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Doncaster Law, PLLC
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Doncaster Law, PLLC

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Important to note: You must apply by email.

Do NOT apply through Indeed or whatever interface you’re using. Email your resume in PDF format to admin @ The subject line of the email should be your last name (all caps), followed by a hyphen and “Sales All-Star”. The body of your email should include the following information:

  • What interests you about this position?
  • What makes working at an anti-fraud firm particularly intriguing?
  • What do you bring to the table (i.e., qualities that would be of value to the firm)?


When you submit your resume via email with the above questions answered in the body, please also include a Cover Letter with the following information:

  • Paragraph 1: Tell us why you think you’re the ideal candidate for this position
  • Paragraph 2: Tell us what excites you the most about being a part of our team
  • Paragraph 3: Salary requirements and the names and phone numbers of at least (3) professional references who will speak to us about your work performance (not simply confirm you worked for the company during a certain time period)

We are a small, but rapidly growing anti-fraud Law Firm in Phoenix, Arizona looking for an All-Star Salesperson (also called our Client Relations Specialist) to ensure that the firm is always putting its best foot forward for potential new clients.

The position will entail sales and customer service responsibilities.

If you are not an all-star, and if you cannot discuss big price points and complex problems with maturity and sensitivity, please do not apply. If you don’t have the stomach to do some prospecting and follow-up with potential new clients, please do not continue.

This position is only for an all-star who can both market and sell legal services while cultivating new relationships to generate new leads. We provide training in what you need to know to best help our clients, and for the right person, this will be a highly rewarding position personally, professionally, and financially.

We need a bright, creative, empathetic, and compassionate person who can convey the value of our services to potential clients and enhance our client experience. You will work closely with other members of the team to develop and maintain relationships with clients and referral sources. You will help us realize our vision of helping more people!

We are here to guide our clients through the process of recovering from real estate fraud We help them get their money back, save their homes, and protect their retirements. We also help hold liars accountable. It is incredibly important to us that our clients come out of an extremely emotional process where their future may quite literally be on the line feeling that they had a legal team behind them who really cared, fought for them, and gave them a voice.

Real-life experience and a few “battle scars” providing empathy and understanding are assets. Experience overcoming a major obstacle in life and making an important change in your life so you know at your core that others can do it too, is a plus.

 Our Client Relations Specialist doesn’t give legal advice, so the legal experience is not required. Prior sales and customer service experience is required because we can teach you how a case moves through the system, but we can’t teach you how to care about someone going through a difficult marital situation, loss of a business or job, complications with family members, or any unforeseen hurdle on life's path.

 We are looking for a team player with empathy, creativity, and organization to help us expand our business. The person we hire must bring a high level of energy, positivity, and a can-do attitude to work every day.

 We are BIG believers in the value of a team. If you prefer to be a “lone wolf,” this job is not for you.

 We are looking for individuals with fire and ambition, not excuse-making “clock-watchers” who will hide under their desks waiting to be told what to do all day long.

We believe the sale is a service we do for our prospects to help educate them and to help them think through their options and make courageous decisions about their future. We really believe that even if we decide not to accept an engagement from a prospect, that every prospective new client should leave our office better off in some way than when they came in. 

 If you come from the school of thought that making a sale is all about what you can “get” from a prospect or what you can “talk them into” please do not apply. We believe in consultative selling where we help our prospective new clients make sense of their situation, weigh their options, and make important and often painful decisions. We are into using the sale as the beginning of a long-term relationship with our prospective new clients. If you are interested in a career (we really think of it as more of a “calling”) that offers significant income opportunities, competitive benefits, loads of training and professional development to stay sharp, total transparency (another way of saying there’s nowhere to “hide”), and fuel for your soul because we’re really and truly helping people then please apply.

If you send us your application and follow all of the instructions, we will ask you to complete a brief written interview before scheduling an interview. We do this to ensure that you can read, write, and think critically. If you do not wish to complete the written interview, please do not apply.

Compensation depends on experience and qualifications.

Benefits include:

  • Bonus opportunities
  • Paid holidays
  • Paid time off
  • Fully funded health insurance coverage

If you cannot follow these basic instructions, or if you contact us in a manner that leads us to believe you did not actually read the ad above, you will not hear back from us. We expect you to value our time by following directions and paying attention to detail.

Thank you for considering this opportunity.

We will contact you within 7 business days if you qualify for the second round of consideration.


  • This position will: Conduct initial client consultations to sell legal services; Oversee the smooth transition of new cases to the legal team; Follow up with potential new clients and existing clients; Maintain a tracking system to monitor leads, new clients, and referral sources


Our ideal candidate will:

  • Understand how to build a relationship with a person
  • Show the ability to interact with different types of personalities
  • Show empathy to potential clients and put them at ease during a difficult time
  • Know how to close a sale by creating urgency and promoting the value
  • Demonstrate exceptional communication skills, both over the phone and in writing
  • Think on their toes and not discouraged when things don’t go as planned
  • Treat a call or meeting at 4:30 on a Friday with the same care and compassion as one on Monday morning
  • Follow instructions and understand the importance of policies and procedures
  • Be a team player that consistently acts with respect and integrity
  • Be tech-savvy (we use law firm systems and cloud-based software)

$16 - $20 hourly
About Doncaster Law, PLLC

All firms talk about culture, we have one:

We’re an antifraud firm because we value truth. We believe truth exists, and it matters. Ayn Rand once said: “We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” In this law firm, we bring that truth toe-to-toe with fraudsters. If we had a formal firm creed, it would probably read something like this:

We believe that truth exists and truth matters.

Truth is not subjective. There is no such thing as my truth, your truth, his truth, or her truth. There is the only truth.

Perverting the truth is morally atrocious. People who do this deserve consequences, and we deliver them.

Vindicating the truth is more important than social approbation. We aren’t country club lawyers. We won’t wash over the truth just because someone doesn’t like it.

We reject the concept of a grey area between true and false. 

Acceptable file formats include .doc, .docx, .pdf, .txt.
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