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Ohio Cash Buyers LLC
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Ohio Cash Buyers LLC

Are you tired of your BORING, unfulfilling, limited career and know in your have no real future there? No advancement, no room to grow, no incentive to PROVE yourself and show what you can do?

Are you looking for a true long-term career with a friends and family team and a culture that rewards genius, creativity, intelligence, leadership, loyalty, performance, HARD WORK, and has endless room for you to grow? Do you consider your team coworkers, or brothers and sisters?

Rather than just being a number...are you looking for a role where you can use your Superstar Admin/Organization/Management skills to have a HUGE impact on a small fast-growing 14-person real estate investment and construction team? Most importantly, would CRITICAL to the success of a small organization's massive expansion plans give you a huge sense of personal satisfaction, even beyond just the pay and recognition?

Are you looking for a career and an opportunity where your pay, perks, bonuses, and future is unlimited and is directly tied to your accomplishments and performance with no ceiling?

Are you a tech-savvy, forward-thinking, highly-organized, super detailed, semi-perfectionist who loves to work hard with a fun team and achieve extraordinary results?

If you can say YES to all of these statements above, then this is absolutely the Now Hiring ad you've been looking for!

We are a high-volume Real Estate Investment, Construction, and Realty company and we are one of the best and fastest-growing teams in our region! We currently serve the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus markets, and we're actively expanding our operations into Louisville, Lexington, and Indianapolis.

To do so, we need an Admin/Integrator that can help with that expansion.

We currently buy 20-25 properties every single month and, with our expansion, we're looking to be at 40 per month by January 2023. We will absolutely need your help to do that.

It won't be easy at all, but I'm 100% confident we can achieve it together.

As a high-level Admin here, you'll be in charge of big tasks and solving big problems. This is not entry-level, this is most definitely for someone who is smart and who can solve big problems. There are literally over 100 moving parts in Real Estate just to buy and sell a single house. It's chaotic at times for sure. We aren't even achieving 1/2 of our real potential right now which means...there's a ton of room for you to come in, lead our growth as part of our core team, manage the people, systems, and details, find permanent solutions to big problems (no bandaids here!) and implement systems, tech, organization, and other skills/solutions that will truly impact the team, our clients and customers, and our bottom line.

The position is "Advanced Admin", but it can also be best described as Integrator. Like the Gino Wickman books "Traction" and "Rocket Fuel" describe, an Integrator is someone who can look at a complex goal the CEO wants to achieve, create a SIMPLE system that is easy for others on the team to follow, implement it into standard daily practice, and then watch the team to ensure it is getting done and following those procedures. Every successful company does this. And this is what we need you to do for our team.

This is how companies grow, how team members pull together to achieve amazing results, and how a business scales to achieve results greater than anyone could ever imagine! That success is all found in creating, implementing, and managing repeatable systems and processes.

And it requires someone with the right brain who LOVES doing this type of stuff, to do it. It has to be their true "Zone of Genius" as we each have one, and organization is most definitely NOT mine LOL. It requires someone who can hear what the CEO's Vision is for the company and for our future, and can then break that BIG vision down into small repeatable actions that are done on a perfectly consistent basis so that each member of the team knows their role, their purpose, and how they contribute to that bigger vision.

Do you TRULY have those skills? If so, you will be invaluable here at our company and will love working here more than anywhere you've ever worked. You'll also grow and expand with our organization and advance to a Senior Leadership role quickly with all of the raises, perks, bonuses, and profit share to match!

We are honest and transparent 100%. It's currently chaotic, stressful, crazy, disorganized, and a complete MESS most days. That's just the nature of a growing company, especially with a Visionary boss who has Asperger's Syndrome and sees the world in black and white. (Google that so you know and understand). While the office is currently like this, by hiring YOU, we do not want to say the same in 3-6mo. We want to look back and be absolutely AMAZED at our growth and how much we've improved in that timeline. We want growth with calmness. Simplicity. More fun team events. A happy and amazing culture. More community service and outreach. More charity donations. Better tracking. Better systems and organization. Better CRMs and software. All of that is in your purview to solve and you'll be given all of the tools, freedom, latitude, resources, funds, support, ideas, and brainpower to SOLVE it. It's a heck of a big challenge - are you up for it?

Just as the book "Who Not How" says, you'll be given the high-level Vision for what we want to achieve, and then be turned loose to achieve it! You'll have to be amazing at taking things from idea and concept, to implementation and simple systems. You will have a TON of autonomy and discretion on how to achieve these goals. We want to empower you to make BIG decisions, and trust that you'll make the right ones. Once you learn the ropes you'll be turned loose and will absolutely not be micro-managed. We want competent people who can figure things out without the roadmap laid out for them.

So what does the day-to-day really look like?

Well, as I said, we buy 20-25 houses every month. That means our job is really customer service to the highest level. We work with dozens of clients every month and ensuring we create win/win scenarios for them is what it's all about. You will work with an entire host of people. Homeowners, Title Companies, Lenders, Realtors, Vendors, Supply stores, Insurance agents, Utility companies, Handymen and Constructions trades, and many more. These are people's moms, dads, brothers, sisters, daughters, etc...and we care about how you represent us and how you interact!

We certainly have huge ambitions to grow, and we are never shy about the fact we love to make a ton of money for our team! But our Vision goes way beyond making money for our company.

We want to make a true difference in the lives of the property owners, clients, construction crews, and others we work with. We want to support our First Responders and have a "give back" day every single week where we donate free dinner to them. We currently support 2 different Animal Shelters and we want to do even more there. We help and donate at a Homeless Shelter and want to do even more there. We sell and manage turnkey properties for our clients to help them build long-term wealth, and we offer the same to our team/staff! We want to host cool Investor and Realtor meetups in our large office with the sole focus of taking donations, picking a charity every month, and giving a large amount to that charity. It can all be summed up like this: Massive success provides the ability to give back, to help others, and to do more! And it all starts with massive success. You'll hear this often in our office, especially on the stressful days when the boss is being impatient...because he very much is goal-oriented and focused on finding ways we can do more for our team and others, and the fact it's a slow process often leads to impatience.

If you're used to a calm boring boss who isn't a demanding perfectionist with a HUGE heart that loves others....this won't be the company for you LOL. If you're used to thinking C or B- work is acceptable and you don't hold yourself to a super high standard....again, this isn't the company for you. The CEO owns and admits those flaws and doesn't ever try to hide them. Again, the Asperger's makes things very black and white for him. He retired in 2015 and was bored in 3 months and immediately got back into business full time. He absolutely LOVES real estate, loves this team, and loves what we do every day - otherwise, he wouldn't do it! He only wants to work with people he considers friends and family and the culture and performance is of the utmost importance. If he's mad at a problem, it's because he's laser-focused on the future, on growth, and on solutions....and problems are annoying! The better you are at avoiding and solving problems, the farther you'll go in live and in this career.

I think I've spoken enough about the company, the role, the atmosphere, the goals, the mission, the Vision, the heart, the core values, the growth potential and the expansion plans.....let me now quickly get into the nitty-gritty details:

Pay and perks:
You'll have a starting base salary of $50-55K DOE. From there, you'll earn bonuses, profit sharing, and other rewards based on your personal and collective team performance. This will equate to a total pay package of $75-85K your first year. We will give you more than enough opportunities to shine, advance, move up and prove yourself. The rest is entirely on you!

Hours: Our office is formally open from 9a to 6p Monday through Friday. There are certainly some later nights, and certainly, some tasks to do after hours sometimes, or a weekend task, etc but we do not come into the office on weekends at all, ever. You'll need to have this flexibility in your life for this to be the right fit. After all, we have to perform for our clients when they need us to. And while this is 95% contained within the hours of 9-6, there are certainly times we have something important. We also high-five and cheer on the team via group chat all the time which takes literally 15 seconds. But again, if you have consistent soccer practice at 6 pm sharp and can't be late, this just won't be the right fit at all, unfortunately.

Other perks and benefits:

  • Healthcare reimbursement (and soon to be announced company healthcare)
  • 401K with match after 6mo
  • Bonuses, raises, rewards, profit sharing, and a ton of small thank yous in various forms.
  • 6mo from now we will to have 2 AirBNB properties in Nashville and Palm Beach, FL you can vacation for FREE every year!
  • Paid sick days
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid holidays
  • Birthday parties, team lunches, networking events, and a ton of fun!


  • Learning and MANAGING all of our systems within our CRM, Dropbox, MS Office, Google Suite, Adobe, and more. Being tech-inclined is 100% required here. Learning other new tech and systems to help organize our office and streamline our processes.
  • Taking advanced concepts directly from the CEO and turning them into easy-to-follow repeatable systems and processes.
  • Team Management
  • Leading Morning Huddles for 15 mins and ensuring everyone is focused on their highest and best use each day!
  • Implementing the methods and processes to facilitate our planned growth and expansion, whether this is hiring more help, creating a simpler system, finding a software solution, or ANY other need to achieve the goal.
  • Able to mentally handle large volumes of data and classify, manipulate within Excel or Google Sheets, and track. Able to create systems in other software to manage, organize, and track our business.
  • Able to get on the phone and call specific targets for information and achieve the result (which often means being persuasive!) It may be negotiating a lease, negotiating a new office, talking to a broker, getting us $50K in new insurance, buying a company vehicle, booking very detailed travel arrangements for team members, etc...detail and precision are vital!
  • Understand secrecy and privacy. Not only is your job here very private and restricted to the top management level folks on the team, but I always keep my personal life private as well. You must be a VAULT with information and respect and maintain that privacy. For example, you'll work with IRS, Tax Authorities, Workers Comp, BWC, and Payroll software.
  • Must understand that everything in our office is SALES. Every role, in some way! If you're in actual sales, you're negotiating prices on homes. If you're our transaction coordinator, you're seeking to maximize the sales price of a home while saving money on fees with our title company. If you're in our marketing department, you're negotiating in bulk on our direct mail and other marketing channels. If you're in the rehab department, you're negotiating with contractors, material suppliers, etc. So if you hate to haggle and it makes you uncomfortable in ANY way, this will NOT be a good fit. It will be required and will be frequent. And the better you do, the more you'll shine here and bonuses are a commonplace thing for your efforts and skills! Seeking out the best deal on everything and saving money is how we save tens of thousands every year! And that doesn't always mean the lowest price at means the best value for what we want. You'll negotiate shipping, insurance, vehicle insurance, supplies, and materials for marketing, cards, data providers, copiers, etc.
  • Monitor inventory and keep supplies ordered and stocked
  • Maintain vehicle maintenance logs for fleet, get the oil changed, fuel vehicles
  • Establishing procedures, tracking and monitoring KPIs, creating and updating the KPI dashboard, and having a logical and critical thinking brain to spot problems within those KPIs that need to be solved.


  • Being very good at written and verbal communication. Able to WOW our clients, find and onboard new vendors, handle the occasional disgruntled client, etc.
  • Experience using Microsoft Office in all facets
  • Excellent communication skills, time management skills, interpersonal skills, and organizational skills
  • At least 5+ years of experience as an Executive Assistant, General Manager, Team Leader, or experience performing the above tasks and functions in SOME form
  • Experience handling confidential information and adhering to strict deadlines
  • Heavy tech experience, tons of different programs and modalities. 60+ WPM typing speed (which is slow, I type 110) :)
  • Real Estate, Mortgage, Construction, or Title Experience is always helpful, but not required.
  • Marketing and Sales experience is super helpful, but not required.
  • Great at creating systems, procedure manuals, recording videos to show trainees how to do something, and an easy ability to make our clients, vendors, contractors, coworkers, etc like you and enjoy talking to you and spending time with you.
  • Able to keep up with me! Seriously. This is no easy feat. I'm fast-paced and since I learn everything quickly without much have to be sharp, intelligent, witty, and fun. I am always happy to help, but you're here to help me have more time so I can't be spending too much time showing you very basic stuff. I'll expect you to be well above the basics, and anything else specialized to learn, there will be resources for it, other employees, myself for specific things, or...Youtube University. Youtube and Google are often your friends and you must be great at learning from both.

I've said a LOT in this ad, and by now, you should 100% know if this sounds amazing or absolutely terrible! Did this ad speak to your heart and sound amazing and not just "another job?"

If you've read ALL of this and you know for sure this is the career you want and you know you can CRUSH it here, then fill out the application, fully apply here and take the DISC test, finish the Questions and Assessments, and send me a resume and cover letter. In that cover letter, tell me WHY you're definitely the Admin we need here and must interview and hire right away. Out of all of those who will apply, why are you the one? 

On top of all of that, if you want to rise to the very top of the pile, my name is Bryan and I'm the CEO here. I'm not at all hard to find online. If you want to move straight to the top of the pile....find me online, on FB, by email, whatever.....and reach out! Say hello, and do your convincing there. In many ways, that extra effort is exactly what will mean the difference between you excelling here and failing out entirely.

I hope you're the person we're looking for, and if so, I truly can't wait to have you here as part of our team and family :)

$75,000 - $85,000 yearly
About Ohio Cash Buyers LLC

Ohio Cash Buyers LLC is the leading distressed Homebuyer in all of Ohio. We work with an amazing team in the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus markets, and we're currently expanding our home buying efforts into 4 new markets.

Our office is a small friends-and-family environment of 14 people. My best friend Tony works here, my best friend Heather is my PA, my good friend Ben is our in-house legal counsel, my SIL works here in PM, my wife is our AR/AP, and my brother Dan is one of our top sales reps, etc. The ones that aren't already friends and family...we adopt! It's just like that here. Life is too short to hate what you do or hate who you do it with!

We've been in business for 18 years now and it's our goal to buy 250+ homes every single year. We're the winner of the BBB Torch Award for Ethics and have endless amounts of client reviews and testimonials who all sing our praises and LOVE working with us!

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