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Anytime Fitness Los Lunas

Do you want to work? Neither do we, But we have bills and a general need to generate money, so here we are. Do you also have bills and need money? This is a job that will pay you money, and we’re pretty great to work with so why not get your money from us?

We are seeking someone who wants to make money in exchange for working in what we believe could be the best experience you’ll ever have in your entire life. It really shouldn’t be, but there’s a statistical possibility that it might be. We are seeking someone who is enthusiastically dedicated to helping our members have the best experience possible at our gym and to help them make the most of their efforts to improve their health and fitness and reach their goals and ideal bodies.

You’ll also be responsible for prospecting new members through telemarketing, cold calls, walk-ins, member referrals, magic 8 balls, telepathy, smoke signals, and other legitimate and not strange methods. To be most successful in this position, you’ll need to either become familiar with or (our preference) already be familiar with our services, products, wellness programs, and general exercise equipment. If you’re not familiar with these, we will happily train you, which includes one solid day of the entire staff and any members present gathering around you and staring at you while you read user manuals, technical specifications, and ingredient lists until you feel comfortable and knowledgeable. It’s not intimidating at all! Working as part of our team, you’ll enjoy this and other team-building activities such as Top Golf, Escape Rooms, and Paintball.

To thrive in this position, you’ll also benefit most from a year of previous experience in a sales/customer service role. Patience, intuition, ambition, and people skills will contribute to your performance. When we say performance, we don’t really care if you can sing or dance so please don’t prepare any musical/dance performances for the interview... unless it’s Mama Mia! If it’s Mama Mia! you’re a shew-in for this position (and regionals).

  • Decrease the chance of injury by teaching clients appropriate techniques for all exercises, especially for specialized equipment
  • Track and adjust client progress and make changes to fitness plans accordingly
  • Ensure all workout programs are appropriate for each client by doing individualized fitness evaluations
  • Hold yourself and your clients to the highest standards of conduct and safety
  • Create personalized workout routines to help clients accomplish their fitness objectives while remaining within their present physical capability

  • Manage All 6 Week Challenger Statuses using the Google shared tracking files
  • Reach out to Current Challenge members weekly via front - note: if someone is non-responsive within 48 hours you start reaching out to them like they are a long-lost relative that you Must speak to. The longer someone is MIA the more likely it is for them to fall off
  • Reach out and re-engage current challengers that have been MIA and non-responsive to the support team for two weeks or more
  • Execute AF Training programming plans as prescribed while providing proper regressions and progressions based on PT's acumen
  • Attend all daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly meetings/calls
  • Answer all member questions in-person and through web/app services
  • Conduct check-ins for all members via web/app services
  • Conduct Member Onboarding Sessions
  • Conduct Nutrition Assessments
  • Conduct Nutrition followups via 28 Day program
  • Schedule members/prospects for various services as appropriate
  • Remain current on certifications
  • Remain current on AF education/training
  • Keep track of members who become disengaged and re-engage them
  • Execute All Training sessions; Invite non-clients to take advantage of empty or canceled sessions
  • Clean and tidy gym floor
  • Clean and tidy offices/rooms
  • Remain active and fit

  • This role requires a strong emphasis on putting the guest first and providing exceptional customer service
  • Educational requirements include a high school diploma or equivalent GED certification
  • Must possess a current certification as a fitness instructor or personal trainer
  • Outstanding time management and organizational skills
  • Must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills with clients and coworkers

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must have a high school diploma or GED
  • Must hold an active NCCA-accredited certification in Personal Training: ACE, ACSM, ISSA, IFPA, NASM, NESTA, NFPT, NSCA, and Cooper Institute
  • Must have current, valid CPR and First Aid certifications
  • Must have excellent verbal and written skills
  • Must be technologically competent with web services, Microsoft Office services, Google services, and cellular phone applications
  • Must be able to deliver high-quality customer service in lieu of personal life
  • Ability to work with all demographics of clients
  • Ability to assess client’s movement patterns and adjust through progression or regression based on need
  • Ability to evaluate basic kinetic chain imbalances and prescribe an exercise prescription accordingly
  • Ability to sell personal training packages and memberships
  • Willingness to increase knowledge and experience through obtaining new certifications, attending workshops and fitness events, and reading the latest research

$20-30 per hour average including commissions
About Anytime Fitness Los Lunas

At Anytime Fitness Los Lunas, we sell body transformations through certified programming involving fitness, nutrition, and accountability. We want to help transform as many people as possible and that starts with you getting them to commit to a better life and convincing them that they deserve it. If you love people then we love you! Come join our team and help us change lives together.

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