Real Estate General Operations Manager
Ohio Cash Buyers
Springboro, OH US
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Ohio Cash Buyers

We need an AMAZING Real Estate Office General Manager.....and we need one QUICKLY! But ONLY the right one…the PERFECT FIT. 

How is this for honesty and transparency: we are a high-volume Real Estate Company that is STRUGGLING to even begin to keep up with sales and client demand. We turn down 80% of our expansion and growth opportunities strictly because we can't systematize and build processes, teams, people, accountability, etc fast enough! We are presently buying and selling 17-20 properties each month. It should be DOUBLE that easily with the network and resources we have. The CEO is a leader in this space and has the vision, ability, and knowledge to easily see 50% YOY growth with the right person in this GM seat. We’ve hired COOs in the past but….they were too high level and not willing to get their hands dirty. They didn’t want to move fast enough and make fast/quality decisions to make things happen and get things done! You have to have a knack for finding a solution fast and ensuring it’s the RIGHT solution, not just the “right now” solution. 

See, the real estate market and economy do NOT care about our systems problems, our excuses, our issues, our lack of a quality GM. The economy will move FAST without us and the only way to keep up with this ever-changing environment is to have a team full of absolute A+ players being led by a lead A+ General Manager! 

So what's the culture and team like? We're a small team of 14 and growing! My wife works here, my sister-in-law works here, my mom works here and is our silly crazy office mom, my best friend Tony is our sales manager……get the idea?? I have NO desire to be some huge corporate boring stuffy business. We do things our way, we answer to no one, and we focus more on how well our team does, and how well we serve clients and vendors versus some arbitrary number on a spreadsheet.

Along with our intense, but the relaxed casual vibe, we’re very informal. You can wear whatever you want and there are NO office politics allowed here. Shorts and a T-shirt are normal. Sometimes, we will dress up a bit for a client, but that's a very rare thing. Some of our folks love to dress up (especially the sales dept) but that's entirely up to you :)

This is $75-100K+ per year based on experience and hitting/exceeding performance metrics. You'll have a starting base salary of $45-60K DOE to prove yourself and prove you can do the job and the rest of your total salary package plus benefits will be quarterly performance bonuses. If you're not exceeding $100K+ after the first year, YOU have failed....not us. Look, I'll be blunt. I don't care how much we pay you after you've proven yourself. Can you justify a $20K raise after 6mo of kicking butt? FINE, it's YOURS! Want to set a goal so outlandish that you can easily justify a $40K Christmas bonus next year? Awesome, prove it! This is a forever career with a base salary, profit share, performance bonuses, and many other investment perks (being part of our deals, etc). Give us 8-10yrs of amazing work together, and you'll easily be in a position to retire if you WANT to retire. It's 100% up to YOU, the opportunity is here. Want to join several of our team members in buying rental properties to build retirement wealth and cashflow? Rock on, we most definitely want you to be part of that!

I could keep rambling and go into a dozen more things about us, this role, your future and how amazing it will be, etc... Instead, send me a detailed cover letter and a resume. Tell me WHY you're the person I simply have to hire, and WHAT you can offer us that will lead this team to massive success. We're looking for only the best. What experience do you have in life and business that will allow you to take us from where we are, to where we want to go?

This is 50-55+ hours weekly, especially during the growth phases for the first 12mo. If you have other life commitments that make this a problem, please, do not apply. The salary range is 30% above average in our region for a good reason! There are late nights, emails from home to keep the team on track, weekend emails, etc. Office hours are 830a-6p, but we work WHENEVER it takes to achieve our goals while still respecting family time and balance.

If you know the book Traction at all, you'll realize this is the Visionary and Integrator relationship. Read a few notes (Google) on this before replying so you understand. YOU are the Integrator and expected to fulfill the roles and duties of a true Integrator.

If you’re looking for a job, this isn’t for you. If you’re looking to truly challenge yourself and be rewarded in a major way for it, this is an opportunity you should not read and pass by. I sincerely hope you're the ONE we're seeking, and we look forward to having you join our crazy team!


You need to understand one core philosophy before you apply here. You can create all the systems in the world that you want, but if those systems and processes are not being operated by AMAZING, intelligent, perceptive, intuitive people, the team will still fail. You’ll hear me rant about it often. We don’t need more systems…we need intelligent people to do the job correctly and take leadership of their role. Just like any business in the world, it’s all about the team and the people behind those systems performing as an A+ leader should.   

As the Visionary, the CEO, the leader, the business layout/plans/strategies person... I have NO ability or desire to be that manager. None at all. And it is absolutely NOT my job. You’ll hear me be very clear on that. I don't have the mindset or the desire to track minute details every day. You have to absolutely LOVE all of the things I don't do so that we create one unified leadership team together to propel this business forward in a huge way. 

We will work side by side to lead this team and grow our expansion efforts into four new markets, and to do so, we have to be a 100% unified cohesive leadership team. You have to bring me new ideas, new solutions, and you will know our goals here from day one. The only person who will make it in this role and actually earn 6 figures is someone that LOVES people, loves leading, loves coaching and helping, loves training, and loves bringing out the best in every single employee here to help us hit our collective company goals. Seriously…50% YOY growth is easy for us with a strong leader.


See all of those things above? Yeah...those are your issues to solve, quickly, expertly, and in a permanent way (no band-aid fixes) so that they don't crop up again. Thus, we can move on, expand, ramp up, increase sales, etc. There are 100 problems to solve, and they all need someone SMART, intuitive, dedicated, passionate, etc.

You must be able to lead a team, get people to buy into your methods and styles, rally people around a cause, etc. You are very much a "fixer" just as much as a "team-builder." Remember...we're a small company. We do not have an HR department. That's your job! Hiring, retaining, incentivizing, training, and plugging GREAT people into our systems and teams is 100% your job. If you’re not good at hiring, firing, promoting, helping, and training….how will we ever have A+ Superstars in every role?

If you DO have that ability, you will quickly make yourself invaluable and have a permanent career here as we continue to grow. We run a Real Estate company that thrives in both the GOOD and the BAD times. Doesn't matter to us at all what the market does. There is most definitely a recession coming right now, and when it happens…we will do EVEN BETTER in our company. Just like we did during the last 2008-2015 recession, we had record-breaking months every month.

Construction, real estate, some other experience as a manager or COO in a directly related field is all but required unless you can prove you’re somehow a GM Savant and can do what we need without the experience. Again, being totally honest, without some level of experience and knowledge in construction and real estate, you'll forever just be treading water at best, and we'll both get frustrated at the lack of progress fairly quickly.

You will report only to myself (CEO) and no one else. There's no real "hierarchy" here at all. The BEST idea wins, every single time with zero egos to get in the way of progress. We're a small company, which means there's no glass ceiling here.

We ONLY want someone with a freaking amazing upbeat happy personality and we're not willing to accept anything less. We have a FUN office culture and we intend to keep it that way. We joke we yell, we celebrate, we have cake on Bdays, we do lunch as a team sometimes, we go to VIP Bowling and Top Golf parties, and we truly enjoy the people we work with or we get rid of them! Afraid of a curse word?? Wrong office for you! It’s very much your job to follow through on the CEO’s vision for a FUN and wildly successful company and ensure every single thing you do lends itself to that same vision. From hiring and firing to recognizing staff, delegating, expansion methods and territories, etc…all of it has to be with fun and success in mind. I’m never willing to grow to the point where we lose our fun vibe.

The owner (me) is sometimes crazy and definitely a perfectionist....but I have a true passion for seeing our people succeed and our clients build wealth and retire early. We practice what we preach. We have more potential than all but a select few investors in the entire USA....but potential without output and performance is a WASTE. And we are TRULY wasting it right now.

Meetings are intense, dropped balls are not easily excused, if you can handle a VERY intense personality and work side by side with them, Please apply. I’m telling you upfront that I do not do this for the money. I retired 5yrs ago, actually. I do this for the passion, for the sport, for being the best I can be, to fulfill my own goals in life in ways that are well beyond money, and to see our team do so well that they can enjoy some version of the same life.

I see our potential, and when I see it being wasted, I express it. I realize that's not everyone's style, so I'm telling you now. :) I care about our team, and I want to see us all succeed wildly together. Anything less isn't really worth it to me - life is just too short!

$45,000 $100,000 at plan+ bonuses
About Ohio Cash Buyers

We’re a small team of 13 here and we’re growing every day. We buy properties in all of Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, NKY and we’ll be expanding to a few other markets soon. We’ve been in business for 18 years and have bought and sold over 2,000 properties! 

We are huge on team culture, helping each other, having fun, going to VIP bowling parties, Top Golf, and making work fun. If you feel like you’d be an amazing fit for our team and know you can crush it here…you know what to do!

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