Problem Solver

High D - action-oriented in the workplace

Problem Solver Overview

Each letter of DISC represents certain behaviors and characteristics. The D (decisive) illustrates how people solve problems and make decisions. D personality types are either more action-oriented or patient when it comes to problem-solving.

What is a high D personality type?

A person with a high D personality type in their DISC profile is a Problem Solver. A Problem Solver is quick to make decisions. They trust their instincts and solve problems faster than someone with a low D personality type who is more patient.

High D personality traits

A person with a Problem Solver personality type likes to take action. When decisions need to be made, the Problem Solver makes it happen quickly.

Problem Solver personality traits:
  • Decisive when taking action
  • Competitive to achieve top results
  • Opinionated when contributing to group discussions
  • Results-oriented to get the job done quickly
  • Quick on their feet when problem-solving

Strengths and drawbacks

Every personality type has strengths and weaknesses. These are often amplified in professional settings where we encounter a diverse group of people with vastly different backgrounds and value systems.

Strengths: how they bring value to the team
  • Quick and firm when making decisions
  • Focused on the big objectives and tasks that help them achieve company goals
  • Act with a sense of urgency to get things done
  • Perform well in challenging situations and takes risks
Potential drawbacks: challenges they’ll need to overcome
  • Display impatience during instruction
  • Can create unneeded stress in others because of their sense of urgency
  • Quick to judge people and situations
  • At risk of taking the wrong approach or developing an incorrect solution
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Communication style

Communicating with high D personality type

Conversations should be direct and straightforward, with confidence. Meetings should be very brief and only scheduled when necessary. Emails should be business-like and get right to the point.

How to give feedback to high D personality type

Feedback should be direct, actionable, and focused on what’s most important.

Resolving conflicts with high D personality type

Conflict is a powerful tool to discover new solutions and ideas, but should be resolved quickly with action items to make improvements.

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Energizers and drainers

When people experience stress or dissatisfaction at work, it can usually be attributed to energy-draining activities. Therefore, it’s important to know what kinds of activities energize and drain each personality type.

Problem Solvers tend to be energized by…
  • Taking ownership over projects and completing them quickly
  • Seeing tangible results, milestones, and accomplishments
  • Participating in competitions
  • Being given the decision-making authority
Problem Solvers tend to be drained by…
  • Taking time to talk about feelings
  • Playing a supporting role on the team
  • Listening to people and responding thoughtfully
  • Paying attention to the small details and constraints of a project

Best jobs with a high D personality type

The best jobs for high D's require responsibilities where their nature allows them to truly shine. Below are examples of jobs that suit this personality type the best. Remember, each letter is only one piece of the puzzle. View all our job descriptions and DISC profiles to see what jobs this personality fits best.