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Sable Systems International
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Sable Systems International

Only those meeting the Educational criteria section need apply. Thank you for reading thoroughly and thoughtfully and respecting our time.

SCOPE: The COO is accountable to effectively deliver brand and product value of manufactured goods and technical services to the Sable Systems’ customer. For this purpose the customer and the company rely on the COO to sustain and improve quality processes, maximizing productive time and resources. The primary responsibility of the COO is the agile, efficient execution of company strategy including increasing profit to accelerate scalable growth. The role of COO encompasses cultivating expertise and increasing engagement of Sable employees in the Manufacturing, Quality Control, R&D Development engineering, and Technical & Customer Support Services Areas of Responsibility. 


1. Actively promote and demonstrate the values of Sable Systems International among all company employees; reward and/or show appreciation toward those who demonstrate those values.

2. Establish, document, implement and maintain effective and operational processes required by SSI in the execution of its goals and business strategy, anticipating, mitigating and resolving communication and documentation challenges associated with rapid growth.

3. Develop relevant standards and metrics for each area of responsibility within SSI’s operational teams that define accurate performance and discernible improvement.

4. Provide timely, accurate and complete reports to the Executive Team on the dynamic operating conditions of SSI. Drive performance measures for the company (including a consideration of efficiency versus effectiveness), by analysis of captured data for review of high level key indicators.

5. Responsibility to manage optimal Gross Margin, aka, inventory management results. Consistent with company values, margin must be optimally used for maximum profit without unnecessarily impacting costs in other Areas of Responsibility, and without ever compromising quality. 

6. Collaborate with others on the executive and mid-management teams to develop and/or implement cross-departmental plans for project management, process mapping, ISO 9000 compliance, regulatory adherence, risk management and contingency planning to accommodate the rapid growth and quality objectives of SSI.

7. Establish rhythmic patterns of coordinated communication between and within teams in various Areas of Responsibility to encourage team building and proactive problem solving capacity in middle management.

8. Improve functional reliability of products and systems, verifying consistent manufacture to design standards with explicit, sequential work instructions for product manufacture. Direct Manufacturing and Quality Test and Engineering teams to coordinate documented updating of work instructions for the ongoing delivery of reliable and accurate world class systems. 

9. Evaluate and/or coach others to investigate, evaluate and/or audit vendor alternatives for supply of quality components or product manufacture and to optimize cost of goods.  

10. Evaluate, negotiate and coach others to evaluate strategic supply chain Cost/Timing tradeoffs so that we meet or beat our delivery commitments to customers; Create plans and forecasts by monitoring and prioritizing customer, employee and organizational requirements.

11. Staff, lead, coach, motivate, acknowledge and retain

A) a high performance ‘Operations’ team to meet or exceed dynamic sales, order fulfillment & marketing schedule requirements. Place emphasis on developing capacity in quality assurance/management, strategic supply chain analysis & pipeline forecasting, adapting tactics for staffing or other resources to cash flow and program budgeting.

B) a core Technical Support and Customer Service team of expert scientists and engineers to alleviate logistical bottlenecks and sustain exemplary customer support. 

C) an innovative and resourceful Product Development Engineering and Design team open to new leading edge approaches. Support and develop processes which integrate and focus the insights from a freeform, creative, exploratory scientific Research team with the deliberate, investigative and also creative talents of the Development Engineering team.

D) a Quality Control -Test team eager to build their knowledge base, apply discipline and troubleshoot a problem with or without decision trees.

12. Inspire your team with the relevance of their roles and recognition for applying their strengths to benefit the external and internal customer.

13. Cooperate with Marketing efforts to create educational tools which will reduce the Technical Support workload supporting operational and instructional needs of a growing customer base. 

14. Prepare and submit an annual operational budget, manage effectively within this budget, and report accurately on progress made and challenges encountered.

15. Continually looks for ways to improve and promote quality thinking throughout SSI.

16. Responsible for all activities and responsibilities when CEO is absent. 


• To make excellence easier. Drive continual improvement of quality processes to earn and sustain the trust and admiration of the customer for the company, and to instill pride in your team for their contribution.

• To optimize gross margin. Regularly report status and projections of manufacturing cost and other related operational expenses to Executive Team on which you serve. 

• To build a cohesive, resilient team. Become a leader of leaders. Cultivate expertise and increase engagement of employees in the Research & Development, Logistics, Manufacturing, Order Fulfillment and Technical Support areas of responsibility. To facilitate and coach effective cross departmental communications.

• To adapt manufacturing methods and people to new technological developments or design standards.

• Anticipate and plan strategically and tactically for organizational change, growth and consequent restructure.  


• EE, CE or ME or Mechatronics formal training. Degree preferred, but open to online or OJT.


1. Minimum BA or BS Degree in an Engineering discipline required. Management or graduate degree or equivalent on-the-job training.

2. Minimum of 5 years experience as a COO in a manufacturing high tech business, and/or 6 years track record in CO or large-scale Divisional Operational Management. 

3. Eight or more combined years in Operational management including manufacturing management, project management, strategic supply chain management, technical and customer service management. At least two of the eight years of experience are in technical and customer service management. 

4. Minimum of five years of experience in personnel management and team building, including hiring, firing, supervision, evaluation and benefits administration.

5. Communicates effectively both verbally and in writing. 

6. Speaks clearly and persuasively in positive or negative situations. 

7. Listens and gets clarification prior to speaking. 

8. Responds in a constructive manner to difficult questions.

9. Demonstrable group presentation skills.

10. Effective presentation of numerical data as it relates to SSI’s performance against established goals.

11. Ability to pro-actively deal with frequent change, delays, or unexpected events.

12. Ability to identify external threats and opportunities.

13. Ability to change approach or method to best fit the situation at hand.

14. Excellence in organizational management with the ability to coach a senior-level staff to manage and develop high-performance teams and develop and implement program strategies.

15. Analytic and decisive decision maker with the ability to prioritize and communicate to staff the key objectives and tactics necessary to achieve organizational goals.

16. Displays original thinking and creativity. Meets challenges with resourcefulness. Presents ideas and information in a manner that gets other team members attention. Develops innovative approaches and ideas.

17. Passion, humility, integrity, positive attitude, mission-driven, self-directed and action-oriented.

18. Exhibits objectivity and openness to others views and opinions. Extends and welcomes feedback.

$125,000 - $150,000
About Sable Systems International

About Sable Systems:

History and Market: 2017 marks Sable Systems 30-year anniversary as a manufacturer of scientific equipment sold to life science researchers worldwide.  Our President, founder and Chief Scientist is known as the authoritative expert in the accurate, high resolution measurement of animal metabolism from fruit flies to human and is author of the only textbook on the topic (Oxford University Press). Sable is trusted worldwide for our expertise as scientists and as innovators.  In 2010, launched the world’s first digital large scale animal metabolic and behavioral screening platform (e.g., use in obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s studies). As of 2017, Sable has moved to lead US sales in our biomedical market. Sable exports to over 30 countries. Our typical customer is the end user. The type of sale is capital equipment.

What we make and How it works: Sable Systems designs, develops and manufactures high-resolution gas analyzers and peripheral instrumentation that measures and/or control aerial/multi-gas flow rate, temperature, pressure, relative humidity/WVP/dew point, light, sound, and animal activity.  Our integrated platforms include instrumentation, software, service and data analysis that address and enable a multitude of challenges faced by researchers in animal science.  These processes span sensor to user interface, analog to digital technologies, and expanding ethernet capacities to accommodate the need for both speed, quality and statistical reliability in the research results of our customers. 

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