The Law Office of Terri Herron
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The Law Office of Terri Herron

Client Focused Tasks

  • Drafts pleadings, motions, agreements, and orders by customizing standard forms and/or using Form Builder.
  • Fills out legal forms.
  • Drafts letters and simple court documents.
  • Prepares contracts, simple wills, and powers of attorney by customizing standard forms.
  • Serves as the clients’ primary sources of contact by interacting with clients and building relationships with them by phone, email, and in-person
  • Communicates with clients with updates and gathers information
  • Provides more and better communication with clients
  • Strengthens the relationship between the client and the firm
  • Assures that the firm has the documentation necessary to best serve and understand the client’s needs
  • Schedules client calls and meetings.
  • Assures that the attorneys’ calendars are accurately maintained and organized in a logical and efficient manner
  • Interacts with the courts and administrative agencies regarding hearings, motions, and other appearances
  • Functions as the courts’ primary point of contact with the firm for all administrative and scheduling issues
  • Drafts send and/or e-files correspondence and basic pleadings.
  • Reviews invoices to clients.

Attorney Focused Tasks

  • Drafts legal correspondence.
  • Prepares discovery and responses to discovery demands.
  • Dockets and schedules events:
  • Adds ticklers/reminders to an attorney and firm calendars as necessary.
  • Schedules mediations, hearings, trials, meetings, as necessary with the court, opposing counsel, clients, staff and attorneys.
  • Helps the attorney prepare the client and the file for court and/or mediation.
  • Assists the attorney during hearings and trials.
  • Researches laws and judicial decisions about current as well as past cases.
  • Drafts memos for attorneys summarizing legal research on issues.
  • Reviews pending legislation.
  • Serve as witness or notary as necessary.
  • 10.Manages the attorneys’ email:
  • Retrieves and reviews mail for assigned attorneys;
  • Assures that copies are included in the firm’s client file (paper, electronic, or both);
  • Sends a PDF of the mail to the client (if applicable);
  • Notifies attorneys of email necessitating attorney attention along with appropriate time frames for action or response.
  • Manages the attorneys’ mail:
  • Reviews mail for assigned attorneys, and provides to or handle for an attorney;
  • Sends a PDF of the mail to the client (if applicable).

Manages the firm faxes:

  • Sends a PDF of the mail to the client (if applicable);
  • Notifies attorneys of faxes necessitating attorney attention along with appropriate time frames for action or response, or takes appropriate action upon attorney approval.
  • Drafts legal correspondence as directed by attorneys
  • Puts documents initially drafted by attorneys into final form, ready to be delivered to the court, clients, and co-counsel, and opposing counsel.
  • Drafts non-legal correspondence
  • Communicates with firm’s bankers, suppliers, landlords, and others
  • Coordinates call for the attorney with individual clients, conference calls, or other calls involving several parties
  • Organizes the attorneys’ files
  • Assures that the client file is organized and ready (including exhibits) in advance of court, mediation, or other outside attorney meetings.
  • Substitutes for Secretary as necessary.

Administrative Tasks

  • Assists Secretary in creating, updating, and managing client file and/or trial binder:
  • Prepares and maintains electronic client files or trial binders.
  • Prepares and maintains physical client files or trial binders.
  • Helps prepare client files or trial binders for court, including exhibits.
  • Scans and/or makes copies of documents
  • Creates and updates firm forms, templates, and checklists
  • Schedules conference room
  • Enters time, expenses, and billing data
  • Help give attention to and wrangle office cats as necessary

  • Conduct interviews with clients to gather information about their legal issues
  • Prepare legal documents, correspondence, and pleadings such as complaints, interrogatories, subpoenas, deposition notices, pretrial orders, legal briefs, and affidavits, under the supervision of a lawyer
  • Take care of administrative tasks such as answering phones and maintaining an organized filing system for all legal documents
  • Work with lawyers to prepare for trial by conducting research on legal articles, preparing and organizing exhibits, organizing and coordinating witnesses, filing motions, and assisting with client meetings
  • Coordinate law office activity, including the drafting subpoenas and coordinating with process servers

  • You should know how to draft petitions, orders, discovery and all the other documents involved in family law. We use FormBuilder and have our own templates, but you should be able to choose the right one and build the first draft.

  • 3 years of experience in legal services under an attorney or lawyer in a law firm setting
  • Excellent organizational skills, and time-management skills
  • Strong preference for candidates who have completed a paralegal professional certification or have an advanced paralegal education
  • ABA-approved paralegal certificate program such as an Associate’s degree or proprietary school program in paralegal studies, Bachelor’s degree desired
  • Must have strong interpersonal skills and talent for writing and grammar

  • You should know how to draft petitions, orders, discovery, and all the other documents involved in family law. We use FormBuilder and have our own templates, but you should be able to choose the right one and build the first draft.
  • Family law is messy, and there is often no right or best answer. Even gathering the information can be difficult. You will need to be creative, organized, and efficient to do your job well.
  • We all make mistakes, and we allow for that, but a penchant for accuracy and attention to detail are required to avoid mistakes that can cost clients dearly.
  • You will be working on many cases concurrently, over long periods of time. We expect you to keep track of key dates, keep the right people informed, and prioritize your time so that we never miss a deadline.
  • You should treat a case at 4:30 pm on Friday with the same care and compassion as one on Monday morning at 9 am.
  • Clients are dealing with massive stress and anxiety. You should be empathetic and help put them at ease.
  • We are looking for someone who can hit the ground running. We are not looking to train a paralegal, we want a paralegal who can train others.
  • We are a high-tech office, who use PCs. This should not scare you.

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