and the system to manage all your contacts so no opportunities fall through the cracks.You won’t have to rely on hoping for a random incoming call all of the time to get your business.You will be confident in your deal making ability to close a home because we guide you. You’ll have an actual system and process to follow which will make your income predictable.

Your alternatives? You can do it yourself and take the risk.You can join another company that’s a flat fee but you won’t get the system, support, or leads.

I invite you to work with my team in return for investing part of the commission you will earn...

If you like this plan, once you apply here’s exactly what will happen: We’re going to have a short phone conversation so you understand how all of this works. You’re going to attend one of my free workshops to write a business plan. We’re going to meet 1 on 1 to go over your 1-3-5 goals and vision for your life. You’re going to shadow me or a current Agent for 1 week, cover all of technology and systems, organize your database and announce to your sphere of your new future with The Stonebraker Group.

My Guarantee: I guarantee I will meet with you personally for at least half an hour every week to keep you on track to hit the income and professional goals that you select.. and I'll be available for literally as many questions you have… you will never be just a number.

Look, if you take me up on this I have leads right now for you to call and you’ll have a commission in your bank account ready to spend within 90 days if you apply right now.

Who We Are Looking For: We hire only academic achievers and people passionate about real estate sales, who are also "intrapreneurs", meaning you ultimately want to build a big career and a big business inside the Stonebraker Group. Ideal candidates have a grand vision for their career, high income goals, and know what they want to do professionally. Ideally you see yourself as a future business leader and builder, indispensable to growth. Ideal candidates have a proven record of accomplishment and personality that's results-oriented, decisive, and take-charge. You're a fit for the job when you have the knowledge, skills, track record, and personality to get the job done and you're a cultural fit within our organization. You find solutions, share goals, know what you want (or are actively searching to know what you want), push those around you to do better, are continually raising the bar, demand to be associated with talent, and talk the language of action and results. During your interview, we are probing for patterns in your behavior and thinking, how you act, and how you process ideas and problems. If you are an assertive, people oriented, impatient, flexible, independent, intense, and optimistic person who takes a logical approach to problem solving, can rapidly deal with many problems at once, and can naturally hold, manipulate, and think about three dimensions in your mind (spatial visualization), you will be home here where you can be yourself every day and thrive. Not to worry, during the interview process we go through all of this so ultimately, we get to know you and hopefully you get to know more about yourself.

Here are some of the commonly asked questions. FAQ's:

Q. Do you provide leads?

A. Yes. We provide high-quality leads to our Agents. We ensure that each Agent has enough leads so they are able to fill their pipeline and follow up with each lead appropriately through our team's follow-up ecosystem.

Q. Do you accept part-time Agents?

A. At this time, we are only accepting full-time applicants.

Q. Do you require office meetings?

A. Yes, we have sales meetings, as well as training meetings.

Q. Is there a dress code?

A. As a Realtor, you offer a professional service for buyers and sellers so your dress attire should reflect that. However, at times you don't have meetings or appointments with clients, we offer a relaxed and upbeat work environment in which you can wear comfortable attire.

"A DREAM written down with a date becomes a GOAL. A GOAL broken down into steps becomes a PLAN. A PLAN backed by ACTION becomes REALITY."

You have a dream? Contact me today and let's map out the path to achieving that dream.

  • Consult with clients to ensure fiduciary service of the Real Estate transaction from initial contact through contract to close. (Coordinates with the Transaction Coordinator.)
  • Participate in open houses, networking activities and MLS to enhance your sales; Present purchase offers to sellers.
  • Self driven and wants to help other people in order to help themselves.
  • Consistently network and market to prospect for new customers.
  • Seeks personal and professional development through the team's education and training platforms.
  • Follow-up with provided leads in a timely manner.
  • Work with buyers to identify their purchase criteria and show them homes that match their needs.
  • Build relationships with your clients that will lead to future referrals.

We are looking for applicants who meet the following criteria:

  • Valid Arizona Real Estate License or in school to get your license.
  • Have a great attitude and willingness to learn. 
  • Tenacity and perseverance. 
  • Desire to achieve high earnings of $100,000+.
  • Willing to follow a proven model for success.
  • Negotiating skills.
  • Ability to understand and present contracts.
  • Verbal and written communication skills, multi-tasking ability and creativity.
  • Outstanding customer service skills a must.
  • Goal oriented and willing to push hard to achieve results.
  • Sales experience helpful but not required.
  • Must have a valid Real Estate License.
About The Stonebraker Group

The Stonebraker Group is a top-producing team within My Home Group, the fastest growing brokerage in Arizona, servicing the Prescott quad-cities area and surrounding communities and we are looking to expand! We are dedicated to providing exceptional, personalized service for all of our clients. We take great pride in the relationships we build and work relentlessly on the client's behalf to help them achieve their real estate goals.

We always strive to lead the field in research, innovation and consumer education. Today's buyers and sellers need a trusted resource that can guide them through the complex world of real estate. With knowledge and commitment, The Stonebraker Group is the go-to source for real estate industry insight and advice.

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