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Are you looking for a fast-paced new career in 2021 with a ton of opportunities to grow with our Real Estate Investment Team? If you make it through this LONG job ad, that tells me why you are the PERFECT fit, and why we should choose YOU. 

Our company is now hiring a full-time Experienced Property Manager for Single Family and Multi-Family homes! We manage approximately 92 units, primarily consisting of Single Family homes along with a few small 4-24 unit apartment buildings. You will be THE lead property manager with some VA assistants to help on the side. Once we cross the 150 unit mark, we'll add on another full-time assistant to help you.

We are a RE Investment and Turnkey Rental Company that sells local Ohio rental property to clients in all different states and countries and then manages the property for them.

We are coming up on a HUGE growth phase in the next 90-120 days as we onboard many new clients and sales channels, and thus we are hiring for a new lead Property Manager. We have about 92 units and growing! You'll be solely responsible for not only managing the existing growing book of business but also for all new incoming inventory. Leasing, management, accounting, ledgers, client and customer service contact, liaising with our team, the client, the full-time handymen for repairs, etc. It sounds like a lot, but at only 92 units, if you're efficient, it's not too much at all with our software and systems. We use RentManager so if you have experience with it, all the better! Even if not, if you've used Appfolio, Buildium, Propertyware, etc...they're all about the same once you get familiar with it.

As we grow, you will have an admin placed underneath you to help assist with duties. For now, one of our other current full-time admins will be available to help you part-time depending on need. We also employ the services of 3 full-time Virtual Admins (VAs) who can make outbound phone calls and receive incoming phone calls, fill out work orders, email handymen for maintenance needs, and many other tasks. However, again, you are still responsible for ALL aspects of Property Management.

This is not a regular 9-5 position. It fills time 45-50+ hour per week job. There will be things that pop up on the weekends such as showings to get a unit leased ASAP! This is a position that has the mindset of "do whatever it takes," to get the job done while respecting our own work/life balance. We are a drama free environment, and SUPER family-oriented. We work as a strong team where everyone has each other's backs, and we only want folks that have this same mindset.  

If you want a position that you can build into a long-term career with a salary that grows with it, then you need to keep reading this ad. As stated above, this is not a 9-5 pm job only, but the normal working hours are 9-6 pm. YOU will have to work outside of these hours.

We are looking for the RIGHT fit. We have crazy days, fun days, challenging days, stressful days sometimes, etc.... but we have a great time because we're ONE team with one focus. The benefit of working for a small office environment is that we grow together and succeed together as ONE. We only have 13 folks in one building including our agents and brokers, so there's no room for drama, hassles, gossip, etc.

The owner/CEO is definitely a perfectionist and is looking for someone that's very much the same for this role. You are dealing with large amounts of money, tenants lives', and our clients ' as well as our own personal investments. Every day you are representing the Company and the owner of the company. You MUST be an accurate, detailed, perfectionist, who is responsible and always looking to serve our clients, our tenants, and our team! There is no wiggle room in this perfection! As stated before, you are representing the company and the owner of the company.

We are 100% transparent, authentic, honest, and full of integrity. We require the same from everyone else we work with. We hire people based on character and those who fit our environment and want to join a crazy team like ours. With working in a small office environment, you MUST be willing to wear multiple hats and pitch in where needed. We are, again, ONE team and help each other out for the success of ALL. That is just who we are:)

So what are we looking for, what are the responsibilities, perks, negatives, etc?

Our office is small and informal. Very comfortable and easy to fit in. We wear whatever we want whenever we want. I normally wear jeans and a t-shirt. Others wear athletic gear, and others dress up every single day. Whatever you like, wear it as long as you're presentable to clients and tenants.

We offer paid holidays, paid vacation, as well as 3 annual paid personal and sick days. These will be discussed at the interview or upon the hiring offer, but some kick in after 6 months. We offer 1 week paid vacation at 1yr, but for awesome people, we often bend rules. If we work a late night, we will often make it up somewhere (long lunch, come in late one day, off early on a Friday, etc). We do our best. You can also join us on property investment and if you're looking to retire in 10yrs and want to build a rental property portfolio, we can show you how to do so!


What do we need in someone we hire?

  • Email, fax, Docusign, FB for team chat, etc. Must know MS Office. Word, Excel. Type 55WPM+. Will train on Podio and other CRM software
  • This job is an in-person job FULLY. We are not hiring anyone that is remote. Our clients need to be able to put a name to a face and be able to meet you if needed
  • MUST know how to use/has worked with in the past a property management software. If you have not used RentManager before it will be SUPER easy to learn. RentManager is very similar to Yardi, and Appfolio
  • Previous experience as a property manager for single-family homes is REQUIRED.  It's a LOT more driving between homes and different practices than someone who has only managed a commercial apartment complex all in one place. Luxury apartment rental is much easier than managing 100 units spread 30mi apart!
  • About that driving thing, plan on 150+ miles per week minimum, often much more. We have a company car you'll use so you'll need a reasonably decent driving record to be added to our insurance
  • Excellent customer service skills. If a tenant is late on their rent, or you are talking with a client that is worth $50MM, you must always represent the company well and represent the company in the SAME way the owner would. Even though you are not in sales, every job within our company has some sales aspect to it. Selling the client on the great job we do so they buy more properties. Selling the tenant on why they should rent from us and how we take better care of our properties, etc. Every job involves some aspect of "sales" which simply means very good verbal and written communication. Your main job is to keep tenants happy long term, at the highest reasonable rent, and avoid turnover
  • All properties are leased within 3-7 days of posting typically with at least 3-5 backup/overflow applicants for each home/unit. You not only need to understand this speed and work at this frequency but need to know how to shuffle the overflow to other listings. If it takes 14 days to lease ANY home of ours, you've failed somewhere in the process. If you are having trouble leasing a unit, you need to figure out WHY, and how to remedy the problem FAST before the 3-7 deadline even hits. The pics, the description, the info, the marketing, the rent price you set......something. You'll use our CRM syndication tool to post to FB Marketplace, Houzz, Trulia, Zillow, Rently, Lovely, and many others. Between those 15 resources, every property leases up very very quickly as long as you're doing a great job with pics and description, follow-ups, calls, emails, showings, etc


  • You'll need to know how to use incentives and have the authority to do so, how to make things happen with tenants when showing them (getting them to lease), and how to keep them happy once they are there. We have someone on our team do 2x monthly drive-by property inspections to see how they are maintaining the home so you'll always know what's happening with the property. We provide these to clients every month as well so they know. They are in France, Ireland, Israel, GA, FL, CA, and all throughout the world..... this helps keep their mind at ease
  • You'll need to know how to send work orders to crews, follow up, get invoices to our AR/AP dept, keep ledgers for client expenses, collect past due balances, post-eviction notices, liaise with our eviction attorney, screen tenants with our software, get VERY good at avoiding tire kickers or time wasters on the phone so you don't time driving to a property for a showing and the prospect doesn't even show
  • Must be all the normal stuff: detailed, highly organized, focused, have the ability to build rapport, punctual, stable, very few missed days of work in past, and not be a job hopper. We're crazy people at a crazy awesome job that will only grow and grow across the months/years. We're definitely more demanding and perfectionist than your last employer, so this one won't be any easier for you. This is only a fit for someone who wants rewarded long term for kicking MAJOR butt and growing with our team, our core vision, and our company philosophy

As I said above, we're looking for good people who want to join our team and be with us for a very long time. Being a small team, it's not hard to grow and increase your pay with a proven track record of learning, leasing, and creating efficient operations within your department. As this continues to grow, you'll be in charge of additional assistants as we add them on. There is a ton of room for advancement and growth within our company!

Salary starts at $45,000 - $50,000 base, plus bonuses. You should easily make $70,000 - $75,000+ with lease-up and renewal bonuses, and that will grow even more as our company grows and you manage an assistant, add 50 more units, etc.

You really need to live within 20 miles of Springboro, OH. Many of our properties are Dayton and Cinci and if you live all the way deep down in Cinci and we have a rush showing in north Dayton, there's no time. So you need to live within 15-20 miles or closer to Springboro, OH.

Please upload a resume and cover letter. We have hundreds of applicants to go through, so STAND out. Tell me why you are the one that I need to call ABOVE everyone else. Why are you the perfect fit, why do you want to join this team? I truly hope you're the one we're looking for and look forward to meeting you!

**PLEASE be sure to include a COVER LETTER or your application will NOT be considered!**

$45,000 - $50,000 Annually
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