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The Grey Legal Group, APC
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The Grey Legal Group, APC

It's difficult to write this job post without running the risk of offending people. But here goes...

Have you seen Iron Man? Tony Stark is this genius inventor/superhero who becomes Iron Man. He's globally respected and does things no one else can do.

Do you know how he does it?

He has Pepper Potts. She keeps his life in order, whether it's helping at his company, or buying herself a birthday present because he will probably forget.

We are looking for a Pepper Potts (male or female). We run a really fast-growing company. We have a ton of stuff to get done, and we need help with it. When we leave a meeting, we need someone to help us follow up with our employees or vendors. This means you need to listen perfectly, take diligent notes, draft great emails, and be willing to hold people accountable.

After another 80-hour work-week, our offices can get trashed. We need someone who can help organize, sort through the piles, file things (digitally and physically), and help find those items 2 days later when they’re needed. This means you need to be organized, patient, and have a memory like a bear trap.

We travel a lot for work. We need someone we can trust to get our cars inspected, feed our dogs (if we don't board them), and return the stupid things we bought on Amazon. This means you need to be able to drive a vehicle, get along with an energetic puppy, and be super-polite to the clerk at the UPS Store.

We get more emails than any human being can process in a day, and our calendars are usually jam-packed. We need someone who can get familiar with our business, our clients, our friends, our family, and the people we don't want to talk to. This means you need to be able to make decisions independently, gain an understanding of what's important to us (and how we spend our time), and act accordingly.

And during all of that, we forgot to pick up our children’s paperwork from school, we remembered a document we need that was signed 5 years ago, and we realized we need to travel to Miami in 2 weeks. We need someone who can stop by the school, follow our extremely fuzzy instructions, and book our travel plans, or just do the meeting over zoom. Plus, it's Miami, so you'll need to figure out what to do if there are no first-class flights available. And don't be offended if we swore during that entire interaction.

Are our expectations high? Yes.

Are our directions always clear? No.

Will we expect you to read our minds? Sometimes.

But you will have a ton of fun, and have an impact on our community? Absolutely.

We have, and continue to build, great policies, systems, and procedures in our business. This means you will have clear expectations and a lot of guidance on how we want things done. However, no system is perfect. We need intelligent people who can make decisions, think for themselves, and move things in the best direction.

We’ve never hired anyone for a position like this before (although we do have a fast-growing team). This is a very important position for us. We intend to hire someone who will become extremely valuable for us, our families, and our business. If you are interested, please apply on this site, but be prepared for a challenging interview process.


The Executive Assistant’s main role is to support the Founding Partners (2) with organizational tasks within the firm and their personal lives to allow them to refocus time and energy on the firm, specifically to free up time to grow the firm. Additionally, the Executive Assistant will receive firm-related assigned tasks from the Director of Operations.

The primary duties the Executive Assistant will perform are as follows:

  • Maintain Founding Partners’ calendars: this includes ensuring all necessary information is included in each calendar entry, appointments are not double booked, appointments are consistent with Partner’s block calendaring schedule, and appointments are appropriately booked based on availability and travel time
  • Professional appointments include scheduling meetings with referral partners, vendors, management coaches, and more
  • Personal appointments include scheduling medical, personal care appointments, auto detailing, and more
  • Email organization to include reviewing and prioritizing emails, sorting into appropriate folders, and responding per Partners’ instructions. Achieve a “Zero Inbox” at the end of the workday
  • Organize, attend meetings with Partners and take notes to turn into action items. Follow up with meeting attendees on completion of action items
  • Book travel, both professional and personal and assist in modifications or needs during Partners’ travel time
  • Organization of physical office to include interval review and filing of items on Partners’ desk, draws, and cabinets
  • Calculation and preparation of expense reporting for Partners
  • Attend weekly one-on-one meetings with Partners to maximize productivity for the week and attend daily stand-up meetings to review priority tasks for the day
  • Personal tasks to include Partners’ dry-cleaning, grocery shopping, pets to veterinarian appointments, transportation of children, on an as-needed basis, and scheduling of personal appointments on behalf of Partners
  • Project management and event planning for Partners and firm activities
  • Order office supplies and other equipment at the request of the Director of Operations
  • Deliver or retrieve documents to/from court or other local businesses
  • Other tasks as deemed necessary by Partners or Director of Operations


The Executive Assistant must possess the following characteristics:

  • Time management and organizational skills
  • Must be technologically savvy with basic knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and the ability to learn other software and online programs as necessary
  • Professional appearance
  • Ability to properly and professionally communicate with others

$17 - $20 hourly
About The Grey Legal Group, APC

We represent professionals and business owners to survive divorce with their money in their pockets and their children by their side. We empower clients that divorce is not the end, it's the beginning of an opportunity to re-write their story starting with the next chapter of their lives.

We take our clients and their cases very seriously. We take pride in our work and the outcomes of clients’ cases. We want to be profitable as well. We also care about our team and are dedicated to maintaining a positive and upbeat work environment. We want to have a good life and pursue our hopes and dreams and want to help you pursue yours. If this sounds like a law firm where you want to do work that inspires you, we very much look forward to talking with you soon.

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