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The Firm’s Legal Administrator (Administrator)-(PLA) position is an executive-level position with significant discretion and broad responsibility for the management of the Firm's business operations and the supervision of employees. This position is most like a Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Controller in non-legal businesses. The position has a wide range of duties and obligations. The Administrator keeps the Firm’s needs in the forefront and works closely with the Owner.

Reporting Relationship:
The Administrator reports to and works under the direction of the Owner. the function is equivalent to a COO.

The Firm Administrator manages the operations and business functions of the Firm. The Administrator must also work closely with the Managing Attorney, CFO, Business Development Director, and fractional/vendor advisors. In other words, this position has broad discretion and authority to manage processes throughout the business (except for the actual practice of law or direct supervision of the associates).

The Administrator does not have the authority to practice law, give legal advice, or set strategy on a per-case/per-client basis (unless the person filling this position is an attorney in good standing).

The Administrator is responsible to lead, manage, supervise, coaching, and training the other managers as well as the non-attorney staff, ensuring they perform to expectations. The Administrator's recommendations regarding hiring, supervising, and firing attorneys are given great weight.

The Administrator is authorized to make purchases and commitments on behalf of the Firm to the extent permitted by the policies, procedures, and internal control documents.

The Advertised Salary is negotiable, depending on your experience as a PLA.

This position requires 3-10 years of experience in the PLA position.

This position requires you to give permission and be subject to a background check.


  • Healthcare
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Life Insurance
  • Bonus Opportunities



  • Works closely with the Owner to create the Business Plan, Budget, and Strategic Calendar
  • Conducts annual planning with an eye toward goals/targets for owner benefits, law firm revenue, profit, and law firm culture
  • Prepares draft Budget for finalization by the CFO in conjunction with the business planning process
  • Primarily responsible for developing and implementing the Staffing Plan, the Systems Plan, Facilities Plan, and the strategic project calendar
  • Leads supervise and manages, all non-attorney employees. Need to discuss and revise depending on what positions the PLA supervises. If there is a Managing Attorney, Marketing Director, Controller, or other department heads, the Administrator will either manage them or manage in conjunction with them.

Ensures leadership and planning meetings/communications are scheduled and executed:

  • The annual mission, vision, values, and goals meeting
  • Quarterly kickoff meetings
  • Employee one-on-ones
  • Employee feedback
  • Employee correction/discipline
  • Performance evaluations for all non-legal staff
  • Works in conjunction with the Owner and Controller/CFO to administer compensation plans, discipline, promotion, termination, etc. for all employees


  • Supervises the Human Resources Manager. Until the HR Manager position is filled, the Administrator is responsible for the HR functions.
  • Creates personnel and HR policies and procedures in accordance with industry best practices and state and federal rules and regulations. Implements and enforces the Firm's personnel rules and employment policies
  • The hiring manager is in charge of recruitment, hiring, initial orientation, and onboarding. Oversees the administrative aspects of attorney hiring and works with the executive-level attorneys to interview on-board and train attorneys
  • Ensures every position has a job description that clearly indicates duties, outputs, outcomes, and key performance indicators. Ensure every person in the firm has a relevant job description
  • Maintains and updates the Organizational Chart
  • Maintains personnel records for all employees, ensuring privacy and security of files and ensuring records are properly updated to document personnel changes, promotions, feedback/counseling, discipline, etc
  • Supervises the payroll function and administers the Firm’s benefit plans (or works with the vendors)
  • Contact point for outside agencies and counsel with regard to unemployment compensation hearings and other actions regarding employment
  • Ensures all attorneys and other paraprofessionals are compliant with Bar regulations regarding continuing education, certifications, etc


  • Supervises the Operations Manager. Until the Operations Manager position is filled, the Administrator is responsible for performing the functions.

Drive the creation, review, implementation, training, and continual testing and improvement of the law firm’s key systems in direct and close consultation with the Owner and other managers, including:

  • Marketing and lead development
  • Case intake
  • Sales
  • Substantive legal workflow
  • Case resolution
  • Time tracking
  • Billing
  • Payments and Collections
  • Finance, Accounting, and Internal Financial Controls
  • Human Resources
  • Recruitment, Hiring, Onboarding
  • Performance Management
  • Communication (internally and externally)
  • Risk Management (insurance, finances, internal controls, data security, personnel, legal and ethical, corporate)
  • Facilities and equipment
  • Ensures that the Firm’s business systems and processes are fully documented in writing and available to employees as needed.
  • Performs audits & spot-checks and takes proactive steps to find whether policies and procedures are being followed and ensures that processes and systems are operating as intended.

If issues are discovered:

  • Researches and figures out whether the problem is a flaw in the process, a problem that can be solved with technology/new process, or whether the problem is personnel-related (performance, not following processes, etc.)
  • Determines the appropriate course of action: revise the policy and procedure, fix technology or find new technology solution, train employee/team, counsel employee, remedial actions, etc
  • Implements these solutions (or makes recommendations to the COO/Owners) in accordance with the scope of authority to act.


  • Supervises the Case Manager/Operations Manager. Until the Case Manager/Operations Manager position is filled, the Administrator is responsible for performing the functions
  • Monitors the workflow pipeline to ensure matters and clients move progressively to established milestones and resolution in the prescribed amount of time; considers case/matter workflow management and benchmarking from the systemic level to ensure personnel and processes are performing according to exceptions
  • Consults with the Managing Attorney and designs workflow processes and systems to build professional and ethical representation and Firm profitability
  • Review Firm SKUs and workflows for efficiency, profitability, and staff capacity (with the management team)


  • Supervises the Financial Manager, who works with the Firm’s Fractional CFO, Controller, Bookkeeper, and Billing Specialist (or any vendors providing these services) to oversee and execute financial systems: time-tracking, billing, trust account management, collections, bookkeeping, expense management, accounts payables, payroll, audits, taxes. Until the Financial Manager position is filled, the Administrator is responsible for the Financial functions
  • Implements the Firm’s annual forward-looking budget
  • Monitors financial statements and key financial reports prepare budgets and advises the Owner and other executive team members regarding problems and proposed solutions
  • Reviews Budget Variance Reports and other key financial reports to ensure the overall health of the Firm as well as ensure financial controls for areas under the direct authority


  • Supervises the Office/Facilities Manager. Until the Office Manager position is filled, the Administrator is responsible for these functions
  • Oversees the Office Manager’s work as the liaison between the firm and the landlord, to ensure maintenance activities are performed; facility problems are solved; parking facilities are made available to employees; cleaning services are satisfactory
  • Oversees the Firm’s emergency preparedness and disaster recovery protocols
  • Manages the firm’s office furniture inventory: approving recommendations for purchase and installation; assuring that office furniture inventory is maintained and repaired as needed
  • Ensures that employees have the tools they need to perform their duties, including annual evaluations of the computer and telephone systems, including hardware, software, and vendor selection, to ensure optimum efficiency and cost savings
  • Ensures critical documents are updated with government agencies as needed (state corporate filings, state/county/city tax and licensure, etc.)
  • Manages the firm’s insurance, ensuring the firm is insured appropriately and coverage is reviewed annually


  • Supervises the Marketing and Sales Teams (until the Marketing/Sales Director position is filled).
  • Ensure back-end marketing campaigns are being executed (post-engagement glide path, Pre-engagement Glidepath, Professional Contact, and Former Client GAS calls, Just note cards)
  • Ensure Lead Tracking and Sales Conversion metrics are provided weekly with data/metrics per SKU, per channel. Ensure monthly and quarterly metrics assess the ROI of marketing campaigns
  • Ensure Sales Close the Loop and Win-Back systems are executed
  • Meets with vendors and contractors to ensure deliverables are met, reports are provided, ROI is assessed, etc.


  • Supervises non-attorney staff
  • Leads stand-up meetings per department
  • Monitors critical firm deadlines
  • Reviews firm calendar
  • Reviews lead and sales metrics
  • Reviews trust account and operating account
  • Reviews production pipeline


  • Meeting with Bookkeeper to review financial controls and metrics
  • Case Status/Pipeline Report review and analysis with Legal Team
  • Reviews production metrics per position
  • Review of upcoming deadlines with the Case Manager
  • Marketing and Sales team meeting (leads, consults, conversions, by channel)
  • Review sales pipeline for the age of a lead, days in the stage of unscheduled consults, and undecided leads
  • Administrative Meeting with Owner
  • Staff one-on-ones


  • Ensures deposits and forecasts Disbursements, Settlements Funds Pending
  • Review of production pipeline to identify and ensure resolution of firm resource issues or pending deadlines
  • Reviews Accounts Receivables/Collections
  • Reviews staff performance to KPIs (using reports, etc.)


  • Systems/Project Meetings to roll out/track timeliness
  • Monthly Review of Key Financial Reports with CEO (provides assessment/analysis of trends: revenue, profit, marketing, sales
  • Firm KPI Dashboard provided to Owner/CEO (7 parts of the business)


  • Participates in marketing, sales metrics meetings
  • Participates in goal setting and strategic calendaring
  • Oversees (and delivers if needed) Performance Evaluations
  • Ensures tax payments are made


  • Business Plan and Budget Planning
  • State filings
  • Attorney and paralegal continuing education check


  • Performance Report on Last Year’s Goals (draft)
  • State of the Union to Start the New Year (draft)
  • SOTU Meeting (schedule, prepare)
  • Strategic Plan – Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats Analysis (includes a Risk Assessment)
  • Draft Business Plan
  • Draft Budget
  • Staffing Plan
  • Space/facilities Plan
  • Strategic Calendar/Project Plans
  • Audits and Reviews
  • Technology Audit – Hardware, Personal Devices, Software, Subscriptions,
  • HR Audit – Files, Job descriptions, Employee Guide, Benefits
  • Compensation Reviews
  • Security Review (Digital and Physical Plant)
  • Disaster Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Inventory
  • Insurance Review
  • CPA Tax Planning
  • State filings
  • Attorney and paralegal continuing education check


  • Strategic Calendaring: compare to Business Plan, make Projections
  • SKU and Workflow Review
  • Onboarding Program Review
  • PSP Update and Maintenance
  • Vendor performance, vendor contracts
  • Employee Performance Reviews
  • Quarterly Kick-Off Meetings


  • Status Report of Projects (this is the big deal) (metrics diagnostic + assignments, projects, tasks obstacles, and estimated completion dates)
  • Position Diagnostic/Dashboard
  • Financials Meeting with Owner
  • Org Chart Update
  • Data Quality Review
  • Expense Management (per case, per person, per project)


  • Audit Systems (review metrics, pull work product, poke holes, pull threads, meet with secret shoppers)
  • Factory Pipeline Management
  • Staff KPI Review
  • Legal Team/Production Meetings
  • Intake Pipeline Management
  • Billing, Collections Management
  • Expense Review
  • Financials Meeting with Bookkeeper
  • Executive Meetings with Other Managers
  • Staff management/ 1-1s


  • Account review (Opex, trust, credit card)
  • Leads stand-up meetings per department
  • Monitors critical firm deadlines
  • Supervises non-attorney staff
  • Troubleshooting, problem fixing - workflow design, policy creation


  • The Administrator MUST have the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in Business, Accounting or a related field, or equivalent work experience
  • The Administrator will have COO power and expectations
  • Experience in law firm budgeting, bookkeeping, and human resources is highly preferred
  • It is essential for the Administrator to be “in the know” about technology and profitability trends to ensure the Firm is maximizing technology
  • PLA will join firm leadership in continuously making sure firm financial, personnel, and performance growth goals are met

$75,000 - $95,000 yearly
About T. Madden & Associates, P.C.

T. Madden & Associates, P.C. has attorneys practicing in all areas of personal injury. We thrive in the litigation of cases for victims of another person’s negligence. We fight to preserve legal rights against big insurance companies and make sure they receive the top compensation. We have dedicated auto accident attorneys, trucking/tractor-trailer attorneys, motorcycle accident attorneys, slip & fall attorneys, medical malpractice attorneys, and wrongful death attorneys who are ready to proceed to trial. We are ready to bring the fight to any court, anywhere in the state of Georgia. We have dedicated and experienced trial lawyers, but are looking for a Senior-Managing/Supervising attorney.

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