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Ohio Cash Buyers LLC
Franklin, OH US
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Ohio Cash Buyers LLC

If you are GREAT at managing the process of flipping homes and getting units rent-ready with the highest of quality, read on to see if this may be the perfect career for you!

We're currently hiring for an A-level Construction Project Manager to lead our Rehab Department! We're a rapidly growing team, and our business is nearly Recession-Proof, unlike 90% of companies out there.

When the real estate market goes up, we do very well. When the market goes down, we do even better due to our REO connections and our company sales methods. We truly do NOT care what the market is doing, as we thrive at all times! This ensures longevity and safety for our quality employees, so they don't have to fear a recession and fear for their jobs during a QUICKLY changing market!

We are ONLY looking for those who have very direct, very applicable experience to managing large amounts of property rehabs and rental turns on single-family and small 2-4 unit properties. Unfortunately, managing an apartment complex is entirely different and isn't applicable to what we're seeking here.

You'll have 10-15+ open rehabs at all times, ranging from small 1-3 day unit turns to prepare an apartment for the next tenant on up to full-scale rehabs that will touch every surface inside and outside of a home and will be $40-60K in work.

Overall, most of what you manage will be small to medium rehabs, $15-35K for the total budget to give you an idea. Our small to mid-size rehabs are expected to be done in 3-5 weeks on average, so you know the speed, crews, and skillsets you need to manage properly.

We have several quality crews we currently use, but you will 100% need MORE, and you'll have to be very good at finding them. You're always looking for those who perform high-quality work at fair investor pricing. We do not pay retail prices, but we also do not lowball and pay dirt wages. It's a fine balance in the middle, and your entire goal here is to always bring in quality crews who want consistent work and will offer fair pricing in exchange for that consistent, never-ending work!

We are PICKY about quality, and we do not believe in cutting corners. We do not allow bandaid repairs. We are seeking someone who is 100% ethical, honest, and principled in all of their dealings.

You MUST have a very good eye for detail. When we turn in a finished project, we expect it to sell or rent quickly, to be the nicest property in the neighborhood, and for the finished standards to be excellent so that anyone who views it wants to live there. Do you have these ethics and skills?

We only rehab quality homes, typically $150-400K+ in value, so we avoid all trashy areas as our rehab model is very specific.

You will certainly inspect some crappy homes in lesser areas sometimes, but we pass those on to other investors. We ONLY rehab the nicer ones, in nice areas, where it's safe to leave tools and safe to work. It makes hiring crews and tradesmen much easier.

You'll manage ALL incoming properties from cradle to grave. When we sign a new property contract, you'll go to site to do our initial inspection and complete our forms, take pictures, fill out the inspection report, etc. It's a thorough 30-45min inspection that tells us the condition of the property so we can negotiate our purchase.

At this inspection, you're always looking for ways to get the highest and best use out of every property. Do you open up that wall? Where can you add another bathroom to turn a 3/1 home into a 3/2? Do you finish the basement here? Those decisions are vital, and we do it in nearly every house!

From there, about 30-40% of the homes we buy go to rehab. The other 60% get sold some other way (as is, passed on to others, etc). For the 40% that you rehab, you'll create the initial SOW, get that approved by senior management, and then select and hire the crew to do the work.

You'll manage the crews during the work phases, approve their QC inspections for draws while always keeping us safe, and then you'll finish out all properties with a final QC checklist and ensure all punch list items are done 100%.

After that, the marketing, leasing, or Realty departments take over and get the property rented or sold!

As you can see, you'll work heavily with the departments above as the sales team has to gear up to sell your finished product 14 days before you're done, so being on time is very important. Same with the leasing department. If you say the project will be finished 11-08-2022...we'll tell the new tenant 11-11-2022 to give you a bit of a grace period, but it 100% must be done on time, or you now have a ticked off tenant griping at you/us.

I think we've explained a ton of detail here, so in the interest of not making this an entire book, let's move on to the skills, perks, pay, and important parts of this job!


  • Manage 10-15+ open rehab projects and unit turns at all times
  • Always be bringing on new tradesmen, vendors, crews, subs, and material suppliers at all times while negotiating favorable rates for repeat work and business
  • Create initial inspection reports for every home we intend to buy with clear details to the sales team so they are able to use your information to negotiate the best prices with homeowners
  • Skilled at avoiding BAD contractors, knowing how to fire and replace on a job when it's behind schedule and the crew isn't performing.
  • Turning in completed rehabs that make our buyers and tenants LOVE living there. High quality, clean homes, thoroughly QC checked and tested, so they can enjoy a safe home
  • An excellent command of all things construction and crew management. You must know all basic code, how to find foundation issues, drainage issues, asbestos, lead paint, on and on. All of the basics you should know.
  • Must be very tech-inclined. You'll update reports, take photos and resize them, use our CRM and tasking software, dispatch work orders via email and our software, collect new crew hiring paperwork for our admins to upload to the server, maintain a list of DO NOT USE contractors with detailed notes in our CRM, etc. It's all pretty easy, but you need to type 55WPM or more and be able to use all Microsoft Office Products (Word, Excel primarily).

We are only hiring to keep up with our rapid growth into four new markets. We have huge goals for this expansion process, and we require amazing team members to make this goal a reality. If you do not share this vision, passion, drive, and thrive on rapid growth, this won't be the role for you.

To succeed at the level required, this is certainly a 45+ hour/wk job. If you have a limited schedule, prior fixed commitments, etc...this is likely not a fit for you. As a team, we ALL prioritize execution and delivering results, even if it means we're 15 mins late for dinner.

And being a perfect fit for our team and culture is vital. We have some amazing future perks coming to all of our dedicated, reliable team members that we're excited to roll out!

We absolutely celebrate our wins, our big weeks, our big months, and our successes, and we have fun! We only hire those we truly would enjoy spending time with and having fun with even outside of work. Our best employees have been here for years and they truly become best friends and family. My 2 best friends work here, my SIL works here, my brother Dan works here in sales, my mom works here in the mail department, and my wife is in our AR/AP department. It's a fun fast-paced environment that's crazy, hectic, and rewarding all at once.


  • Must be professional and have a neat/clean appearance as you will represent us at properties every single day to homeowners, vendors, crews, Realtors, lenders, appraisers, and many others.
  • Strong knowledge of construction and code with 5+ years of relevant construction experience along with processes, job staging, creating BEST USE of every home we touch and remodel, etc.
  • Clean driving record as you'll be added to our company insurance.
  • A high degree of trust, honesty, and integrity
  • Ability to directly manage and train your direct reports including admin, virtual assistant, and others we'll add under/to your department as we grow
  • A good judge of character and able to read people well to avoid scams, ripoffs, and shady people
  • Managerial skills - You are a key manager here at the office and folks will heavily rely upon you doing great work!


This role will have a total pay package of $150,000 - $175,000 per year with all base, bonuses, and profit share included.

This will break down as follows:

  • Base Salary will be $70-85K/yr DOE
  • Bonuses - Monthly completed project bonuses for on-time and on-budget completions that will total $4-6K/mo strictly based on your performance
  • Quarterly Profit Sharing along with the rest of the team that adds $3-5K per quarter

If you're an A-player as we expect, from the pay package above, you'll easily exceed our posted $150,000 minimum and can keep growing and advancing from there!

We also offer:

  • Company Vehicle
  • Company Phone and CC
  • Company Discounts on Rental Property Investments - Some of our team members buy rental properties through us to help build retirement wealth and we STRONGLY encourage that!
  • 401K with match
  • Medical and Dental Insurance coming soon
  • Paid Vacation
  • Paid Sick Days
  • FREE Use of our 2 AirBNB Properties coming soon in Nashville and Clearwater Beach!
  • Many other small random perks, bonuses, and rewards for doing an excellent job here

If you've read ALL of this and you know for sure this is the career you see yourself loving with a team you want to join, tell me WHY in a cover letter and send me a great resume! Why is this the job for you? Out of 100+ applicants that we'll receive...why do I need to interview you immediately? Being fully transparent, unless you take this extra step, it's almost guaranteed we will not reach out to you. We truly get 100-150+ resumes every time and when we have 3+ open roles in Admin, Sales, and Rehab Management....there's no good way to truly give proper time to reading 500 different applications. So stand out and reach out and say hello to us and move straight to the top of the list!

Better yet, my name is Bryan, I'm the CEO, and I'm not hard to find online. If you want to move straight to the top of the pile....find me online, on FB, LinkedIn, by email, phone, whatever.... and reach out! Say hello and introduce yourself. Tell me why you're the perfect fit and what experience you have after you've fully applied here and completed all steps in the application process. In many ways, that extra effort is exactly what will mean the difference between you excelling here and failing out entirely.

We hope you're the one we're looking for!

$150,000 - $175,000 yearly
About Ohio Cash Buyers LLC

Ohio Cash Buyers LLC is the leading direct-to-homeowner property buyer in Ohio. We work with an amazing team here in our Frankin office every day and love what we do! We are actively hiring for great talent that fits our culture, our core values, and our team to help us grow rapidly in these changing markets.

Our office is a fun friends-and-family environment. Life is too short to hate what you do or hate who you do it with! If you're seeking a true long-term career and want to give it your energy, your effort, and truly want to make a difference by contributing your talents to our very talented team...we are confident this is THE best place for you and we'd love to have you!

We've been in business for 18 years now and have bought and sold over 2700 homes. Our team is the winner of numerous awards, including the BBB Torch Award for Ethics and have endless amounts of client reviews and testimonials who all sing our praises and LOVE working with us!

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