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Ohio Cash Buyers LLC
Springboro, OH US
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Ohio Cash Buyers LLC

We are looking to add three more people to our Inside Sales Team! No direct home sales experience is necessary, and NO License is needed (or even wanted) as you're buying on behalf of our company. We have an endless stream of inbound WARM and HOT leads and we need professional closers!

If you're looking for a fun, crazy, rewarding, high-paying, fast-paced company to work with... this is the start of that new career. I can promise excitement and adventure for sure. I hope this ad will clearly explain what the role REALLY is so it's super transparent! The goal is simple. By the end of this, I want you to either say "Oh heck YES!" Or "OH MAN, WHAT did I just read? NOOOO." Deal?

Do you have amazing sales skills to perform at a high level? Do you LOVE talking to people all day and have the drive, desire, and persistence to CLOSE deals? If so, you're someone we should talk to! We're looking for hungry folks who will work hard and CLOSE deals, not just create a bunch of activities without results. You'll work directly with the CEO and the Sales Manager and training is ongoing, constant, daily, and per scenario. We WILL push you to close more. Even when you hit $140,000... if you get complacent and think that's enough, you will not be the right fit for our company.

Our Company is hiring three Real Estate Acquisitions Inside Sales Representatives. We are a private investment company buying 20 - 25+ properties each month and we will be adding 3 new sales pros to our team immediately to facilitate our expansion.

Are you selling cars, insurance, construction, roofing, meat, any door-to-door product, windows, boats, horses, goats, or literally ANYTHING else and doing well but know you could be making WAY more money? Our best sales team members do not have direct home sales experience. One was a former machinist, another sold online marketing, and another owned a pawn shop. All backgrounds are welcome... if you can sell and prove it, you will fit in here!

This is FULL-time employment for someone that's looking for a long-term career with tons of advancement opportunities.

I’m going to be 100% transparent here: You will have an ABUNDANCE of WARM and HOT leads that are presented to you almost every day. You'll have cold leads that are given to chasing, but with our training, those often turn into your biggest wins. Normal for 2 weeks is $4,000 - $7,000+ consistently after you've learned the ropes, trained, etc. Typically we see this ramp up at 10-12 weeks so if you're not willing to invest the time into training, learning, research, self-improvement, etc... this will NOT be the career or company for you.

So what's your actual job? Pretty easy - Constant contact with client prospects, relentless follow-up and chasing overcoming objections, creating win-win scenarios, thinking creatively outside the box to make deals happen, building massive rapport, follow-up, and sealing the deal! And even with all of that, this is NOT high-pressure sales. We sell in a relaxed environment and with an informational approach. We show our clients why we are simply the best solution and we win a ton of business by doing so.

The average age of a client/prospect is 55+ so you must be able to build rapport and earn trust from this demographic. They have to trust that you can do what you say, and you represent us in that regard. We do not dress formally, but polos and khakis are common attire when out in the field to close a sale and meet a client. Otherwise, in the office, we're as relaxed as it gets. We keep the office FUN (and a bit crazy for sure). Jeans, shorts, t-shirts.... all perfectly fine.

WE can and will train you every step of the way, but we can't make you dial the phone 120 times a day, send those emails or make those last 7 calls, or answer that random call long after you're home for the day/weekend and make that sale. That's 100% on you. We only work 9-6 in the office, however, we will ALWAYS take calls when our clients do business and that often means 8:45 pm on a Friday, 11 am on a Sunday, etc. Again, we do not work in the office late nights or on weekends, but you must be available when your clients call to land those deals. We're on their clock and we do business when they want to. If not, they'll simply call someone else who will answer the phone and get the deal done. We don't have many calls on nights/weekends, but it will definitely happen so please be 100% aware of this.

Compensation for this position is commission-based. HOWEVER, you will receive a small flat training stipend for the first 8 weeks of training, so you can get up to speed and show us what a beast you are! After that, each deal secures a base fee for you, plus a Bonus for how well you do. If you’re an A player and top performer, you’ll have NO problem landing as many deals as you want. Your entire pay structure is based on two things: 

  • Locking up as many properties as possible using our methods.
  • Buying them for great prices creates win/win scenarios for all parties. That's it!

That's it, very straightforward!

We also offer the following pay/perks/bonuses:

  • Team and Performance Bonuses and Profit Sharing
  • Paid Holidays, Vacation, and Sick days
  • 401K with match
  • Medical and Dental Reimbursement
  • Paid Vacations to our Nashville and Clearwater AirBNB properties!
  • Company Car for all sales appointments
  • Bonus Days Off and Vacation for Top Performance Rewards
  • Team Outings and Events, Leisure and Business
  • Many other perks and benefits will be added as we GROW!


  • Talk to, engage, and chase prospects, all day every day
  • Build a pipeline of future clients. Over 50% of your sales will come around after 3-6-9mo of follow-up
  • Engage with prospects constantly, so that you are top of mind
  • Achieving productivity, appointment setting, and revenue targets while responding efficiently to customer inquiries (usually in the form of sales leads)
  • Primary duties include inbound and outbound calling, e-mail communication, coordination and scheduling of real estate buying opportunities, and overall management of the sales pipeline through the sales cycle
  • You'll set 5-8 appointments in the field weekly and must look at the part, act the part, etc.
  • You MUST be able to earn trust and build rapport over the phone and in-person
  • Accurately track and report numbers to management
  • Actively ask for help on leads DAILY, for creative methods to make deals happen
  • Participate in regular training and education requirements
  • Qualify leads to accurately convey motivation, competition, and financial specifics to real estate Agents
  • Talk, chase, talk, chase, and talk some more. Very heavy phone requirements
  • Must be good with tech. You'll occasionally chase people down on FB, LinkedIn, etc. You'll work in Excel, Google Docs, our CRM, Calendars, and other contact systems and software


  • Eager and motivated
  • A true hustler with the ability to CLOSE deals
  • 100% drama free (leave it at home)
  • Great with developing rapport with a wide variety of people
  • A fantastic communicator and negotiator
  • Able to read people and perform well under pressure and rejection
  • Good over the phone as well as in-person
  • Intuitive and Fast-Thinking
  • Reliable and stable
  • Willing to put in the necessary hours to close deals
  • Persistent and driven. Never accepting No as the final answer
  • Confident without being arrogant
  • Relatable and empathetic to our clients
  • Motivated to succeed
  • Punctual and consistent
  • Able to prioritize well
  • FUN and ENERGETIC- Sales NEEDS energy

If you've read ALL of this and you know for sure this is the career you want and you know you can CRUSH it here, tell me WHY in a cover letter and send me your resume. Why is this the job for you? Out of 150+ applicants that we'll receive...why do I need to interview you immediately?

Better yet, my name is Bryan, I'm the CEO, and I'm not hard to find online. If you want to move straight to the top of the pile....find me online, on FB, by email, whatever.....and reach out! Say hello, and do your convincing there. In many ways, that extra effort is exactly what will mean the difference between you excelling here and failing out entirely.

Send me a video if you can telling me why you're the right fit for this job and someone I must interview immediately. I am not looking for video quality, I'm looking for a simple 2-5 min video telling me about you, what motivates you, your goals in life, and why this is the right fit for you to grow and excel.

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to welcoming you to our team!

$140,000 - $175,000
About Ohio Cash Buyers LLC

Ohio Cash Buyers LLC is the leading distressed Homebuyer in all of Ohio. We work with an amazing team in the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus markets, and we're currently expanding our home buying efforts into 4 new markets.

Our office is a small friends-and-family environment of 14 people. My best friend Tony works here, my best friend Heather is my PA, my good friend Ben is our in-house legal counsel, my SIL works here in PM, my wife is our AR/AP, and my brother Dan is one of our top sales reps, etc. The ones that aren't already friends and family...we adopt! It's just like that here. Life is too short to hate what you do or hate who you do it with!

We've been in business for 18 years now and it's our goal to buy 250+ homes every single year. We're the winner of the BBB Torch Award for Ethics and have endless amounts of client reviews and testimonials who all sing our praises and LOVE working with us!

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