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Ohio Cash Buyers LLC
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Ohio Cash Buyers LLC

We're looking for a truly amazing and highly-skilled Admin to join our Real Estate Investment team here in Springboro. Please read this ad thoroughly as I want it to resonate with you deeply to where you KNOW you've found the right company for you, or to know this definitely isn't for you!

We have an amazing team of 13 people here and we're growing rapidly to expand into 4 new markets. We'll be hiring 5-6 more team members to handle that growth, and that's where you come in :) Your role is a SUPER important role and is vital to our success. And while being highly skilled is important and we need amazing talented people, trust and integrity and fitting our culture is paramount and not something we would ever sacrifice on.

So what do we really do and what will you be a part of? Our company buys 20-25 properties every month and we expect to be at 40+ by the end of the year with these new markets. That means our job is really customer service to the highest level. We work with dozens of clients every month and ensuring we create win/win scenarios for them to LOVE our team and our service, while also creating a win for our team, is what it's all about. You will work with an entire host of people. Homeowners, Title Companies, Lenders, Realtors, Vendors, Supply stores, Insurance agents, Utility companies, Handymen and Constructions trades, and many more. These are people's moms, dads, brothers, sisters, daughters, etc...and we care about how you represent us and how you interact!

Put very simply, real estate is chaotic. No two days are the same and you absolutely must thrive in chaos and be able to organize and stay on track. No two properties are ever the same. If you are looking for a job that is consistent and the same every single day and has well laid out procedures - this is definitely not that job. If it were that simple we would build a robot to do it! You are paid and rewarded well here based on making a real difference in our clients' and team members' lives. If this is just another job for you instead of you looking to join a family that will be better and thrive and grow because of your contributions, again, this will not be the right fit for you.

Real estate (Properties) just happens to be the vehicle we invest in, but it is the service we provide and the value we add to our clients that is our actual focus and job. While we love real estate, we love helping others more and we feel lucky every single day that we get to marry the two together and actually make money doing what we love. We are looking for quality people that embody this same spirit and mentality!

We need versatile people who can learn almost anything quickly. There will certainly come a time where we have someone out due to sickness or we promote them to another role and we will need you to fill in their role which will involve learning something you haven't done before very quickly. Not only is this important in the ever-changing real estate climate, but it is vital in our office. And don't worry, you will have more than enough room to prove yourself and advance and move up here. Most of our best long-term 3-7 year employees have been promoted to different roles 2-3x before they found their perfect long-term fit that makes them SHINE. If you have special talents and you prove them with consistency and dedication across time, we will absolutely recognize them and reward those talents every step of the way.

We are very much a sales office, so your title will be Executive Admin, but in many ways, you can plan on this really being sales support. The sales team is the lifeblood of the organization, and if they aren't busy doing sales 100% of the time, we aren't going to be successful. They rely on you to handle the "operations" side of the business and to make them look good by fulfilling all of the promises we make to our clients, every time. As you can see from our online feedback, our clients LOVE us when we do a great job and often leave glowing 5-Star reviews and, condensed into a nutshell, that is our ENTIRE job. Those 30 small words in a review speaks volumes about how we perform as a company, and SO much of that responsibility is on you.

We can help and coach and train on some things. We do not expect you to know everything day one! But we can’t teach persistence, tenacity, accuracy, values and morals, culture, common sense, drive, striving to be better, etc. We can be patient with learning curves. But the things we are looking for cannot be taught. We need a stable, honest and genuine individual that is smart and tenacious and always does the right thing. We seek someone who will make sound decisions based on the needs and care for the business. Someone who wants to make things right the first time, not because it is expected from them and is in their job responsibilities, but because it is who they are as a person. How you do anything is how you do everything. We do not believe in cutting corners to save a buck here. Our reputation comes first. This is truly a small family and friends type of office. I'm the CEO, but my 2 best friends Heather and Tony work here. My brother Dan works here. My mom stops by often with cookies and she's our team mascot. My good buddy of 4 years Jason is in our sales department. Heather's good friend Bailey works here. Tony brought his friend Dave on in the rehab department....see what I mean?

What's the atmosphere like? How about...happily frenetic! Maybe that's it. It's fast-paced, you're going on 30% of the info and need to use context clues, intuition, and intelligence to figure things out, all while the entire team is supporting you. We're all here to help, but we're also all so busy (hence this hiring ad!) that you definitely need to be a motivated problem solver, quick-witted, and sharp.

There's a ton of room for growth. You'll either be a perfect fit here or you'll stick out like a sore thumb. If you are that perfect fit, I can promise you'll love your career here more than anywhere else you've been and will be well rewarded for it. The Base pay is just where it starts...we offer many other perks, bonuses, raises, profit sharing, etc for awesome people that make our lives better!

Pay and perks:

You'll have a starting Base salary of $48-55K DOE. From there, you'll earn bonuses, profit sharing for total team success, and other rewards for doing individual things (like negotiating a super good deal and saving us money) to achieve a total pay package of $65-75K your first year. We will give you more than enough opportunities to shine, advance, move up and prove yourself.

Hours: Our office is formally open 9a to 6p Monday through Friday. There are certainly some later nights, and certainly, some tasks to do after hours sometimes, or a weekend task, etc but we do not come into the office on weekend at all, ever. You'll need to have this flexibility in your life for this to be the right fit. Afterall, we have to perform for our clients when they need us to, and while this is 95% contained within the hours of 9-6, there are certainly times we have something important. We also high-five and cheer on the team via group chat all the time which takes literally 15 seconds. You'll need to be good with FB Chat as we use it heavily for our team. But again, if you have a consistent soccer practice at 6pm sharp and can't be late, this just won't be the right fit at all, unfortunately.

I could ramble on forever but it's time to end this super long job ad. We offer a ton of perks such as:

  • Healthcare reimbursement (and soon to be announced company healthcare)
  • 401K with match after 6mo
  • Bonuses, raises, rewards and a ton of small thank yous in various forms.
  • 6-12mo from now we plan to have 2 AirBNB properties in Nashville and Palm Beach, FL you can vacation to FREE every year!
  • Paid sick days
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid holidays
  • Birthday parties, team lunches, and a ton of fun!

It's not all sunshine and rainbows. There are definitely stressful days. Tough days. Days you'll feel defeated and overwhelmed. Do you come back fresh the next day and thrive in doing BETTER, or do you give up? This is something you really have to ask yourself, and be serious when you do.

I'll end by saying this....I've poured out my heart into a job ad, because I care about our team and our clients and seeing them all achieve success far than I care about my own success. I retired 6 years ago at age 35 for a whopping 3 months. I was instantly bored, missed this business, and jumped right back into business 3 mo later! I'm almost 42 now, and my passion and intensity are still 100% every day. Some folks love this, some people are delicate. Every single day I'm consistent, passionate, fast-paced as heck, and honest/transparent. I do have HFA which makes me more blunt than most. I consider it a good trait as you know you're getting honesty. Some people don't like honesty. I care far more about my best friend Tony getting to go on his annual vacation with his family than I do about making more money. But....the vacations come only from abundant success. We solve every problem here, including hiring more talent like yourself, with ABUNDANT success. I do not believe in failure or in our team not giving 110% effort.

Our Core Values all speak to this fact above, and we truly live by them.


So now, enough about the team and culture and who we're looking for in the perfect hire....let's get on to what you'll do all day, what skills are needed, etc. The list of tasks will vary every day, but some things will be consistent. And I won't even try to list them all as it would be exhausting to do. But here are a few examples:

  • Learning and MANAGING all of our systems within our CRM, Dropbox, MS Office, Google Suite, Adobe, and more. Being tech-inclined is 100% required here. Learning other new tech and systems to help organize our office and streamline our processes. We need and count on YOU to help do this, not to wait on someone else to do it for you. If you don't have this leadership skill and quality...please stop reading :)
  • Learning and mastering our DSLR camera and taking a short 6-8hr course on camera software so you can learn to take high-quality before/after pictures of our properties.
  • Able to mentally handle large volumes of data and classify, manipulate within Excel or Google Sheets and track.
  • Able to get on the phone and call specific targets for information and achieve the result (which often means being persuasive!) It may be negotiating a lease, negotiating a new office, talking to a broker, getting us $50K in new insurance, buying a company vehicle, booking very detailed travel arrangements for team members, etc...detail and precision are vital!
  • Understand secrecy and privacy. Not only is your job here very private and restricted to the top management level folks on the team, but I always keep my personal life private as well. You must be a VAULT with information and respect and maintain that privacy. For example, you'll work with IRS, Tax Authorities, Workers Comp, BWC, and Payroll software.
  • Must understand that everything in our office is SALES. Every role, in some way! If you're in actual sales, you're negotiating prices on homes. If you're our transaction coordinator, you're seeking to maximize the sales price of a home while saving money on fees with our title company. If you're in our marketing department, you're negotiating in bulk on our direct mail and other marketing channels. If you're in the rehab department, you're negotiating with contractors, material suppliers, etc. So if you hate to haggle and it makes you uncomfortable in ANY way, this will NOT be a good fit. It will be required and will be frequent. And the better you do, the more you'll shine here and bonuses are a commonplace thing for your efforts and skills! Seeking out the best deal on everything and saving money is how we save tens of thousands every year! And that doesn't always mean the lowest price at means the best value for what we want. You'll negotiate shipping, insurance, vehicle insurance, supplies and materials for marketing, cards, data providers, copiers, etc.
  • Booking travel, flights, cars, AirBNBs, etc for our executives…again, with certain allergies, issues, and health problems to take into account on each one.
  • Finding the RIGHT doctors and specialists for detailed medical procedures. This means, being very good at research and not just calling to schedule an appointment. It may require digging into FB threads, joining groups, etc for 20 hours before you have the right answers!
  • Check USPS, bank runs, deliver Realtor signs at our properties
  • Monitor inventory and keep supplies ordered and stocked
  • Maintain vehicle maintenance logs for fleet, get oil changed, fuel vehicles
  • An extreme eye for detail and perfectionist tendencies in the work you turn in, checking other team members work, and ensuring everything we do is done to the best of our ability.
  • You'll be in charge of placing ads, hiring, and monitoring field canvassers. Don't worry, we'll train and it's easy, but you have to be sharp to monitor and track people to ensure we're getting the results we expect.
  • Literally 30-50 other low, medium, and high-level tasks of all varieties!


I'll stop now. I could type 10 more paragraphs. I realize I didn't even get to the real qualifications and skills. You preferred but not required, 65WPM or more, punctuality, penmanship, LOVING organization and detail, time management skills, interpersonal skills, exceptional written and verbal communication, etc. You know these things, they are what make an amazing Admin amazing, so I'll skip the long list :)

If you've read ALL of this and you know for sure this is the career you see yourself loving with a team you want to join, tell me WHY in a cover letter and send me a great resume! Why is this the job for you? Out of 150+ applicants that we'll receive...why do I need to interview you immediately? Be as creative and thorough as you can as we use this as first line of defense to avoid wasting time reviewing 150 resumes! As the ad says above, we're too busy for that lol. Better yet, my name is Bryan, I'm the CEO, and I'm not hard to find online. If you want to move straight to the top of the pile....find me online, on FB, by email, whatever.....and reach out! Say hello, and do your convincing there. In many ways, that extra effort is exactly what will mean the difference between you excelling here and failing out entirely.

Thanks for taking the time to read this truly LONG job ad, and I hope you're the one we've been seeking :)

$65,000 - $75,000 yearly
About Ohio Cash Buyers LLC

Ohio Cash Buyers LLC is the leading distressed Homebuyer in all of Ohio. We work with an amazing team in the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus markets, and we're currently expanding our home buying efforts into 4 new markets.

Our office is a small friends and family environment of 13 people. My best friend Tony works here, my best friend Heather is my PA, my good friend Ben is our in-house legal counsel, my SIL works here in PM, my wife is our AR/AP, and my brother Dan is one of our top sales reps, etc. The ones that aren't already friends and family...we adopt! It's just like that here. Life is too short to hate what you do or hate who you do it with!

We've been in business for 18 years now and it's our goal to buy 250+ homes every single year. We're the winner of the 2020 BBB Torch Award and have endless amounts of client reviews and testimonials who all sing our praises.

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