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Jason Daniels & Associates at RE/MAX Millennium
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Jason Daniels & Associates at RE/MAX Millennium

Are you thinking of a career in REAL ESTATE? You'll want to read to the end...I promise it will be worth it. We are doing something different...just keep reading, but first the cold, hard truth...

Here's the deal, Real Estate is HARD, folks, really hard. That's why 20% of Real Estate Agents are selling 90% of the real estate. That's also why 80-90% of people who get their license are out of the business within 2 years. YIKES!

It isn't like TV. People don't just come begging for you to sell their homes. Sorry. AND the average real estate agent is making PEANUTS...seriously less than my teenage son makes working fast food. (Even though HGTV makes it seem sooo glamorous, easy, and quick money...not true. HINT: Don't believe everything you see on TV...we tell our kids that all.the.time. YET, reality shows makes it look so good.)

The other hard truth is that in order to get into real estate either on your own OR on MOST teams, you have to have 3-6 MONTHS or LONGER of savings because Real Estate is commissioned based and most people won't see their first closing for 3-6 Months AT LEAST if at all. The other hard truth is that in real estate, you are on the phone A LOT! AND Real Estate is sales.sales.sales.

It is a sales job, folks. In case you didn't know. (I didn't...until I did.)

Real estate is not 9-5. It is 24/7. Real Estate agents work A TON of hours and it is hard work!


We are doing something different than the rest of the industry...

We are Jason Daniels & Associates at RE/MAX Millennium. We are in the top 1% selling teams in Colorado and have been for a number of years. We've got longevity in this industry. What that means is that the agents on our team sell a lot and make a lot.

We are hiring real estate agents for our team. Don't have a license, yet? No worries, our interview process is long, but you will need to get one before we bring you on for our "paid working interview" which is the very last part of the process.

I would say we are like family, but after my last family vacation and refereeing my kids fighting in the car, I would say we are more like a healthy group of adults that care about each other and don't scratch faces (like my kids). We really do have a great group of people on the team. Everyone gets along, genuinely. We eat, sleep, and drink our core values.

THIS IS FULL-TIME. We don't hire any part time workers for this position. Once you've transitioned into an agent, you will work nights and weekends. That's real estate.

  • We PAY A WAGE of $2,500/month for the first two months--we affectionately call "boot camp" ...conditions apply...YOU MUST HAVE YOUR LICENSE BEFORE YOU START THIS PORTION...we don't pay for classes or licensing.
  • We cover desk fees, office fees, and several other fees.
  • We have unparalleled training (and we don't charge you for it...we pay you for it...WHAT???? Yep, you heard that right.)
  • We have plenty of good leads coming in regularly. Our agents stay busy selling.
  • We have incredible administrative staff.
  • We work a LOT by referrals
  • Yet, we still have an incredible online presence. We are on top of the technology wave!
  • AND We have an unlimited supply of Dr. Pepper and Cookies. WHAT??? Need I say more? But I will...
  • AND We have Pikes Peak Views.
  • Most of our agents make well over $50,000 their first year...and even more in subsequent years!
  • It is possible to achieve a six figure income within a couple years for high achievers!
  • As a growing team and company, we are looking for leaders. We have a clear career path for those looking to grow.
  • After the first 60 days, this transitions into straight commission.

NOTE: Our interview process is LONG. We are not the kind of real estate team that will take anyone who has a real estate license, can breath, and likes pizza. If you want quick and easy--like a microwave dinner--anywhere else would be a better fit for you. If you want a supportive, welcoming environment with hard working team players, we are for you--like a fine dinner where the restaurant has table cloths (that's what my kids have determined makes a "super nice" restaurant). We get that our team isn't a great fit for everyone and not everyone is a great fit for our team. BUT for those who ARE a great fit, we make your place in real estate AMAZING and we want to be your peeps.


We are looking for GREAT people who are FANTASTIC at sales, (don't scratch--like my kids on long car trips), are kind, work hard, and are team players--seriously.

We want people who want to succeed. We want to help you succeed! We don't want you to be a statistic!

The first two months (must have your license before you start), you do some training and start on the phone and WE PAY YOU FOR THIS! (Not normal for this industry.) We want to see how you do converting leads to actual clients. If you can't convert leads to clients, you won't make it as an agent. Yes, we do this for everyone...even those who already have been in the biz awhile. It is hard and emotionally challenging, but if you can get through this boot camp, you will do GREAT! Then, we transition you into an agent role (at this point you go to 100% commission and the sky is the limit.)

As an agent, you:

  • Work with Clients
  • Make calls regularly
  • Take calls regularly
  • Show houses
  • Hold open houses
  • Write and negotiate contracts
  • Prospect, prospect, prospect.
  • Work nights and weekends--long hours. It is real estate.
  • Etc, Etc. Etc. (And everything else that they DON'T show on HGTV--the list is much longer.)

Don't worry, we don't just throw you to the wolves, we hold your hand along the way!

  • MUST have proven business development experience in sales.
  • Must be new to real estate or have less than two years experience in real estate.
  • Must LOVE people. Seriously. If you prefer paper to people--real estate is not the place for you.
  • Must be a go-getter and self sloths, please.
  • Cannot have been in the business more than two years.
  • Not licensed? That's OK. But, you will be required to get a Colorado Real Estate License before you begin our "boot camp" aka "paid working interview" aka "60 day probationary period."
  • Must have prior sales experience
  • Must be a nice person that loves to laugh and isn't afraid to be goofy--our team loves to have a good time.
About Jason Daniels & Associates at RE/MAX Millennium

Jason Daniels & Associates at RE/MAX Millennium is committed to serving the beautiful people of Colorado. Jason has been in real estate since 2003. He began building a team in 2009. Our team is dedicated to providing the very best service from the beginning of the home buying experience to closing day and beyond. We are in the top 1% real estate teams in the United States. We are also members of the Elite 25 and Peak Producers in Colorado Springs.

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