Hire for authenticity

Hiring doesn’t have to be hard. When you know who you want to recruit, we can tell you the natural talents that person needs to have to succeed.

Hire for Authenticity

Grow your business with authentic talent

When you are hiring, you need to make sure you hire people that will be a right fit for the position. Authenticity means, according to the original DISC model created by Dr. William Marston, individuals have two behavioral styles: how they naturally tend to behave (natural style) and how they perceive they should modify their natural tendencies (adaptive style) in their work environment or other situations.

Natural vs adaptive DISC styles

A natural behavioral style is how people prefer to behave if they were allowed to be themselves. Ideally, they are in an environment where they can be as authentic to their natural style as possible. This is the style that they will always revert to when not thinking about behavior or stressed. This is what comes naturally to them and where they perform without exerting energy or thought. This is the only style that should be considered in the hiring process.

Adaptive DISC style happens when you adapt behavior in order to meet the expectations of others and feel you must change to better fit their environment. Adapting behavior requires effort and energy, thus draining the individual and allowing for only short-term performance. Adaptive style should not be considered in the hiring process.

Authentic Personality

People that are true to themselves and use their natural talents in their job


Adaptive Personality

People that feel they need to change their personality to fit a job


Hire the right personality

To hire for authenticity, find talent that doesn’t feel they need to change their personality. Pressure can come from either internal sources, their own desire to be something else, or external sources, what others have told them is appropriate. Authentic talent invests time on their natural talents instead of wasting energy on trying to be something they are not. With that said, authentic talent still has a desire to improve their weaknesses. When talent is inauthentic, it causes stress to constantly modify their natural behavior and they end up feeling exhausted all the time, which affects job performance.

To help find the right personality fit, we score candidates against the ideal DISC profiles to match individual strengths to behavioral traits needed for the role you’re looking to fill. Our DISC assessment identifies key behavioral traits predictive of success in a given role to reduce hiring mistakes and helps save you time to focus on the right candidates.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and is often amplified in professional settings. When people experience stress or dissatisfaction at work, it can usually be attributed to tasks that do not come naturally to them. It’s important to make sure their personality matches the tasks for the role.