The Lee Group Real Estate Team
About Us

The culture and dynamic at the Lee Group is built upon teamwork, service, integrity, professionalism, and drive. What we know is that a team will always outperform an individual.

Those are the tenets we live by and are proud to serve each and every one of our customers giving them 100% focus and never stopping to make them happy!

When we started our team, Anthony felt exactly the same way. 

Fast forward 10 years later, our agents out-produce the average Realtor’s sales by 7X and can focus on selling, working with great clients, and having fun. At the Lee Group, we've managed to create structure and consistency in an industry full of chaos.

For the past decade, we have been refining our processes over thousands of transactions and have come up with a simple but yet very effective way to help our clients...WE LISTEN! 

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