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Ohio Cash Buyers

Do you GEEK OUT over finding solutions and efficacy in DATA and METRICS? Our Real Estate Investment business is currently hiring for a Marketing and Data Tracking Admin. This role is responsible for all of the marketing and tracking for our direct-to-seller model for our business. We buy and sell 20-25 homes every month and this role is responsible for the 20 different ways we market. It requires perfect consistency, very detailed tracking, being able to quickly adapt and change to fast-paced environments and new marketing campaigns, and the ability to deliver excellent results with real throughput. This is not a branding/image/designer job. This is a workhorse position with 30 different tasks to monitor, complete, and improve upon every single week while always looking for new methods, strategies, and ways to reach our clients. Not only reaching them but the entire A to Z cradle to the grave cycle of prospecting, messaging and the psychology behind the words, all the way through to the deal closing and the after closing thank you gifts and packages we send. Basic customer retention, soliciting feedback and reviews, building our online presence with a ton of 5-star reviews, videos...the list goes on and on.  

This should ALL be second nature to you, to know how to engage, to know how to capture interest, and to know how to compare online and offline digital, print, and other media campaigns and see what we cut, what we change, and what we go ALL IN on based on performance and ROI.

And guess what - we can hire excellent marketers all day! We need someone that LOVES it, lives it, breathes it. Above all, we need someone we LOVE working with that fits our core values and culture. We believe in hard work, going the extra mile, consistency, achieving results today, caring for our coworkers, and having amazing friends and family-style teams. If it's not fun and if we're not performing at the top 1% of our peers, we have NO interest. This means...the owner is certainly a perfectionist as he's seen it all, he knows exactly what he likes and hates, and he doesn't mix words or spare feelings. We're all here for the same get results, be the best at what we do, and absolutely CRUSH our market and grow like crazy! You will have all of the resources, support, and help you could ever want. The owner masterminds with the top 100 investors in the nation so any resource we need is a simple phone call away, from simple stuff to very difficult answers, we know the specialist and professionals in every arena for our business on a first-name basis. You'll have crazy good insider access!

Look, we don’t need someone that can post to social media. Those folks are $4/hr on Upwork. We need an all-around person with the talent and ability to take our vision, our company, our brand, and market it/track it correctly! This means video, blogs, posts, great writing, KPI’s, tracking, systems, data analyst, software’s, CRMs, building dashboards and spreadsheets, being accountable for a $40K monthly marketing budget, and SO MUCH MORE!

You NEED to be able to track where our leads are coming from, which marketing strategy works best, and how to pivot at a moment’s notice. You need to bring ideas to the table constantly. The owner gets ticked off if he's the only one brainstorming and creating solutions. You're the marketing admin, it's your job to be bettering yourself and the role every single day! You need to love to look at numbers, dive into the rabbit hole of figuring out why something is not working, and then FIXING that WHY! We are all about solutions and facts, and your job will be to provide me with those facts. You will need to present to me why we need to pivot before a marketing plan even has time to go wrong. Your job is to see the flaws/problems before they even happen. Obviously, we monitor what we do DAILY so we can catch any small errors before they become huge fatal issues.

We are currently doing about $4MM net in business, and your entire reason for existing here is to support us as we become a $10MM/yr company. Your job is CRITICAL in helping the company reach this goal and your rewards and pay are 100% commensurate with what you help us achieve towards this goal! If you're looking for a big cushy salary and you're not willing to come in, work hard, and prove yourself...move along. This role comes with a modest base salary and a TON of upside bonus potential for achieving goals. If you do well, you can make more here than you will anywhere else! If you don't, that's entirely on you.

You need breadth and depth and you have to be a quick study. If I decide to spin up a new paid members-only video course and real estate mentorship program…100% of the lead generation, funneling, visual aspect, tracking, metrics, all of it all the way through to leads coming into the sales team, is ALL ON YOU.

*** PLEASE be sure to include a COVER LETTER or your application will NOT be considered! ***


Here's a boring bullet-pointed list of duties and responsibilities, but yeah, the job is so much more.

  • Must love organization and a MASTER tracker! As I said, you will be tracking all of our marketing metrics and it is your responsibility to make sure they are giving results, if not, PIVOT
  • Need to love working with different types of software and be a master at them! You need to be able to research 3 different software’s and tell me which one is best and WHY and I need that answer FAST. There's no time for 5 days of research here for anything, our target market moves way too fast for that
  • Need to be a “less is more,” person. If you see anything that can be streamlined into a process to produce faster results….do it
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment. Marketing, especially in the Real Estate investing world is constantly changing, adapting, and moving. You need to keep up with this change, anticipate it, and stay ahead of the market
  • Must love working long hours. The normal business hours here are 9 am-6 pm, but no one here is a clock watcher! You need to love to work, love the hours, and love the payoff that comes with putting in the long hours
  • You need to be a team player and want the ENTIRE team to succeed right along with you.
  • I often fly a million miles an hour and you need to be able to Keep up! I am all for giving you the resources to succeed here, but I do not believe in holding your hand. You need to be able to take those resources, learn, and run with it


  • Experience using Microsoft Office, CRMs, Adobe Suite, Canva, and a dozen other things as part of the job, most of which we can train on
  • Experience with different software’s, learning them quickly, and loving the deep research
  • At least 2+ years of experience with marketing/systems/tracking
  • Experience handling confidential information and adhering to strict deadlines
  • Experience tracking metrics, and tracking them to perfection
  • Great at creating systems, procedure manuals, recording videos

Your pay package will consist of a base salary of $42,000-$50,000 DOE, plus frequent bonuses based on performance which will equal your total pay package of $65,000-$80,000/yr as advertised. And as we expand to new markets, you most definitely can earn far more and this can become a true 6 figure career! You'll have some very distinct marketing metrics to hit to reach this, as well as some stretch/expansion metrics to hit to continue growing our company. We are only looking for the PERFECT core values, team, personality, and leadership fit who will take over and own this role and grow our company exponentially to what we know it can be! We also offer a ton of other perks including paid holidays, paid vacation, occasional flex time, health insurance and a 401K is coming soon.  

For many reasons including on-site video and others, the closer you live to our Springboro office the better.

So that's enough about us and what we need, tell us who you are! If you are looking for a long-term career, not a job, and you want to be a part of a fun, small, and informal growing team then send in a COVER LETTER, and tell me WHY you are the one I need to hire. You must stand out of a group of many, as I get dozens of applicants every time I hire, so STAND OUT and tell me why you're the exact person I need to interview and hire immediately!

I truly look forward to hearing from you and I hope we get to work together.

$42,000 - 80,000 yearly
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Ohio Cash Buyers, LLC is a rapidly growing real estate problem-solving firm. Our vision is to be the market-leading real estate investing and distressed-asset acquisition team by building a culture that provides sustainable, rewarding, and profitable long-term careers. Our purpose is to improve lives, be the absolute best at what we do, help our clients out of tough situations, and to LOVE what we do every day and do it in a friends and family atmosphere where everyone is looking out for and helping each other.

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